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It's getting dark in here. Caitlin shows up right as the power goes out at Animal Wonders! Jessi works to get the temperature stable and keep the animals comfortable while filming an impromptu episode.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hey guys! Welcome back to Animal Wonders! The power's out. Caitlin came to shoot a video and literally like two seconds before she walked in the door the power flicker flicker flicker and then was down for the count. [sighs] So, um we're scrambling trying to make sure all the animals stay warm and I'll be right back. I got to do a heater right now.


Okay we got the generator turned on, and the heaters are going. Everything is settled for now. Let's start from the beginning. All right, so last night the power did go out, and it knocked out a couple of the heaters. We got them turned back on, and everything was good. Now the reason the power went out was because it snowed like crazy -- really heavy snow! So I don't know what happened, but the power went out. So we are prepared for the power going out. We do live kind of out in the country on the very end of the road so we do, are prepared. We do have a generator. We recently upgraded our generator. The first one was pretty small and it heated- it ran two heaters. Now, we have a big one that powers four to five heaters. Yay!

So everything was fine last night. We got it all taken care of. This morning we came down, and it was 67 and it should have been 75 in the mammal room and Kemosabe's heat pad was not working as well, so we tried to figure that out and it was that heavy snow had gotten into one of the outlets and it had turned it off. So we got that working again. And then, everything was good. We were getting everything warmed up and then the power went out again! I think Caitlin did it. [laughs] 

C: [off camera] It did happen right as I...

J: It did. It did. I kind of blame her. [laughs]

So we turned our big generator on and we got all the heaters plugged in. And we have this neat system where we actually turn the generator on and plug it into the outside of the house and then we have an inside, we have three outlets on the inside that we can just plug in heaters into those outlets from the inside and it warms the rooms back up. The only issue is we don't have any lights... as you can tell.

So it's a pretty big deal that the power goes out when you have tropical animals and you live in Montana where it gets really cold in the winter. And you know we're fully aware of the situation. Um, we have these protocols set up, set in place so if the power's out for fifteen minutes then we start the generator. If it's out for half an hour, oh we turn the heaters on, and then a half an hour we switch the heaters to different rooms. And if it's out for an hour then we hook in Kemosabe's heat pad. If it's out for, depending on how cold it is outside, if it reaches a certain temperature in here or if it's going under 60 degrees we're gonna crate our really temperature sensitive animals and we're going to put a heater right in front of them. So we can, we can hold out for for a pretty long while, and we've never, oh they're getting better at turning the power back on so we've never gone more than three hours two years ago, so it's not going to be out for days. Like when I was a kid, it would be out for like two and a half days and it was awesome because we would put candles on and we would play board games by candlelight and it was the coolest.

And now it's like nightmare. The power goes out it's not fun and games anymore, but we figured out how to manage it and all the animals are safe. So, definitely not ideal but we can handle it.
So I used to panic and I guess you could say I'm a little OCD, but because um we're a little prepared now for power outages so it just kind of comes with the territory now and uh I guess I panic a little on the inside but uh got it under control now so we're good, we're good. We got it under control. The power will be come back on soon. They said they're working on it, and we'll go back to uh cleaning and feeding and panicking about other things.
Thank you guys for watching today! Um, kind of exciting day. You caught us right at the right time. Drama! [sighs] If you'd like to go on an adventure with us every week subscribe or you can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Thanks guys! 


Hedgehogs! They rank really high on the cute list. Seriously, cute is cute, no one's disputing that, but let's move beyond cute.

Veteran power outage voyager!