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Watch Bill Gates calm John Green’s nerves before the YouTube star’s first helicopter ride in Ethiopia. Learn more at
John: So we are going, uh, on a helicopter ride today. I have never been on a helicopter, I have a terrible fear of heights, I am very, very nervous about this. 
And you are a data person, and as a data person you will tell me that I am unlikely to die today.

Bill: Yeah, if you're a data person, you know, be careful when you cross the street, wear a seat belt, don't ride a motorcycle..uhh

*both laugh*

John: It's not a worry with me, I'm good, I'm covered on that front.

Bill: And, you know, if you do take a helicopter you should make sure it's, like we've done very carefully here, one that's well maintained. The accidents per mile are extremely low. I mean, if you and I, our great risk is heart attack and cancer, not gunshot wound, not plane, helicopter, earthquake, volcano.
It's interesting how psychologically the things we worry about are pretty differently than, statistically the things you should worry about.