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In which Hank teaches John how to make a podcast...and then finishes off with some juicy bits.


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Good morning, John. It's Monday, March 12th. I have something I need to show you. (takes off sweater to reveal a blue T- shirt that reads, "Brotherhood 2.0: in your pants") That's awesome. (holds shirt up over his mouth) Frickin' awesome! Thanks go to Leila of You can go there and buy amazing shirts from her to support her book habit. I'm not sure if you can get this shirt. I think it might just be exclusive to members of the actual Brotherhood. We're not, like, averse to having honorary members of the Brotherhood. There is sort of Hank and John. We get perks. (waves hands) Look how big my hands are!

Today might be a little bit of a dry episode because I have to teach John how to make a podcast because I can't obviously do it with his video so he has to do it, too. And I can't send him a text-based tutorial, which would be, frankly, much easier. Uh, so I'm gonna have to do it in video blog form. Yeah, I'm doing a podcast on how to make podcasts. So if you're not interested in making podcasts, this might not be your favorite episode of Brotherhood 2.0. However, I will be throwing in some juicy bits, and you will definitely want to be around for those. So, without further ado, podcasting.

First step: download Fetch. Fetch is an ftp program for Macintosh. If you don't have a Macintosh, download SmartFTP. You can download them both in all kinds of places, but I usually use because it is extraordinarily easy to remember.

(reads screen) Thank you for downloading Fetch 5.1 at (infinite loop occurs when filming screen, so when window is moved it creates a cool ripple effect) Oh, my goodness gracious, that's pretty cool.

So, we're going to use Fetch to get into our FTP server and then upload something. What something, you ask? Well, of course, our .mp4 files which we are uploading every weekday anyways to YouTube. Now, it's important to note here for people who aren't my brother that you can't have a podcast if you don't have web hosting. is hosted at I also host stuff at AN Hosting and midPhase, all very good web hosting companies that I would suggest.

(screen) Fetch is finished downloading, and I'm opening it. So we have now installed Fetch, and Fetch wants to know what the host name is. Now, you might think it would be, but it's not. The host name is, The username is G-R-E-E-N-W-O-R. The password is the lake where the cabin was, followed by the first four digits of our old address in Orlando.

Go to the public HTML folder, and then go into the Brotherhood2 folder. So now that you've logged into the Brotherhood2 directory, you'll find the podcast directory. So, basically, just drag it on over. The great news is, that you can upload all of your videos just by clicking and dragging and then dragging all of them over.

(Hank) And go get lunch or something because it's going to take several hours because we have a lot of videos already.

Now, John, once you're done uploading all the files you have to go to Then go to the podcast syndication tool; sign in using my email address and the password that we've had since we were, like, babies. I think you know which one I'm talking about. You go in there and then you say create a new podcast. Then you can fill in all the data, including, most importantly, the URL of the place where the file is now. So, if you've uploaded it to the podcast directory of, it'll be, or whatever it is. Then, you push publish, and you have published that podcast to our podcast RSS feed. Then you just have to publish that RSS feed for everybody to find. We will have a podcast, and people who can't get YouTube at their work will be able to watch our videos. Woo!

(Brings in thing) I promised you juicy bits. This is a giant picture of me as a baby. (holds up a giant picture of a small Hank Green, high pitched) Aaah! (shakes picture) I'm a little baby. I have really curly hair and I'm wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt!

(singing) Hi, I'm Hank! I'm a giant baby!

(Moves picture to show face) We're gonna miss you, Ze.

Juicy bits number two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve you can find at by clicking on our pictures. Katherine and I did some scanning this weekend. I'll see you, and hopefully your podcasts in the podcast directory, tomorrow.