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The Brewery is Fake, but the Merch is Real

Thanks to Gild for letting us film there!
Wow, it looks so good. That's a nice shot. I'm here to say two things: one, DFTBA Brewing isn't real, I'm so sorry to the people who thought it was. Winter, South Dakota is not going to have a craft brewery, I'm sure they have a tavern of some kind if you ever want to go meet someone there. 

I also want to say thank you to Matthew Gaydos who helped me film that video, make it a real thing, and worked to find a place to film it, which ended up being Guild which is a bar/ arcade/ taco place in Missoula that's so good. It's delicious food, I want to go back right now. Been a couple of times and they have a big arcade in the basement. So if you're ever in Missoula and want to check out a place where it's fun, it gets pretty busy on Friday nights, but other than that there's plenty of space for you to have a good ole time. Thank you for letting us shoot in there and it's a breeze. It's so much easier to have a production company in Montana, where there isn't a bunch of people who want to shoot videos all over the place, so people are like "Oh, sure, come on by. That's never happened before." Where if you're in LA, people are like "Yes. No way. People ask us to shoot in our bar every single Friday and we're tired of it."

Working on my Vlogbrothers video right now, it turned out surprisingly well, considering where I was at when I started it. And that's one of the great things about making Youtube videos. I asked on Twitter last night about what I should talk about, because the world is nightmare fuel, and our president thinks that wind turbines cause cancer. So I was mad. I didn't want to talk about the government being like, "You can't call things milk unless they're milk. You can't call things burgers unless they have meat." Like you guys gotta let it go. You gotta let it go! I know that your industries need your support, but this isn't the fight to fight. This isn't the one. I think that's it's okay if the cows aren't the way we get the milk and the beef anymore. Now we're gonna have a different way of doing it and we're gonna keep calling it milk and hamburgers because we're human beings and the government doesn't decide fucking words. I'm not a libertarian on much like you can't choose my word for milk. You also can't tell me that wind turbines cause cancer and walk away.

Anyways, I asked on Twitter and had a lot of great suggestions. I used practically none of them, but what it did do was give me some perspective on the way that I should be thinking about this video. Especially because the last one was a bit of a bummer, and ultimately I'm pretty good at making videos and also it brings me a lot of joy to find something that has consistently robbed joy for so long is like very unusual and not a lot of people get that. I love Thursdays where I get to sit down and make a Vlogbrothers video all day and today I finished early so I'm making a Hankschannel video and I might make another video after this one, so that's where I'm at. I'm so glad to have a fun, productive, creative outlet. And I hope that people can find that. And also my video tomorrow, I might help give a little bit, a temporary one at least, to you if you're interested in participating. You'll find out tomorrow! Okay bye.