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Look! It's adorable!
Hello and welcome to HankGames x2! This is Hank Green playing Pikmin 3, and suddenly this is not the next day yet, which has never happened before! “Olimar hasn’t woken up since we brought him aboard.” He is ridiculous looking man. “I know that space suit! It puts you into a deep sleep if you experience any big surprises. I missed an entire surprise birthday party once because of those suits!”   So what do we do now? Zzzzzzzzzz. Ah, what? That’s right we gotta wake…Yeah, slap him, give him a slap! Do it! No, slap him anyway. So what are we gonna do?   “The next morning…” Okay. We’re just gonna keep having—that’s a lot of stars in the sky. It’s pretty. Alright, did you crash? What’s up? (Sneeze) Sorry! (Sneeze) Okay, sorry! My bad.   What just happened? Whoa! ‘Kay, b-baby. I don’t know, it was an explosion. What!? What do you mean? Where did this…Oh! Aw, jeez. Captain, why aren’t you being a captain? This is bad. Oh gosh! OH GOSH! OH NO! Our rubber ducky, oh gosh!   Alright, everybody’s here now. “It’s even worse than that!” NOOOOOOO!!! Our juice… Villainous pig. We’re gonna find him! He stole our juice! I should probably take some pikmin with me. Wow, now I have so many. Taking one of everything. I mean, 25-ish of everything.   Where am I going? I don’t even know. Seriously. “There is a path.” There is? I don’t see it, though. “Louie has become even more problematic. All he does is shake his head. Is nod or shake his head. And yet he consumes three times the amount of food that I do. Not cool, Louie…not cool”!   It’s what it says. Well it doesn’t look like he went that way I think ‘cause there is a wall there. But maybe he can fly? There’s no other way to go. What? Path? I don’t know. I can’t go this way. I could get my yellows to get some treats.    Where am I? I don’t know, a new place. Get it, get it! Oh come on, that’s too slow. Too slow, you guys. Oh come on, aww! I have enough pinks. Mkay, let’s go through this wall, then. I have a hard time targeting things.   Maybe it’s that I’m just tapping it. Oh, you need to hold it. Ohhh, my experience playing this game is going to soon become much better. Oh, you’re all – oh, wow. That was rapid – that was a rapid death.   Oh everything is going to be so much easier now. What? What? What do we got? “A legacy of the past. We discovered the remains of what appears to be an underwater structure. Perhaps we can restore it so that we may cross to the opposite shore. Louie is here, but we would still need someone else’s help to do this…”   Okay. What do you got? What is it? Hurry up, you guys are terrible. Oh, it’s a blue dot. That’s weird, I don’t have any blue…aliens yet. There’s another blue dot right there. Yeah, aliens! These aliens, right? Sorry guys, come with me.   Aw, it’s not done yet? Come on. Why is this so hard to make? What is that? What are you doing there, rock man? Alright. What should I do? What should I -- I guess I could walk through the water with these guys. Would that help me?   No. No, no no no. Obey me. “What is that thing?” Ah! I don’t know. Why won’t you let me throw pikmin? Ah, I can’t, I have to be out of the water. It’s a blue onion! It’s a blue onion!! Pick it up! Pull, pull it harder!   Yes! Woohoo! Sounded like Mario for a second. Ma-ha! Yeah, blue pikmin. What’s that? It’s one blue pikmin. I don’t know. I don’t know, they can freaking fly. Well today is about blue pikmin manufacturing, so everybody’s gonna go home.    I can’t, I can’t, I have a hundred out. I’ll keep the pinks out. No, I have to make blue pikmin. Look, it’s adorable! It’s got gills! “A new type of Pikmin sprouted from the Onion that was in the water. This Pikmin seems to be right at home underwater.”   Hello, you gonna come with me? Are we friends? Okay, good. Yeah, I can throw you and stuff. Nope. Get it. Did you get them both? I guess you did. Alright, pink pikmin.   