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Tour de Nerdfighting Updates and Tickets:

In which John discusses the 2011 Project for Awesome and shows off some excellent pictures of Hank. Thanks to effyeahnerdfighters,, for their relentless dedication to making the p4a successful, and thanks also to the brilliant Karen Kavett who designed the p4a site, and Sam Rudge, who made it work. And thanks to everyone who made videos, comment spammed, and donated!

* This story, "The War for Banks Island," is unfinished and when it is finished, it will be bad. But unlike Zombicorns, it will not be released under a creative commons license, so only people who buy it will ever get to read it. I'm hoping to finish it around January 20th.


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Good morning, Hank. It's Monday. I was using Sing-a-ma-jigs as a pillow. Hank, like a lot of people in Nerdfighteria, I'm tired, because the Project for Awesome was this weekend and it was AWESOME ....and fatiguing. First, Hank, the numbers. In the last 48 hours, the Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck raised 75,000 dollars. We did this in a number of ways. People donated directly at (I'm taking off my jacket because I'm inside and that's weird.), people also bought things at, like for instance, your hanklerfishes and my new zombie apocalypse story, the sequel to zombicorns. But the Project for Awesome raised even more money because Alex Day is donating the proceeds from remixes of "Forever Yours" to charity. That's gonna be at least $15,000 -- by the way, get your "Forever Yours" and your "Forever Yours" remixes; there are links in the dooblydoo! Also, there are a lot of other successful projects, like iJustine's project to get wells built in the developing world, and Rosie raising money for the Stroke Association, and when you add it all up, it's more than 100,000 dollars! And you can still donate at or by buying my new zombie apocalypse story for the next two days. More info in the dooblydoo. And of course, the Project for Awesome generated thousands of videos about charities, millions of views, tens of thousands of tweets, hundreds of thousands of comments, and, as a challenge, you released this picture of yourself as an eight year old, which nerdfighteria, because it is awesome, then began to remix. Let's see some of those remixes. [laughing] Yes, yes, more, yes! I love it, I love the remixes! But Hank, I have to say the highlight of P4A this year for me was when I covered my face in sharpie when we reached 50,000 dollars, and then immediately thereafter, someone rang my doorbell. And then I panicked, because I'm not trying to be the guy in the neighborhood with the Sharpie face, so I just hid. This was the most fun I've had at the Project for Awesome since 2007, and I just ahhhh it was great! Yay! And remember, you can still donate. The Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck will be distributing this money based on how we as a community decided it should be distributed, which I'm really excited about. You'll see more about that in the coming weeks. In other news, Hank, there are updates on the Tour de Nerdfighting in the dooblydoo, including that shows in Vancouver, Boston, New York, Portland, and Raleigh are sold out -- sorry, those places. But there are still tickets in lots of cities, and nerdfighters, even if you don't see us on tour, you might still see us on tour, because this is what our van looks like. Hank, I'd like to thank my publisher Penguin for giving you such a hilariously small billing; it brings me a lot of joy. So Hank, that's our van. The Fault in Our Stars comes out in three weeks. I'm trying not to freak out, but I'm not succeeding. I have to go right now because I have to write crossword clues for the crossword puzzle that's gonna be in the Tour de Nerdfighting program so people will have something to do while they stand in line. But I did make a playlist with my favorite Project for Awesome videos which you can watch now by clicking on my head, and Hank, I have to say that your Project for Awesome video about the well that nerdfighteria built in Haiti was pretty amazing. It reminded me how lucky we are to be a part of the Nerdfighter community and also how lucky I am to be your brother .... ladies. Hank, I'll see you on Wednesday, and again, click here for the playlist. Best Wishes!