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Edited by Tim Thomas, who wants to apologize that it took Hank so long to enable subtitles. He filmed a bunch at the same time, so he couldn't react to comments.

I guess I could have manually typed out subtitles, but aint nobody got time fo dat.

Thanks for understanding, and DFTBA! :D

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This game has a lot of violence and blood and stabbing and sad....ness. So if you don't like that sorta thing, you probably shouldn't watch.


Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank, this is games with me.

I've been playing a little game called Game of Thrones in which I play the Game of Thrones. In which you either win... or you die.

Alright, we are back at Iron Wrath and I've turned on subtitles.

We lost Royland. He wants me, does he want me to keep Royland out? I'm not gonna do that. No.


I don't know that we really have a plan. What happened to Royland? We lost him? Oh, that guy's bad. And that guy's worse. Worse and... yeah.

(Singing) You're goin' down. You're yellin' 'Timbeeeeer' (Talking) Ironwood doesn't burn.

Hey! I know what I'm talkin' about. It is impervious to very small swords.

Yep. Blap, du doup, bli doup, bludu doup, bludu doup. I agree. Yes, I agree with Ramsay Snow, which does not make me feel good about myself, but, whatever.

Ah, I'm glad I didn't offer you bread and salt.

Hall? Hill?

I don't like your face!

I brought you a shield! Yes!

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Ethan: Your father will appreciate it, I hope.

Hank: Yeah.

E: Our Ironwood is highly sought after.

Ramsay: My father is not so easily impressed. (Stabs shield) Not bad. Lord Whitehill.

H: That's creepy.

R: Can your lot do this?

Ludd: Given enough time, we could learn.

R: Given enough time you could do...

H: Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Alright.

R: Look at that.

H: Look at me... Oh, oh. Don't look at that. Don't look at that. Don't look at that. Stop looking at that. Ah, you're creepy. I am tiny. This is, my name is Tiny. My name is Flightly.

Duncan: We must really focus on the business at hand.

E: Lord Ramsay, I understand you've come here for assurance of our fealty.

L: Fealty! We came here for justice!

R: We'll get to your justice.

H: No you didn't! Aah, it's useless! And it's not gonna happen.

R: First, let's see you bend the knee to my father, Lord Bolton, Warden of the North.

H: You're gonna make me do that?

R: Words are wind. Anyone can say they're loyal.

H: But kneeling? That's like a word made of gestures!

R: That wasn't so hard, now was it? Here's the thing...

H: Oh, I mean, here is the thing.

R: I don't care about your loyalty.

H: Well, then why'd you make me kneel?

R: The Crown, however, wants what you've got. Whatever you've been supplying the Starks for centuries. Ships. Shields. Chamberpots.

H: (Laughs) Pots are for the chamber.

R: My father has promised as much to the King.

H: You poo in them and pee.

R: You wouldn't want to make him a liar, would you? That wouldn't reflect well on me.

E: No, Lord Ramsay.

R: That's a good little lord.

H: There wasn't anything for me to say there.

L: You can't trust a Forrester. They murdered our men.

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*in Scottish accent* That's right... right

Oh, come on! You, of all people, understand killing.

Ah well, let me tell you the whole story and you'll totally understand. Oh no, that's not goin' happen.

That's not good. Nope... nope... nope... agreed... disagree.

Oh, God. 

I know lots of things the Whitehills don't.

*snaps finger* Smack

That's right.

*in Scotish Accent* It's a Barron Hill!

Take that!


Oh, I feel like I've lost this. But, I don't know.

Ooh, I don't like that. We can not abide it!

 (06:00) to (08:00)

That's right.

I should have said something else! Oh, here they are. Kill them now! I didn't give them salt and bread. 

Is he the guy with the bowl cut?

Nah, you're creepy. I don't like it. 

Of course, I'm frightened! You got your swards out in my hall. And you like to kill people for fun. 


No! That's unacceptable. No! 

That's not gonna happen. Okay, good, I feel like I accomplished something. 

I didn't expect that.

 (08:00) to (10:00)

The game, I didn't realize that this was a thing that could happen. 

Okay, ah man, ah, geez. Okay. Who's the first, so there the- I ca- my main character now? 

I, I don't think there's any saving him. Not really, No!

Apply pressure to the wound! Someone call 911!

Well, that was unexpected. I am surprised, legitimately surprised. Oh, achievement, A large reception, really? My story has begun. What? I feel like my story has ended. What is happening? Is there like an episode two? 

Oh, my goodness. Who is... Ah man, will he really be remembered? 

Well, why doesn't Talia lead the house?

Ah, you play-

Ah, I didn't-

Man, this game is intense! Okay. Ah man.

 (10:00) to (11:55)

Yeah... Yeah... *grunts* Yeah, I am!

That... that totally made me enjoy this game.

You and 49.5 percent left Bowen behind. Oh, only 38.5 people sent Erik to the wall. Ah, wow, I mostly picked the things other people picked is what I learned.

Um, and I don't know if how- if there was a circumstance in witch Ethan would not have died. I'd- I'm interested to know that. Um...

Yeah, I just felt like- I thought- yeah Eri- Eric, Eric, His name was Eric? Oh Eric, Eric! He's the guy, I thought you were talking about Garret or Garred. Oh, Eric, yeah, he was the guy whose fingers I was gonna chop off or pardon. So yeah, that was a third, a third, a third.

So mostly I think I'm- I picked what other would people pick. So. I am not interesting is what I've learned. Um, though a lot of people decided to save Bowen which I completely disagree with. Just a very uninteresting decision.

Okay, Well that was really interesting and I enjoyed it even though it was not traditionally a game, it was more of a story that I got to lead. And I guess that's how tell-tails work.

So, I've never played a tell-tail game before, Obviously, which is why I was so surprised by that end bit. 


Thanks for watching this episode of "Games with Hank." This game has been "Game of Thrones" and I have been Hank. If you want to subscribe to watch more I will be attempting to play more of this game if there is more if it to play, which I think there is. So, anyways, thanks and DFTBA.