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Thank you for helping my dreams come true!

DFTBA Brewing Merch available at for ONE WEEK ONLY!!
Hello. As has been discussed and exemplified over the last decade of my life, I like to start stuff. I like to dive into the new. I like to learn everything there is to learn about something. But there has never been anything that I've dived into as deep and fascinating as maybe the founding idea of civilization itself: brewing. Some archaeologists theorize that humans first decided to settle down purely because of the infrastructure necessary to brew alcoholic drinks. Humans, we like to get a little bit tipsy.

I think you probably don't know is that Missoula, Montana, with its very long winters and somewhat bizarre regulatory structures, has a lot of craft breweries around 12 for a town of 72,000 people that's one brewery for every 6000 folks. So there's a lot of brewing talent in this town but what we don't have, and what the entire state of Montana does not have, or the entire United States of America, is an internet video community themed brewery. 

That has always felt to me like a big hole in the market and I pride myself on being able to identify that kind of gap in the needs of America's citizens. So today, I'm very excited to announce the creation of DFTBA Brewing Company, which we'll be launching with a few high quality artisanal beers. These include Dear Heffen John,  Puppy-Sized Pilsner, The Anthropocene rebrewed, The Giant Squid of amber [Ale], Truth or Ale. And of course, our signature brew: Vlager.

You can try them one at a time, or sample all of our brews with our NerdFlighter. DFTBA Brewing will be a place for people to talk, connect and gather. But of course, we could not, like afford a building, in Missoula, Montana where things are getting quite expensive these days. So, DFTBA brewing will be opening up in Winner, South Dakota. A town with no craft breweries, and once we open, it will have three times more craft breweries per capita than Missoula, seeing as it as a town with 2000 people.

This might not be a great idea. DFTBA Brewing isn't open quite yet. When is it opening? That's a fantastic question; What is the exact address of the brewery? Also top notch inquiry. Dope questerino.

DFTBA brewing shirts, posters, stickers are however available at along with this very excellent Vlager koozie. And those products are going to be available for one week only and then never again until I.. we..we start the... actually open the brewery at which case, right, they'll be available there is, as, as well, I'm sure.