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In which Hank stutters a lot and revels in john's punishableness.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John, it's Tuesday, August 7th.

I'm very lucky, I have a kitty in my lap. Say "hi", kitty. "I'm going to lay down on you." Oh, so cute! Anyway to start out today, I have a question to ask you concerning your last video.

Sometimes I'm leery of what is being cut out. That sensation occurred to me during your last video and I would like to roll a clip. Can we do that?

Can we, can we roll the clip? [John] The bad news is the Yeti has absolutely vetoed the ex-girlfriend punishment. She feels like, you know, I've tortured them enough with the radio pieces and all of that stuff. [Hank] Did you, did you catch it? Did you see what I was looking at there?

Oh just look at it again. [John] You know I've tortured them enough with the radio pieces and all of that stuff. (Slowed down) With the radio pieces and all of that stuff. [Hank] Yes, right there. I kinda wanna know what you thinking about right there. Feels like you might have continued on after that sentence and it seems like you know what you mean by "all of that stuff", but I'm not sure that I know.

And I would like to know what you mean by all of that stuff. I just went to Daniel Biss's ActBlue profile and your page has had over 100 donations for over $2,000. Amazing!

But this means that we've skipped over a bunch of punishments and you, at the very least, have to wax a limb of my choosing while breaking the offi-while breaking th- while breaking th-while breaking the Peeps eating-while breaking the Peeps *laughs*- while bre-while breaking the Peeps eating world record set by punk rock Curd Fighter Nurt. Curd Fighter Nurt! Wax the limb of my choosing while breaking the Peeps-eating world record set by punk rock Nerdfighter Curt.

And now you all know that I stutter a lot and cut probably 90% of what I record in a day. Additionally, Daniel Biss had his biggest traffic day ever yesterday. And if you go to now you'll noticed that he is second only to a guy called John Edwards.

Mmm, I feel like I've heard his name. Welcome to the Age of the Nerdfighter! It's very cool that Nerdfighters can help each other out and that resident mathematician Daniel Biss's campaign is benefiting so strongly from the awesomeness of Nerdfighters!

And also that we're going to get to see John do something ridiculous and painful. I really would like to see the Blenderized Happy Meal. But that would mean 100 more donations and I don't know if we can do it, but I'm willing to ask nicely.

Blenderized Happy Meal, only 96 donations away. And donating is really easy, you have to give at least a dollar, and you have to have a credit card, you have to be a U. S. citizen, and you have to be over 18.

It really sucks that we exclude young people from the political process, but we do. Though I am kind of in favor of excluding citizens of other countries from participating in our political process because that would be kinda weird. Sorry bout that.

If you want, you can give 50 cents or a dollar to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck and we will count that towards the total but it won't actually go to Daniel Biss. But it will go to decrease worldsuck. And that is all I have to say today.

Good luck at your conference thingy. Hi to all of those people who said hi to me yesterday. That was more people than I've ever had say hi to me before.

Amazing. And John, I'll see you tomorrow.