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Uh, Nelly, you might want to cover your ears for a moment. Since the 13th century, 1200 AD, butchers have been carving out the eyelids of goats for the purpose of cock rings. 


Goat eyelids were, and actually still are, dried and steamed to keep their leathery, fresh feel. Then they're placed around the penis, and usually the scrotum, to enhance sexual experiences. I suppose if you're going to off this little guy, it's resourceful to use every part. Or you could use rubber, nylon, neoprene, jade, wood, stone, beads, licorice laces. Cock rings, or c-rings, have been made out of all of these materials to give the penis an umph.

The more blood going in the penis than out, the stiffer the penis is. The brain processes the message stimulation and informs the arteries to dilate, get wider. The wider the arteries, the more blood flows in, the bigger the penis gets. Plus the corpus cavernosum, sponge-like tissues that run the length of the penis, soak up the blood and hold it in place. As the tissues enlarge, they compress the veins, which send the blood back to the heart and, voila, you have an erection.

Cock rings function similarly except on the outside of the body. They are meant to be put on a semi or fully erect penis to create pressure and hold the blood in. Well, some of them do. Other cock rings are for decoration, like these, or pleasure, like these. Whoa!

Note: from the 1800s to the early 1900s, there was another kind of cock ring, which I prefer to call a contraption. Contraption: a machine or device that appears strangely or unnecessarily complicated, and often badly made or unsafe. It was a time of modesty, the Victorian era. Sex was considered strictly procreative and masturbation was considered not only a sin, but also a fatal behavior, so this was engineered to discourage self-pleasure. A spike-laden metal trap poised to stab a penis if it gets excited. Oh goats, I'm not sure how human beings get these anti-pleasure ideas. 

Fortunately, cock rings have returned to their pleasure function and now they're made with a better design including clit-stimulators, vibrators, and butt plugs. There is nothing about these that says "I will cut you if you get a boner".

Cock rings are often used as a form of bondage, specifically CBT known as Cock and Ball Torture. But that's consensual, pleasure from the pain kind of play, not sharp metal to your dick kind of sexual shaming.

How about this instead, all of these are from Find something fun to play with that's non-toxic and makes a great fashion statement for your wiener. If you want 50% off and free shipping on your next cock ring, vibrator, Halloween costumes, enter DOE as the promo code when you check out. It'll be shipped to you in a discrete package, though no shame on your sexuality, and then you can put it o...

Ah! Before you put it on, one more lesson here at Sexplanations. Cock ring safety. Nothing metal or rigid to start with. The ring should be easy to remove as an unstop, unlace cut off. Try silicon bands or leather straps before moving to wood or metal. After a few minutes take it off and check out your skin and the sensations. Are you damaging anything? Wear the ring for short intervals, no more than 20 minutes to start. If your erection lasts for more than three hours get ready to seek medical attention. Call the ER. If the ring gets stuck, that's an ER visit too.

You can use cock rings for so many different reasons. Whatever you do, use them with caution. Stay curious.
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