Yay! Haha, I was too excited. “Blue Pikmin can survive in water”, everybody. That’s a huge surprise to me, considering…it’s not a surprise to me at all. I can also survive in water, in case you were wondering.    “Blue Pikmin can attack while swimming,” you guys. Can they pick up that nectarine? Just gonna work up my blue pikmin supply. Everybody? That’s all of you? Okay. Woohoo! Good job. Okay, I got so many peekmeen.   Whoa, I’m way underwater, man. Nope, nope! Be friendly. Oh my goodness, gracious! That thing – “Afternoon already”?! You don’t wanna talk about that giant thing? You only wanted to be like, Oh it’s afternoon?    Not about the subterranean lobster beast? ‘Kay, that’s fine. One-track mind. Where’d my other friends go? I may have left them somewhere. As I tend to do. I don’t know. Um, attack, attack! No, not you guys! Yes, excellent, it worked. They are able to kill.   What are you guys doing in the water? Stop being in the water. Why? Why, why? Where are you? Why aren’t you responding to my call? They’re not drowning at all, they’re just sitting there. Did you guys finally get that thing? Geez, took you long enough. Yeah, build it.    Okay. I still don’t have a lot of blue pikmin, you guys. Fairly low on blue pikmin. That thing should give me some nice pikmin juice. Is there enough bridge pieces to finish this? It seems like there is. So that’ll be good, so that I don’t have to freaking – like, every other time.   Excellent. Alright, you guys, what’re you doing? Nobody, nothing left here, to get. You guys did it, good job. Is that everybody? That’s everybody. Okay. Excellent. I have twenty-four blue pikmin now, and we’re going to kill this thing. Attack!    Did we do it? Haha, it made Katherine sad. I don’t need that stuff. What’s this? Twenty, eh? What’re you guys doing? Are you guys gonna fall in the water? ‘Cause that would make me sad. ‘Kay, good, you’re not.    There is a big orange down there. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I go down there. Oh, there is a fruit in there as well. Oh, I have zero pikmin to lose.   Buh-doo-nk! What’s it say? It says, “Knock into Pikmin to free them from bubbles!” Oh okay. That guy didn’t managed to get a hit off on me, so…    Why do we need find-- Oh we don’t have ANY food! We don’t have any food! I forgot that he stole all our juice. Oh jeez, oh jeez, there’s things. Oh no, oh no! Oh no, no juice! What’s gonna happen now?! I have to make the thing, but I can’t do it! I can’t do it. I have to throw these guys, and I can’t.    Oh, shoot. I can’t go, though. So I have to get this guy over there. I’m not gonna make it, you guys. Yeah, I know. It’s terrible, everything is terrible. I was not aware of the gravity of the situation. I’m having a very hard time calling pikmin, for some reason. Thank you.    Yes, I know. But maybe we’re just gonna have to…Oh no, we’re not gonna make it. We’re not gonna make it, you guys. Does that mean we die, of hunger? We’re gonna die of hunger?   We’re gonna die of hunger, for sure. Oh, shoot! Ummmm, well! I could have done that better. What happens? Do we die? Or do we just – I forgot that we didn’t have any fruit! He stole our – that jerk Louie stole the fruit!    I just, I just stopped worrying about fruit because I didn’t have to for so long. Alright, join up. I imagine we don’t die of starvation after one day of not eating. ‘Cause Brittany was like, in a tree stump for, like, half the beginning of the game.    “Well…We didn’t gather any food at all today! We need to step it up! If only our juice hadn’t been stolen by that Hocotatian…” we wouldn’t have to die right now!    Oh, they look unhappy. It’s okay. Game over!? You guys! One day without fruit juice, and you just give up!? Oh, that is embarrassing. I have to play that day all over again?    Well I guess I could have done it a lot more efficiently, anyway. Thank you for watching this episode of Hank plays Pikmin 3, and fails! You will not see me, I will not see you, but you will hear me next time. Good-bye.