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Hank goes to the GARDEN OF HOPE! He and his new red Pikmin begin their quest to find BRITONY! And Man, I tell you what, it sounds ridiculous sped up. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Hello and welcome to Hankgames Times Two! My name is Hank and I'm a little bit faster than usual because I respect your time and don't want you to have to spend more time than necessary watching me play video games. That's my excuse, anyway.

Most of the supplies that I brought with me and my friends from Koppai were destroyed in the crash landing, so we only have three days worth of edible-edible-edible-edible-edible-edible pro-edible provisions left. Edible provisions. And I just ate one because I was so hungry. We'll have to find some local food. We gotta fill that up. We gotta get more than just that, we have to have enough to feed our planet, that's why we came in the first place because our planet is dying!

Look at my number of Pikmin, it increased. Yeah. Just orbiting. Oh... (reading) "We're shipwrecked on this planet! Some creatures called Pikmin helped me find the S.S. Drake, but our cosmic-drive key is nowhere to be found! We won't be going anywhere without that. Luckily I made contact with Brittany and will set out to find her tomorrow. When I took off in the ship, the Onion took flight as well. Odd, but amazing." Alph. I wish his name was Alphonse. That would be better. I love Alphonse.

Oh, my dog just did a cute thing. You can't see it. It's just for me to see. It's just for me! And Katherine. We're the only ones that get to see how cute the dog is. You have to suffer by yourself.

Oh my, that's a pretty land! Searching for sig--Garden of Hope! That sounds nice. Who named it? Probably not the person who's currently starving there. I've tracked "Breet-o-ny's" signal. I should pronounce it "Breet-o-ny" because apparently that's how it's pronounced. However, I'm also concerned that our cosmic-drive key is now missing. If I don't find that, the Drake won't be able to fly fast enough to get back to Koppai! That would be very, very bad. I--yes, I agree that it would be bad.

But what--so you're showing me which one I should choose? I should go here, for Brittany. I think I should go to Brittany. "Breet-o-ny," sorry. Sorry, I hate pronouncing people's names wrong. So, that's my bad, "Breet-o-ny."

Garden of Hope, only two juices left! Two juices! (coughing) Oh my god! Two juices! The Pikmin came with me! I have Pikmin friends! Look at those beautiful flowers in the foreground.

"Breet-o-ny" should be here somewhere, the flashing on my map, maybe it's her, I'm running out of sustenance so I should find her before it's too late. (gasp) Whee! Ooh, dancey time. Peekmin. I don't know. Hey guys. I want all of them. Yeah, all of them. Okay. Okay, okay, okay. (gasp) Hey there guys! Oh, yay! Accept. It explained all of this. Yes, their nest! Oh. "Stand under the Onion and press A to call Pikmin to return." Okay. "I'm going to install an application on the KopPad that lets me check the Pikmin status immediately." Okay, installing. Bloop-bloop-bloop, bididi-boop bidiboop bleep bloop bleep baloop bleep bloop. Pikmin info installed! It can't have actually taken that long to do. Alright, we're like fake loading loading times now.

Alright, you, go get that. Anybody else? Any other food around here? There's that thing. Getitgetitgetitgetit! Oh, that was a rapid death. Go! Go now, go! Why--I threw you guys in the wrong place! Oh, there's only three; I needed one more! Guys, come with me. Oh, they're--they're already going. It's okay. Let's, let's pluck. Let's do some plucking. It's like a little butterfly! (gasp) Oh, I thought I was gonna kill it for a second and I was sad. I don't wanna kill the butterfly.

What are you guys doing? Come here. Come here. Come here guys. We're gonna go someplace. Oh, it's not done yet! What the heck!? Is there like one piece somewhere, hiding? K, well, go get this wall then. Yeah, you guys do that. What are you doing? Where was--where was that? It was over here. Is there really not--there--we're just missing a piece? That's terrible. That's terrible! Red Pikmin don't go in water, or they will die and I will be super sad about it. So no.

