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In which John discusses Project for Awesome donator M's chosen topic of having a transgender child. The Wimbly Womblys play Plymouth Argyle.

John Green will remain injured for four weeks.

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Hello and welcome to Hankgames Without Hank. My name is John Green, I'm the manager of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys, 12 points clear at the top of League Two!

"We're top of the league, we're top of the league, AFC Wimbledon, we're top of the league!"

We're gonna go up. We're going up to League One, we're gonna face MK Dons, the team that used to be us. It's gonna be an amazing moment, historic moment. Can't... Oh.

Today we're starting John Green and John Green up front, team mates in life and in love. We've got P. Sweeney and Hells Pells in center midfield. We've got Fun Run back there in the back, our new defender, as well as Frampton Comes Alive, Buckminster Fuller and then anchoring our defense, of course, our great goalkeeper, Seb Brown, who saved two penalties against Luton Town to send us into the Football League, to even make it possible for AFC Wimbledon to be a team that you can play on FIFA 14.

Uh, today, M... The Project for Awesome donator, M, who donated three times to the Project for Awesome, for AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly topic videos, thank you again. We're going to talk about if I had a transgender kid, or how I feel, or how I think I would react, if I had a transgender kid. This is a really interesting question, and I should say at the outset, like, I'm sorry if, like, this is not at all my area of expertise and I'm sorry if I don't use the right language or whatever. Please let me know in comments, and I'll try to, yeah. I'm still learning.

So like... This is, the first thing, the first thing you find out about your kid, in some cases even before you find out if they're like, healthy, is the gender, right? Like, not always, but certainly for a lot of people. For us, I mean, we didn't wait... Oh, God!

Meredith. Meredith, he's hurt. He hyper extended his knee. His beautiful, perfect, flawless knee has been hyper extended. It bent in the wrong direction. Oh no! Oh, God! This is terrible! Oh, God. This is... I mean, I almost... It feels like I hyper extended my knee a little bit, because he and I share a name, and we've shared so much together, and we've been through the good times and the bad times, the hard days and the easy days, and I know that his husband is out there right now on the pitch and just sick to his stomach because he just saw the man he loves most in the world have his knee go in the wrong direction. And it's just a very difficult time right now, to be a member of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly family and I know... Oh no. Oh no. Oh, I know that we're all just sickened by this. I just made the substitution, see? I already, I did it. I did it. Yeah, so, it happened. Yep. Resume match. Go ahead and make that substitution please. Tell me at least he can walk off. Tell me at least that we don't see him come off on a stretcher. Oh. Oh, you hate to see that! Oh no. Oh man. Fair play by the Wimbly Womblys, passing it back to Plymouth Argyle, but this is a difficult time for us.

So, um... Yeah, but to return to the topic, it's the first thing you find out your... With us, it was the first thing we found out. And in a couple of cases, they would say "it's a girl" like, when, with Alice, they said "it's a girl" even before they said like, you know, "this fetus has the appropriate number of chambers of her heart", you know? It really is like... So when you're a parent, it is the... It is this absolute, like, essential idea, it's one of the first questions that people ask you, "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" Even before your child is born, like, it's gendered, right? Like, its sex is seemingly set in stone. So I, I have to say, I understand... Oh, gosh! Right now, we're just not reacting well. But Seb Brown of course got down. You know. One thing I love about Seb Brown is how fast he goes down. But... Right, context is everything.

But... So, you know, like, for many parents, I understand how it's kind of like a foundational idea about their kid. Like, what do you know about your child, it's difficult to know, when you're first parenting a child, like, you don't know much about them. You know, when they're babies, you don't really know much about them, but one thing you do know, or at least you think you know, is that this is a boy or this is a girl, and that comes, inevitably, with this whole set of expectations, cultural expectations. And then to find out, you know, if you find out later in life... Your kid comes to you and says "Actually, I'm not a boy" or "I'm not a girl". You know, "I'm this" or either "I identify outside this gender binary" or I'm, you know...

Oh! Strutton! Oh, I don't have a song for him because he's never scored a goal before. Can anyone invent a song for Strutton, please? Oh my God, that might be the goal of the century. Look, he managed... Can we see one more replay, please?! Watch this, Meredith! He goes... Look! That's not even human! He jumped in the wrong dire... Let's see once more! I mean, goal of the century! These boots were made for Strutton, thank you! Perfect.

"These boots were made for Strutton,
and that's just what they'll do.
One of these days, these boots are gonna strut all over you."

How was that? Perfect? Or really perfect? Those are the only two options. I'll work on it. Sarah! You gotta pick something that's, alright. It's in my range. Shut up, that's not fair. Everything's in my range! I'm a beautiful singer.

So I, you know. That said, that's not the problem of your kid, who, you know, is outside the gender binary. You know, is non-binary or is trans or whatever. That's the problem of the social order. So while I am sympathetic, I mean... It, it is true. I have, I have a pretty good young trans friend, who, whose mom has really, really struggled with this. And I, you know, I am a parent, and I certainly understand, like, I think of, inevitably, I think of Alice as a girl and Henry as a boy and, yeah. And as Sarah pointed out, like, we were very, very excited when we found out we were having a girl and, like, you know, it was amazing. I desperately, I wanted to have a girl, like, you know, I just wanted to have a... And so I get, I get, I get it. But, like, it doesn't do... I don't wanna call this particular parent out, 'cause the person in question is probably watching the video, not the parent, but... You know, you can't keep saying, like, "this is my daughter" when it's not!

