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In which Hank talks about winning, and why it's important, and what it actually is. Because winning, I don't think, means what we think it means. And despite the fact that, in the end, we all lose, the frustration and pain of losing is extremely important to humanity, and also to the feeling of win.


Oh, and USA beat Algeria or something.


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Good morning, John. I'm gonna tell you a little story.

This morning, I was sitting in bed, reading a book with my wife, and it's been a little hot here in Missoula, so my windows were open, and then suddenly, seemingly from multiple directions, simultaneous screams erupted from my neighborhood. So I roll over and I grab my Droid, because of course, if anything in the world went wrong, the Droid will tell me. And so I checked Twitter, because Twitter knows the news before the news knows the news, and of course, all the Tweets I see are "#GOOOOOOOOAL", which is very exciting. And, John, the footage I just- I just showed you was, uh, from your cell phone camera, and at the end, there, you can hear yourself saying "Definitely two images," because apparently, you broke your glasses. My guess is that your glasses are not the only glasses that were broken 'cause the United States is moving on to the next round of the World Cup which makes things even more exciting for people who care at all.

Sorry about not really caring. I know that that's kind of psychologically troublesome for you to have a brother who doesn't care about the World Cup. But it does, surprise surprise, bring up something that I wanted to talk about.

There is another wonderful win that showed up, today: YouTube won its lawsuit against Viacom! GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! See, that's when I would break my glasses. Why didn't they have THAT on the big screen down at the pub? I would have gone to watch THAT.

John, it brings to mind the conversation that we've been having about the fact that, uh, we all lose, eventually. We're all playing games and there's nothing that we can do to ultimately win. The World Cup, and the game of soccer in general, of course, is an excellent example of this, 'cause that's what soccer is. When you're watching soccer it's all false hope; "I'm watching I'm watching I'm watching I'm watching- (*sigh*) no...". But then there is that one goal that happens in the 91st minute, in stoppage time. That one time that all of the exertion and the exhaustion and the frustration pays off and then you get to scream and [?? 1:54] and make this gesture! ... I don't know why people do this, but they- (*groaning*). And it's wonderful because winning is wonderful, and it's more wonderful if it hurts on the way there. And I think people sometimes don't really understand that; that fun isn't fun unless you have un-fun stuff to compare it with. People talk about that, but it's hard to actually believe it.

What we generally think about success is that the act of succeeding is the success, but really, really what winning is, is the culmination of a ton of hard work and frustration. If you don't have the hard work and frustration, there's nothing there. That's the stuff that gives winning value, and the more important and the harder fought the win is, makes winning even better, which is why I feel so good about what's happening with YouTube and its freedom from the Viacom lawsuit, and it's why ultimately, I actually feel good about the fact that the United States gets to go to the next round because while I know that we're not gonna win the World Cup, and that we're just gonna be frustrated and angry and disappointed in the end, all of that stuff, all that frustration, is part of being a really successful and ultimately happy person. I don't know why that is. I wish we didn't need that stuff, but we do.

As a final note, as a colossal win I feel for me and for Nerdfighteria and for YouTube is the fact that VidCon is, like, fifty tickets away from selling out, so if you wanna get your tickets for VidCon, you gotta do that now because we're almost done here, so, that's exciting and holy crap. John, I will see you on the next day that we do this. Uhh, Friday. Bye.