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In which John attends the 2010 American Library Association's Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. It's the biggest gathering of librarians and other library lovers in the country, and it's a weekend-long celebration of books, nerdiness, literature, and libraries.


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-1, 2, 3: -Good morning, Hank, it's Friday!

And I am in Washington D. C. to attend the American Library Association's annual conference. Hank, this conference is kind of the highlight of the young adult literature social calendar.

You get to hang out with like 30,000 librarians, which is awesome, because librarians are the secret superheroes of America. Plus I get to meet all these authors I like, like Nina LaCour, and the ladies behind Beautiful Creatures, and Lauren Oliver, and Maryrose Wood, and noted unicorn apologist Diana Peterfreund. So here's what I did today: First I went to a panel I wasn't on, then I went to a panel I was on with David Levithan, and I was all like, "How do we use the internet to lure readers?

That sounds like the beginning of an episode of To Catch A Predator, you know?" Then I talked to my editor Julie Strauss Gabel about my new book. -Do you like it? -Love it. -Have you finished it? -No. -Why haven't you finished it? -I don't love it that much. -Do you think it's gonna be my next book for sure? -Yes. -Tell the Nerdfighters what's it about. -Desert island. And a vvvvveeeerrrrry dangerously attractive boy who's up to no good. 'S that fair? -I think he's up to a lot of good! -He thinks he's up to a lot of good. Like men often do.

And a girl! A girl narrator, we like the girl narrator. And then we went to the actual conference where there are just so many books!

All over this conference there are advance reader's copies of hundreds of books and you can...just...take them. New Cassandra Clare? Want.

Have. -All right so John, here we are. Nobody's around. Scholastic booth, so--shhh.

All right. Either I can give you an early copy of Mockingjay, or I can give you Natalie Standiford's awesome Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters. -Standiford! -Okay, okay, good choice. Hank, lest I be murdered by marauding fangirls, I am excited for the new Natalie Standiford book, but Mockingjay wasn't really there.

Also, if you don't like books, they got other shwag, like this gavel that is also a pen. Which is good, because then you can be like: "I hereby declare it time to write!" All right, Hank, I'm gonna go hang out with some librarians, but I'll see you on Monday.