What's this thing? Good job, guys! How many Pikmin can I control at once? Do you wanna answer that, Katherine? (Katherine says "All of them.") All of them. Oh, look at that. Under where? Oh, it's a data file! Bituwoo! Golden play button! "Once Pikmin are done transporting fragments, they will return to the original location of the fragments." That's all they wanted to tell me. Yeah. (Katherine says "Nope, nope nope, don't throw them in there!") Hehehe, Katherine doesn't want me to kill any Pikmin. I--so far, I think I've lost one Pikmin.

So have we completed this bridge now? We have. Excellente. Oh, that's big. Can we sneak up on it? "Shh, it's asleep. I think we can sneak up on it." K, let's go around the back, because the mouth is the dangerous part. Come on, guys. Yeah! (Katherine says, "CHARGE!") Trombone! Trombone is our battle cry. Oh, I guess you guys can do that. Get him. Are you guys--you're not working with me. Come on.

What is that electric fence? Let's not go there! Don't pee on it either! Everybody knows, don't pee on the electric fence! Only lies and thieves! Get 'em, Olimar. Oh, we're going to have so many Pikmin, it's going to be insane! What? Oh, it's Alph. (laughs) Like one thing in the world that I can get stuck walking against and I hit it. Everybody, come here. How do I do it then? That's very loud! Guys are doing a lot of killing just then. K, guess I should go through there with my army of 44 Pikmin. They killed that giant lady-beetle really fast.

(gasp) Brittany, oh no! She's just laying on the flower petals! "Breet-o-ny," sorry. Pick it up, pick it up pickituppickituppickituppickitup pickituppickitup Bree-to-ny, Bree-to-ny, pickituppickituppickitup! Oh! Sorry about that. I was taking a little nap. Are you close by? (laughs) Everything was okay guys. Wh- why- why wasn't I moving, I ask? Well, you know me. I'm a pretty sound sleeper, even with all these creatures creeping around. I also have one really big ear. But never mind that. Listen, I discovered what looks like a piece of fruit. It's right over there, but I'm kind of stuck here for the time being. Can you go check it out for me, please? She didn't actually say please. I was just making her a little more polite than she actually is. 

(gasp) Look at that strawberry! It's the size of 8 people! Drrrrrake? How do I get it there? I don't know maybe you can use your new-found ability. Of Pikmin. What? Come on. Well that was easy enough. What is this? Can I make them kill it? Apparently- Ooooh, you guys aren't good enough. OK, I get it. I need to have- throw a certain type of Pikmin. I don't have that type of Pikmin. Crystal wall, and then there's a bunch of stuff underneath it that... that's not English. Blerg-a-blerg-a-blerg-a-blerg-a. Can I un- unlock from that please? Thank you.

Uh oh. What? Analyzing. The SS Drake is calling me. It's sending us a message. Tell me what it is. (beep bloop sounds) Analyzing recovery. This is my Drake voice. It's pretty bad. Analysis complete. Sunseed berry. I've made it into juice, enough juice for one day of not being dead. Large quantities of pik-pik-piktomin U detected. Oh. This is a seed-bearing fruit making cultivation on Koppai possible. Juice from this fruit is safe for consumption by crew members. (beep bloop sounds) I'll add a Fruit File to the KopPad where we can store the results of our analyses. Installing installing install the fruit file. Katherine's laughing at me. But since I don't know much about plants, I'll ask Bree-to-ny to write the report. She's a botanist after all. That's why you brought her.

All right, now we're in the crystal cave. Blomp blomp. Oh what's that? What is that thing??? Huh! Woah woah! A boss, it's a boss, guys. Get it, get it. Yeah. Get it. It shook them off. What's happening? What just happened? Ooooohhh! Hi guys. You're pretty cute. Yeah, they are. they're rock Pikmin. They've got beautiful flowers. They're giving me a funny look. I forgot that their flowers bloomed. What's up? The data file. Ooooh. Get it. They're just running into it. Do it. (cooing over cuteness) That's right they do. Just a few more hits. Oh, I love it. The graphics are also really nice. They're pretty. I like it. Get it. Get it, you rock Pikmin. It's ridiculous they way that you do what you do, but I like that you do it. (gasp) You have your own special onion! With its own special balloon thingies. And its own special data file. Yeah that onion was stuck in the crystal. I bet those'll be pretty good at breaking down those crystal walls.

