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Preorder The Fault in Our Stars: Hank and John play FIFA:
In which John and Hank reunite in beautiful Missoula, Montana in order to discuss punishments, gallbladder removal, video games, and Hanklerfish.

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A Bunny
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John: Good morning, Hank. It's Monday. Using the magical power of green screens I have transported myself to your home office in Missoula, Montana, to show you something that has been annoying the crap out of me. Let's go to the tape. You're making a nice video blog, it's funny, everybody's laughing. There, there! Enhance! That thing. Ah, it's so annoying. Hank, it's GLaDOS. She has to go; she's annoying me. If only this weren't a green screen. Oh, wait, it's not. Goodbye GLaDOS. (Something falls). Oh-oh. The illustrated guide to free hugs just broke.

Hank: Did you break her?

John: Everything's fine.

Hank: That's, like, my favorite thing.

John: Nothing is broken. Look, it's Hank! Ow! Wow, that was unnecessary.

Hank: This is a slidey chair. You didn't change the poster.

John: Oh sorry, I can fix that. Bam! Done.

Hank: This is- I mean, it's just a bit, uh... obnoxious.

John: Is it? Is that too forward? I don't know what happens if you go to that link. So I flew all the way to Montana so I could be in a hankgames video.

Hank: It's Hank and John play FIFA 11.

John: Poorly.

Hank: Very badly. Man. Oh, when you get to the penalty kicks. That's the second episode.

John: Ah, yeah. Stay tuned for tomorrow when you will see us miss nineteen consecutive penalties. Um, but we played perhaps the worst match that Liverpool and Arsenal have ever played.

Hank: Yes, hold on a second.

John: You can watch it right there at

Hank: We should make that a clickable link

John: There's also a link in the dooblydoo. And also in the future, I'm going to be making more hankgames videos with Hank which I'm really excited about because, uh, I'm really bad about video games, but I'm really passionate about them – the same way I felt about skateboarding when I was ten. Another thing, I have a punishment and I can't do the sandwich punishment.

Hank: Because, do you want to show them your scars?

John: Not really.

Hank: Okay.

John: You'll just have to trust me that I was lately removed from my gall bladder.

Hank: Really, your gall bladder got the worst part of that deal.

John: That's true. I wrote a haiku for the occasion, actually.

Hank: Oh.

John: Would you like to hear it?

Hank: Yes please.

John: “Stupid gall bladder/ Not performing properly/ I will kill you now!” Yeah. So my gall bladder was taken out which means I can't really do the sandwich punishment, so if you could suggest a different punishment for me, I would appreciate it, and Hank will pick one. In other news, we do have a punishment for Hank. So in addition to bringing myself and my family to Montana, I also brought one box full of sheets from The Fault in Our Stars.

Hank: Which is seventy-four hundred sheets.

John: And that is 5% of the total.

Hank: And I'm going to Hanklerfish all of them

John: Hanklerfish?

Hank: I'm going to Hanklerfish them. I'm going to write an anglerfish on each one of those pieces of paper which means you'll have a 5% chance of getting a Hanklerfished Fault In Our Stars

John: Hanklerfished... 

Hank: It's a verb. I made up a word and I verbed it. I just verbed verb.

John: So a Hanklerfish is an anglerfish drawn by a Hank.

Hank: Yeah, uhuh. There are other Hanks that can make Hanklerfish.

John: So, like, if Hank Williams the third were to draw me an anglerfish that would be a Hanklerfish?

Hank: It would also be a Hanklerfish. It would probably be better than mine, too.

John: So I had to bring all these copies of The Fault in Our Stars because I can't take a week off from signing.

Hank: Right, he has to sign them anyways. He had to bring them to sign them.

John: Uh, yeah. Just in case you don't know, by the way, everybody who pre-orders The Fault in Our Stars will get a signed book.

Hank: Hold on a sec.

John: All pre-ordered copies will be signed.

Hank: And-

John: Five percent-

Hank: Will be Hanklerfished.

John: Alright, uh, we've gotta go to breakfast. Nerdfighters, don't forget to be awesome. Best wishes.

Hank: Don't talk to me about my shirt or I will put forks in you.

John: What is that from?

Hank: It's from a really old Vlogbrothers video. Ningmaster Tom Made this.

John: We have so many inside jokes that I don't even get.

Hank: It's been a long run.

John: Don't talk to me about my t-shirt or I will put forks in you. That's a great t-shirt, actually.

Hank: I know.

John: We should make- that should be a thing.

Hank: Well, I kinda like me having the only one.

John: Alright, uh, goodbye.

Hank: Goodbye.

John: Hank, I'll see you when I turn off the camera.

Hank: Okay.