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These folks (and a few others) stuck around and helped me out as I waited for the locksmith to come and open my car (yes...I lost the keys to my rental's embarassing)

I have no idea where they went, but I'm pretty sure they just fell out of my pockets somewhere or one of those curmudgeonly civil war society guys stole them out of spite.

Either that or Spock made them evaporate with his mind so I'd hang out longer. Turned into a pretty excellent night, despite not being able to do any of the work I needed to do....
Green Sweatshirt: ...that video though, when you said "Oh, by the way, this is from my phone," I went

White Sweatshirt: Yeah, right?

Hank: Yeah.

Green Sweatshirt: 'Cause the quality's so good, yeah?

Hank: Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

Sitting to Hank's Right: It's surprising.

Green Sweatshirt: Like, I think my digital camera that I have that broke a lot

Hank: Yeah?

Green Sweatshirt: was 5 megapixels. 

Hank: Yeah, I know.

Green Sweatshirt: Now it's on your phone.

Hank: Yeah, now it's on my phone, that's right.

Green Sweatshirt: Mine is too.

Hank: Mm, mmmm

Green Sweatshirt : Mmm

Hank: What is this, without onions?

Sitting to Hank's Right: Mhmm

Hank: What the heck, why would you do that?

Sitting to Hank's Right (?): 'Cause I'm crazy

White Sweatshirt: I don't care for the onions either.

Hank: You're crazy!

(?): Dude, they're the (?) crazy

Hank: Eating, eating animal fries is a really, I did that.


Hank: I did that, by myself.


Hank: It's a significant experience, it's like, it's like all in your face, and

(?): (?), onion, cheese and (?)

White Shirt: What do you call a mammal that (?)

Hank: There is no animals on them. I thought there was gonna be a whole hamburger patty on it, somebody told me there was going to be a hamburger patty on it. 

(?): They lied to you

(?): Someone lied

Hank: They did lie to me. I would have enjoyed that, that should be, there should be a name for that. There probably is.

(?): Veggie Fries?

White Shirt: There probably...


Green Sweatshirt (?): Yummy.

Hank: And can you put a hamburger patty on it? They're like "We'll do whatever you want,... just charge you more for it".

(?) : Have it your way.

Green Sweatshirt : (?) like that (?) shirt, you just wanna taste it

(?) : Is you camera still recording?

Hank : Oh, it's still recording, but it's telling me that my battery is about to die.

(?) : Oh, no.

(?) : Oh this is getting animal fry on it  

Hank : Okay, my battery is dying so I'm just gonna tell you that I'm in an In-N-Out burger with nerdfighters who helped me pass the time while my car was.. uh.. locked and I had lost the keys, so thank you to the Russian locksmith, thank you to all the nerdfighters , thank you to that guy whose name ...uh...what was it ?

(?) : Vega.

Hank : Vega! I almost said Yaven.


Hank : Thank you to Vega for buying pizza while we sat there on the street corner and ...uh... thank you to all of (?) , Tuscon, Scottsdale and Phoenix for being awesome Arizona nerdfighters.