Selecting Pikmin type. Select the Pikmin or person you want to throw using C. That's this button. OK. (reading) OK. (gasp) Blaaaahh What's that! Oh, no I don't want you to do that. Send the red Pikmin to do that. You guys. Uhhhh. How do I? Oooooh, OK. Yeah, they can do it. Get it. Data file. Oooooh yeah. Yeah, yeah, crap, crap, crap, crap. Um. (reading) Yes, I kind of figured that out. Stop. Um. No. Ahh! Come on. No. Stop. I'm terrible at the game. All right. Everybody come together. Come together right now. And then. Noooo, Gosh!!! Katherine! Ahhh! I know, you're better at the game than I am. I'm aware. I just got one. Is this really the- am I doing this the right way? K. Get it. Yes. Excellent. No, stop it. Yes. Oh good. Now we have more rock Pikmin. Oh good. That was embarrassing in my lack of efficiency.

All riiiight. What's in there? Is it? Is it food, Katherine? I like how the red ones are going after it anyway. No you don't. Hey, I said no you don't! Oh, there's a data file in that one. Get these, you guys. Oh, are these? What are you guys doing? Yeah. Data file! (reading) Yeah, I figured that out. Are we- all right. Pluck! Oh man, now I got so many different- I got so many rock Pikmin now. I got so many. I got a lot. 16? 22! I got 60 in my squad and 66 in the field which means that I've got some missing? Where are they? Helllooo! Where are they? They must not be in this area. Where did they go? Stupid Pikmin.

Can I find them on my map? I did? Oh, they're back there next to the onion? Oh yeah. They're just hangin' out. Just chillin' out at the onion. All right. Get it, you guys. We're going to save Bree-to-ny today! We're not gonna wait. I'm- I like that the red ones are dedicated at hitting their little flower heads against the wall even though it doesn't do any dang good at all. You guys, this is taking a surprisingly long amount of time. It's like an iPhone case. Gorilla glass. That stuff's tough. Go go. All right. (sigh) I broke my iPhone. Yeah, it's got one. I don't even know what happened. I was- I put it down on a table, and then I came back and it was broken. I think somebody must've knocked it off the table and then put it back and then not fessed up. This is taking a really long time. Yeah, I know. The jingle-dingle is letting me know. Yeah. Gees. They're going at it. They're all doing it. Ughh...

Ok. We're almost there. It is spiderwebbed all up it. I feel like there must've been a more efficient way to do this 'cause it's taken a really long time. Maybe they just want you to spend more time playing the game. Oh sorry, I got a data pad. (reading) So I should've been throwing them at the thing. Well, thanks for letting me know now. I've been waiting for you. I can't break through this wall. Well, I have friends who can. What? The sun will be setting soon? Any stray Pikmin will undoubtedly face attacks from nocturnal predators. Get in there. But the Pikmin that are close to the onion should be able to make it back on their own. OK. (reading) K. That makes perfect sense. (reading) But what about, what about. Oh, so I'll just rescue you tomorrow, Bree-to-ny. I'll get the data file. (reading) Yeah, OK. That's, yep. I know, but you, you're fine. You're fine. Right, you're fine?

Which way is, which way is the onion of the? Do I have to get them to their separate onions? No? OK. Back bluff. So I have to go to, where do I have to go? (Katherine: You don't have to go anywhere. You just want to end the day? Then just go back to the menu and end the day) So it's not that I have to get to the onion, as long as they're in my squad, they're safe. (Katherine: Yep) Well, then why am I not just breaking down that wall? (Katherine: 'Cause they won't be in your squad.) Oh, I found another data file. (reading) So I can hide with my Pikmin in the dandelions right here. Those aren't dandelions. What are those? (Katherine: Clover) Clover! Katherine knows plants. So I can just end the day. And I'm safe. OK. They come back with me. Look at them all. The music is the same. Look at the TV is what my data pad says. "Look at the TV"

Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green x2. Hank Games x 2. You will not see me, and I will not see you, but you will hear me next time as I take on day 3 on 404ru486. Awwww wow. Good bye.