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In which Hank enjoys the Western Montana Fair, then talks about, brain crack, and a secret project (for John!)


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John. Sometimes I feel like those three words – ‘Good morning, John’ – are the most important words that we say in these videos. Not only does it help to remind me that you, John Green, are the most important member of the audience that I am speaking to right now; it also puts every single Vlogbrothers video into the context of every other Vlogbrothers video, whether we’re talking about anglerfish or the French Revolution or the over-intellectualisation of a three word sentence that begins our vide-
This isn’t what I wanted. This is boring. This is boring, boring, boring! I wanna talk about the fair.

[Montage of the fair plays]

I love the fair. It is ridiculous. Let’s be honest; I mostly go for the food. I only get one opportunity a year to have a hand-dipped corn dog, and I am not gonna miss that.

Sometimes I think that maybe I invented my obsession with corn dogs because it’s funny, because the word "corn dog" is funny, but look at my face, right there. That’s when I’m just, like, so overwhelmed with the melty crunchy batter and that sweet juicy meat.

In an unrelated story, I was filming this big sheep because I was like “That’s a really big sheep” and then something came from behind it and scared it and I was like “What the frik!”

The fair, as far as I’m concerned, has everything a man could want. It’s got deep fried meatballs and deep fried cheese curds and deep fried Vikings and deep fried corn dogs and llamas and chickens and geese and ducks and bunnies and eerily violent Lego themed Star Wars sets. That’s weird.

So in other news, I’ve been suffering from severe braincrack lately. Two huge projects that are just like [slurp]. And then last night, I was tweeting that I think I may stop going to see movies if I haven’t read the book first. I feel like it ruins it. And then I got a lot of people who were agreeing with me on that and then I made up a logo for a website called ‘Read It 1st’ and then I put that logo on my Tumblog and then people commented on it and then we did, like, a back-and-forth and we had a really great design critique session and it was super fun.

And so now I’ve got that braincrack, too, so I have to start wor- I bought the domain name, so I’m already ten dollars in. And honestly, this isn’t the kind of idea that would even be possible without Nerdfighteria, so thanks so much to Nerdfighteria for supporting this and also for being a source of tremendous inspiration for me. Speaking of which, John Green, stop watching the video right now.

So yeah, August 24th is one of the 365 days in the year, is it important for some reason? If you’re curious about that, go to and sign up for the little sign-up thing on the left hand side. Right. Left. I don’t know.

You need to sign up within the next two days and if you do that you can find out how to participate in some August 24th celibratoeshuns. Celibratoeshuns.

John, you’re not watching anymore, but nonetheless, I will see you on Monday.