So the answer to the question, how would I feel if I had a trans kid is, you know, I would feel happy and proud of them, because it's not, you know, it's not an easy thing to acknowledge your authentic self, and it's not an easy thing to become the person you're born to be, particularly when you're talking about something, you know, things as, like, complicated as sex and gender. So yeah, I mean, I would hope that I would, you never know until you're in that situation, but I hope that I would be proud and supportive, and that I would, you know, fight for them and, just as I, you know, just as I would for a cis-gendered kid.

So yeah. I mean I think that I... It's not something that I, I don't, I think, I think it's something that I would be, I mean, I hope that it's something that I would be, you know, proud of my kid for figuring out and for, you know, for being, like, I don't know. Just them being willing to, like, tell you and to, like, make you part of that process would be...

Oh! Out of nothing! Hells Pells! That guy's on a role! Oh! He did the dead fish, Meredith. He loves to do the dead fish. It's 'cause he's been accused of diving in the past and he takes it very, very personally. And just, I mean, right from outside the box, that's a beautiful goal. Right now you're seeing the best of the Wimbly Womblys rallying after the hyper extension of the knee of our beloved Other John Green. Bald John Green hasn't scored a goal yet, of course, because I'm sure that right now he's just in an absolute state of shock. If anything...

You know what? I need to, I need to substitute him out so he can be with his husband. I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. That's, I mean, can you imagine, like, walking around the pitch knowing that, like, you know, the, your soulmate has been, is out for, you know, God only knows how long. Having lived with injuries himself, Bald John Green, he knows how difficult it is so... Oh, get that ball, get that ball, get that ball, get that ball, get that ball, get that ball! Oh! Ya Bamba! No.

Yeah, so I am, I mean, I get, I... So I guess... I understand, I understand why there's, why there's like a period of shock and adjustment because there are, there's this massive, you know, there's this massive world out there that says, like - Oh God - it's not OK to be transgender, it's not OK to, you know, be sort of non-binary gender, like, there's two types of people, girls and boys and girls like boys and boys like girls and that's the way that it is and always has been and always should be and that's just not true. It's never been that way. That's, that's, you know...

This idea that, like, being transgender is new or being, or that homosexuality is new or whatever, like, all that stuff's just ridiculous. That's been with us as long as, you know, that's been part of the human experience as long as there have been humans and, like, the gender binary has never been, like, a sufficient way of imagining the lives of people. So yeah. I get... But at the same time like I understand that there are all of these social implications and, you know, like, but, I don't know.

My opinion is that you have to like, you have to love and support your kids and that there's abs.. You know, there's absolutely nothing wrong with... I think sometimes people feel like they're sick or something, like that's the worst is when I get, like, Tumblr asks or I hear from people over email or whatever who think that there's something wrong with them because they're trans or that they think that, like... And they've been told that there is in a lot of cases, not necessarily by their parents but sometimes by their parents and, like, that's just brutal. Like it's, you know...

To feel like something that you are, that is essential to you, that is like a fact of your life is wrong is just awful. I mean, to feel like, because there's noth... You know, you can't do anything about, you know, who you are, it's just, it's a fact of your existence as surely as I'm a guy. So, you know, to feel like there's something, like, fundamentally... It's just very sad. So I feel very, you know... And I would never want, I would certainly never want either of my kids to feel that way. So I guess, yeah, that's my, that's how I, that's how I hope I would react. But you never know till you're in that situation.

You know what I do know? Hells Pells is having the game of his life! Oh, he did the robot that time. He was gonna do the dive again but he's in too good of a mood. Again, we need a little song for Hells Pells. But, you know, there's another problem, I don't know that much about him 'cause he's just coming into his own now that, now that S'Moore has left the team. Still... I talked to Less Moore about the S'Moore situation and he is, he is pissed. He is not happy. He, because he said that S'Moore felt like he was too good for AFC Wimbledon and that, like, his...

Oh! Oh! What a goal! What a fantastic goal! Oh! Green Eggs and Sheringham! This is, oh, what a performance. I'll tell you what, that Liverpool game gave us confidence and that's what you need in this game. That's just a beautiful through ball past the entire Plymouth Argyle defense. Excellent use of the Y button and AFC Wimbledon are up four-nil.

But yeah, Less Moore is really angry at his formerly conjoined twin brother Some Moore for abandoning the Wimbly Womblys and I, you know, I told him, like, "You gotta calm down." But when you've been in the shadow of someone's talent your whole career, you know, Less Moore has never been as good as Some Moore, and then that, that guy decides that he's not even good enough for the club, that he's too good for the club you play on, it's hard not to take it personally. So they've actually had a riff in their relationship - Is it riff or rift? I guess it's rift - in their relationship that's been... Oh! No. That's been difficult to watch. So, yeah. I don't know, I'm a little concerned there but it'll all work out in the end.

That's a terrible cross. Actually, it was a good cross but it was a cross to Ghost Player One who was just standing out of bounds so that's kind of Ghost Player One's problem, he needs to be better positioned. Oh, it's the 87th minute, it looks like we're gonna win. This is, this is... You know, I'm obviously concerned about the Bald John Green injury situation because, I mean the Other John Green injury situation because he is, you know, one of our absolute core players and it's hard to imagine us, you know, making it that far without him but it's been great to see four players who aren't Bald John... Or goals, four goals with none from John Greens. That's, that's encouraging because that means that this team is finally gelling as a club, not just as a team with two superstars which is awesome.

So I think there's a lot, there's some good take-aways. Obviously we're all concerned about the Other John Green injury situation, I'll try to update you in the video info below. Oh, Kennedy's haircut. It's just a deal-breaker for me. Thank you for watching, best wishes.