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Bill Gates talks with YouTube star and novelist John Green about why he’s optimistic about Ethiopia’s future.

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John: I wonder if you can kind of talk about where you see the healthcare system of Ethiopia in five or ten years.

Bill: Well, the last ten years they've gotten their childhood death rate down from over 15% down to about 8% and they should be able to get it down below 2%, the U.S. is below 1%. Also the malnourishment, which you see through stunting, is still pretty high here. By finding the children that aren't growing, getting nutritious foods out, improving agriculture productivity, they ought to be able to virtually eliminate malnutrition. Countries like Mexico and Brazil have put a lot of effort into that, and are now at a level where that's not a huge problem for them. So they see those models of development, actually some fairly recent ones, including China, that have gone very, very well and that means Ethiopia will, and this is their stated goal, be a middle income country by 2025. So you'll think of it, not as the United States, but like Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, like those countries are today. They absolutely can get there, and the progress is very exciting. Health is such an enabling peace, and the country is really pulling together, the system is well designed, so its a very positive story, one that I don't think most people know about.