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In which John tries the SUV mission again.
John: Alright, I'm gonna try to return the car to where Michael wants me to. I guess I need to do a better job of listening to Michael. At least this time I'm gonna be less scared about the surprise dude in the background. It's very frightening.

Franklin: Eh, Simeon, I got the ride, man. I'm coming back.
Simeon: If you actually bring the repossession to me this time, I can have it back out on the street before the day is done.

John: Oh look at me honoring a stop sign. And maybe this time I, maybe this time the bad guy isn't in my car. Oh no, he is, he is, don't worry.

Michael: That's a nine millimeter semi-automatic pushed against your skull. Don't look around. You just keep driving where you're going.

John: OK.

Franklin: Hey, come on, man, this was a repo job.

John: Yeah, it was a repo job, to reiterate.

Michael: Unlikely, considering my son just got the car. And looking at the way you're going about this, my guess, you're working a credit fraud.
Franklin: A credit fraud? Be serious, dude, I just work the * repos.
Michael: I appreciate a kid who follows orders without taking responsibility.

John: Have I become a kid who follows orders without taking responsibility, Meredith? Is that who I am deep down? Franklin, that's not just a question for Franklin, that's a question for me. Oh! I apologize for that.

Franklin: Look, man, it's just between him and your * son.

John: You know what it reminds me of, Meredith?

Michael: Me and Mr. Yetarian, we'll work this out.

John: It reminds me of the question, what I think of as kind of the overwhelming question of humanity which is do people shape power or does power shape people? Are we ultimately, you know, doing what power make us do or are we exercising power? Who really runs the show? Is it, you know, is it us or is it our relentless need for more, more, more, more, more? I wonder about that a lot, like, you know, is there any, is there any reason to become...

Franklin: Hey man, it's just up here.
Michael: OK, stop the car, pull up.

John: Sorry about that. OK, it's just up here he said. Stop the car and pull up. Is it right in here maybe? Maybe this is where you wanted me to go all along? You were very ambiguous. This feels like... I am literally on the yellow dot. Meredith, in your... Oh.

Michael: That the place?
Franklin: Yeah, that's the place, man.
Michael: Whoa. Drive into it. Right through the * window, and fast. Or I'll put two rounds in the back of your skull, and do it myself.

John: Oh gosh.

Franklin: Man, you can't be for real?

John: Yeah.

Michael:  I look like a * joke to you?

John: Um, ram through the dealership window.

Michael: Come on, kid!

John: O, OK. 'Scuse me sirs. Guys! Oh boy! Oh, that was, that hurt.

Simeon: Franklin! What the * are you doing?

John: I'm sorry! He made me! And also I think the power might be exercising me rather than me exercising power. I... Oh my God! Thank you! That's the most money I've made all year! Oh yeah, you guys can... Why do I want to beat up Simeon? Oh! Oh wait, I've changed characters. Why do I have to... I don't want to do this! This isn't in my heart! Oh no! Oh no! I'm s... Oh oh. Why did I run away? Oh. Simeon, I, you know, I've, I've got mixed feelings about you but I'm gonna, I'm gonna do this. I'm just gonna... Oh no.

Michael: You recognize this car? Huh? Does it look like it's worth five grand a month to you?
Simeon: You fucking racist.

John: It's not racism. Oh! Ow! Oh! This, this isn't me! Can I just be, I want to be Franklin again. I'm nost-Oh! I'm nostalgic for Franklin.

Simeon: He agreed to financing, I have his signature.
Michael: Yeah? Did he agree to have some punk break into my * house?

John: Well I, I... It wasn't some punk, it was Franklin. He's a good, he's a good man, complicated but not a bad person.

Michael: But you are a fraudulent scumbag piece of *.

John: Oh. Oh my. OK.

Michael: Don't make me have to come back here.

John: OK. Yeah, I mean, I feel like... Do I have to be him now, Meredith? Oh! But I was loving, I was just starting to love Franklin! I mean, the only thing about Franklin that I didn't like was his friendship with Lamar and then I didn't like his job and, (sighs) it's just, oh man.