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Listen to the tranquil music as we cleanser the world of sheep.

*note: Game play sound was turned off for this episode - sorry

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Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank.  I'm Hank.  This is games with me.  The game today is gonna be Besiege.  It's fun.  I have--you've heard me rave about it, you know it's great.  Last time I built a catapult, it was awful, it was the worst catapult I've ever seen in my life, but it worked.  For a while now, I've been in uncharted territory here, so you're just gonna watch me learn, so let's move on to the next zone.

Alright, kill 80% of all sheep.  Well, killing sheep usually isn't hard.  So let's load up the--the hella--hellfire here, okay, 'cause the hella hellfire is basically designed to do exactly this.  Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to control.  Is that okay, sheepies?  You guys are remarkably not dead.  Oh, they just exploded.  Now I'm on fire.  That's--whee!

Okay.  Well, this is actually maybe gonna be a little harder than I thought, so let's destroy the machine, let's load up--what I should have done is saved that last thing, because what I need is just to save the basic driving structure, because recreating it every time is unnecessary when you know exactly what your basics are gonna be.  Actually, I might make this a little bigger than my previous excursions, so this looks good, and then we need wheels.  The good thing about sheep is they ain't gonna kill ya.  And then out of our front, we want some pistons with circular saws on them, that's gonna be--that's gonna be nice and easy.  I'm gonna--if I regret this, all this work I'm doing right now, I'm going to be very sad.  And then I can put some spinning blocks with some blades on that one.  Yeah, let's do that.  Let's do uh--let's put a spinning block on that, yeah, that looks awful, that looks like it could do some serious damage to some sheep.  Oh man, this is making me sort of uncomfortable.

That looks awful.  So I would not want to fight this.  The sheep are just walking right under it.  They don't--they couldn't care less!  Oh man.  They're like, 'I like this thing, it's interesting, I like--it moves, it's weird' and I can't move it. 

Alright, circular saws.  Alright, so let's see how that goes.  Okay, good so far.  And if I push 'H', yeah.  So this--this sheep's coming over and--I killed it.  That's good.  Hi, sheep.  Hahahaha.

Watch out, sheepies! Where are you going?  Where are you going?  Um, the problem is there's a bunch up on platforms that I have no way of killing.  So I have to develop some sort of something to kill at least those sheep.  This is good for all the other sheep, but um, yeah, I think I just need to build a little bit of a tower with some flamethrowers on it, and that should be good.  No.  Thanks for not fighting back, sheep.  That would be really inconvenient if you did. 

Okay.  Let's go see if we can flamethrow these sheep.  And 'H',.  Ohhh, it's no fun to be a sheep sometimes.  Hey, you guys, how's it going?  Oh, you're just running after me?  Well, that's unexpected.  Hey, how's it going?  Hey, sheeps.  Okay, well, this is a disaster, it turns out.  I need to put the frickin' flamethrowers on pistons so I can fire them while extended.  This just doesn't feel--I don't feel like I'm accomplishing the task--my facecam turned off.  Who knows when!

I feel like I'm half-assing it, so let's add some more pistons.  Alright.  So that's not nothin'.  Let's kill some sheep, you guys.  Whoaaa.  Okay, why did that fall off?  Hey, hey, that's new.  That's a new problem.  Okay, whatever, doo doo doo doo doo.  Doo doo doo, doo doo doo.  Sheep, you do not do a good job of living.  You are just bad at that.  Alright, how many more sheeps do I have to kill?  How many more are there for me to murder, sheepy deaths?  Just get--and then extend, oh no!  The bottom things are pushing me away.  I did not account for that.  What I need is a devise--okay, I'm rethinking my entire strategy now.  Let's do--watch me--watch as I do this.  Okay, let's see--let's see if I'm capable of doing something interesting here.  You see what I'm doing yet?  I bet you do.  I bet you do.  Now I just have to do that all over again, again.  Oh noooooo.  Are you serious?  How did I do this wrong?  I have no idea if that's going to end up working now, because I have indeed done this wrong.  Oh, God dang it.  The axle is not in the right place.  Okay.  Well.  I'm just gonna fix it.  Okay.  Alright, fingers crossed, you guys, that this works, 'cause otherwise, I'm gonna be super unhappy.  Why are you going different ways?  That's not ideal.  Okay, well, I think I can just click on you...just flip you?  Okay.  Oh.  Of course that's what happens.  Oh man!  Okay.  Well.  Now I feel really embarrassed.  We need--what we need...pfffffft.

I mean, this isn't going to solve my problem and I hate my life.  Alright, well, this is just a total disaster, and I feel--and I--I wanna know how many of you, while I was doing this, were like, "You know, that's not gonna work even a little bit.  Just the middle thing is gonna spin.  Obviously."  I--let me know in the comments how many of you were completely aware of the horrible decision I was making while I was making it.  How do you get--how would I get this thing--there's no way to do it.  There's no way to do it!  Oh, it was a good idea.  Ohhh.  I mean, let's save this just in ca--just, uh, just...'Giant Embarrassment'.  Load the sheep cleanser.  I might need another level of fire-breathing, actually.  Everything seems so simple now, compared to trying to build that thing that will never work.  Alright, come here, sheeps.  Coming for you.  You just walk right into me, I like that your AI is like, 'well, let's make this a little bit easier for the poor guy, he just built a giant machine that will never help anyone kill a sheep and that's just embarrassing, so.'  Okay.  Come on.  Ffff, hahaha, why don't your sheep catch other sheep on fire, yessss, excellent!  

What I want to figure out is how to climb these walls, but whatever, who cares, thank--woah, I almost just did it.  I was--I was almost up there.  Anyway, thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm gonna learn how to climb walls.  I feel like now I've just had a thought, I could make a thing that's kind of like a tank and it has like, multiple tr--like, multiple levels of wheels, and that might  work, but I don't know if it will or not.  I think it probably would have worked.  Dang it, now that I think it probably would have worked, maybe that will--that idea will come in handy later.  Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, it took me an awful lot of time, did it take me an hour and 15 minutes, though?  Because that is a lot of time. I have no idea how long this video is.  Thank you for watching and DFTBA.