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In which Hank delves into the mystery of the Republican presidential hopefuls using the inescapably useful and magical tool of the anagram!

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Good morning, John.

In 2008 when we were still in our first year of making YouTube videos on the Vlogbrothers channel I decided that it would be funny if I anagram the names of the presidential candidates and now we are nearly in 2012 and oh my goodness, there are more candidates. And so I wanted to see what mysteries the magic of anagramming could tell us about this year's Republican presidential hopefuls.

Let's start out with the surprisingly successful Ron Paul. Short names are nice but often you don't get a lot of choices. But we've got a great one here. 'Our Plan' which I like because a lot of the members of the occupy movement people are like 'what's your plan?' well, Ron Paul is their plan. Ron Paul - Our Plan.

Rick Parry. [sic] It's really hard not to immediately go to 'prick' here but then you're kind of left with a meh and there's really not much you can do with it, except a little bit of pirate slang 'Yarr, prick' which I think is pretty much what any pirate would say if he saw the advertisements that Rick Parry [sic] was running in the bible belt.

Herman Cain. I know he's not technically 'hoping' for anything except for some good money either at think tanks or commentating on fox news but it's such a good anagramming name I couldn't leave it alone. Now we have 'canine harm'. And while, you know, Herman Cain obviously not good at being married, I don't think he's a dog abuser. So let us instead go with 'inane charm' which I think pretty much encapsulates his entire campaign.

Michele Bachmann. I couldn't find anything good here, unfortunately and I think that's probably because I was focusing too hard on finding something that had 'maniac' in it.

Mitt Romney. Now, 'not my merit' would probably be a pretty good one for Mitt but instead I think I'm gonna go with 'Yo, Mr. Mitten' because I've decided that I'm calling him Mr. Mitten from now on.

Tim Pawlenty he also dropped out early so I'm gonna go ahead with 'latent wimpy'

Jon Huntsman. And despite the fact that he's behind a lot I wanted to include him because he's pretty much my favorite of the field but there aren't many good anagrams but we do have 'Jons math nun' and I'm good with Jons math nun.

Rick Santorum, which anagrams amazingly enough to 'Rick Santorum' You don't have to do anything to his name to make it funny anymore.

Newt Gingrich was an interesting challenge. See, immediately I saw that the word 'right' was in there and not long after I found 'wing' and I'm like "'right wing' is in Newt Gingrich's name? That seems very Tom Marvolo Riddle to me! But then we got these leftover letters I don't know what to do with them - UNTIL you put in his middle name, which is 'Leroy' (surprise) and what do you get? 'Right Wing Cylon' with some other letters left over but right - really? I'm genuinely freaked out.

And so there you have it. Now we know. We have 'our plan' we have 'Mr Mitten' we have a 'right wing cylon' who would you rather vote for?

And scene.

So a new thing.

I've had a different poster there everyday for like a year and so I've auctioned off all my posters for the Project for Awesome, raised bunch of money, but now what we're going to do with those posters is we're going to send them to the most interesting comment.

Now a lot of people say 'just leave a comment and you'll enter the contest' I don't wanna be flooded with just people who are like 'I want a poster' - the most interesting comment as judged by me will get the poster that is on the wall for that video and of course I'll only be looking for the first 24 hours or so. We'll send that most interesting person a YouTube message, you'll send us your address, we'll send you the poster. Yay. We get more interesting comments, you get a poster, I don't have to have them lying around my office. Everybody wins.

John thank you for being great, for drawing Sharpie all over your face for charity. I'll see you on Friday hopefully by then you will have the results of the project for awesome voting and we will know which charities are getting this huge hunk of money that all of us together raised.


I just realized I spelled Rick Perry's name wrong. I don't care.