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My cousins live in San Diego and I got to have dinner with them. Yay Mexican!
Hank: This is my cousin Theresa.

Theresa: Hi.

George: Hi.

Hank: This is George.

George: George, the other guy.

Hank: That guy.

George: Theresa’s husband.

Hank: Yes.

George: ‘Cause I identify myself by my wife. I guess that’s how it works now.

Hank: We just had amazing Mexican food. Ohhh, it’s Mexicany. This is the place where we’re at.

Theresa: Quality Mexican food.

Hank: And they live here in San Diego.

Theresa: We do.

Hank: And we got to hang out tonight because I was hanging out in San Diego.

Theresa: With thirteen year old girls.

Hank: Yes. Some of them, not all of them.

Theresa: And they all wanted to hug you.

Hank: What did you think of the show?

Theresa: The show was excellent.

Hank: Yeah. What about you?

George: I had a lot of fun there.

Hank: Yeah, did you think I was funny?

George: I thought you were very funny.

Hank: Did you think I was cute?

George: I’m gonna leave that one alone, it's definitely a job here.


Hank: Well I’m glad that I got to see you guys.

Theresa: Thanks.

George: It was definitely enjoyable.

Theresa: I, uh…