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Solving mysteries about whether or not to do hits, how mystery items are picked, and where the heck Glennnn and Daaaale's headwear has been.


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Hosts: Abi Rein (@abi_jean) and Luna George (@checkformoon)

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Luna: Hello and welcome to The Warehouse!

Abi: The weekly show where we share the DFTBA Warehouse with you!

[The Warehouse intro music]

[sound of running footsteps] 

L: [waving rainbow Nerdfighter flag] Happy pride month!

A: This week for comment of the week, we wanted to highlight a question. 

L: Jordan asked if they could send stickers for us to put on the fort, and the answer is yes! You can send stuff to this address, or we'll also link it down in the description. 

A: And if you want to send stuff other than stickers, like, some people have mentioned Nerdfighter art, go ahead and do that! We'll find cool stuff to do with it.

L: Now let's see who Abi has for us in Creator Corner. 

A: Today on Creator Corner, we wanted to feature Rainbow Rowell. Rainbow is an author of both young adult and adult fiction books, like AttachmentFangirl, and Carry On. She's also got a new book coming out in September which is the sequel to Carry On, called Wayward Son. 

L: If you want to follow her on social media, you can find her @RainbowRowell pretty much anywhere. And at, we sell signed copies of her book Carry On, posters, postcard sets, and shirts. 

L: Now it's time for...New Merch News!

A: It's a new month, which means our first piece of new merch news is a new pin from McElroys. This month, they just wanted to bring us a little friendly reminder, because have you ever thought to yourself, "Should I do a hit?" Well, this month, you can just look down at your pin, and you can know: don't do a hit. 

If the pin doesn't strike your fancy, they're also releasing an Adventure Zone balance mug.

L: Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!

A: And a Haunted Doll Watch shirt.

L: If you haven't heard, DFTBA has a book club called Life's Library, and if you'd like to join, subscriptions are currently open. For a limited time, if you missed them, you can get the packets for books 2 through 4 on their own. 

A: Next up, we have this Beer and Board Games bottle opener, as well as this set of ceramic coasters. 

L: And a piece of news that we're particularly excited about is that Mystery Socks and Mystery Pins are back on sale for two weeks starting today. Some people were a little worried that they aren't actually random, but I swear to you, we don't even know how they get picked.

A: Well, that's all we've got for today. 

L: As always, everything we talked about is linked down in the description.

A: If you want to follow DFTBA on Twitter or Instagram, you can do so @DFTBArecords.

L: Or you can follow us on Twitter!

L: Thank you so much for watching!

A: And don't forget to be awesome!

[outro music]

L: I'm in me ogre swamp.

A: Get out me swamp!

L: Aww.