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Sex Ed Rhapsody lyrics:

On October 31, 1975 the band Queen released a song written by their lead singer Freddie Mercury called Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s considered one of the top 50 events in rock music history for pushing boundaries of length, lyrics, and genre.
Sex Ed Rhapsody was created by a group of us to share important knowledge in a catchy way.

Directed and filmed by Dustin Mennie
Lyrics and lead vocals by Dr. Lindsey Doe
Recorded, mixed, and arranged by Charlie Bonkowski
Backing vocals by Charlie Bonkowski and Stephen LaPalm
Edited by Chuck Blaney
Produced by Sexplanations, Complexly, and Roothead Studios

Original Artist: Queen
Album: A Night the Opera
Released: October 31, 1975
Songwriter: Freddie Mercury

Are you a sex doc?
I need some help you see?
Brought up to just wait
Not taught sexuality
Lack of health facts
Told lies about my body
I’m just a human, I want to masturbate
easy come, like your show
Explain to me, I don’t know
Anything you teach now, really really matters to me, to me.
Hero, you’re going to learn
Virginity ’s not real
Leaving dicks intact sideal
Attraction? Not for everyone
Some aces -- they don’t have desire at all
Pube hair, do ooo you
Shave, wax, trim, grow or dread
On buttholes, sacks, and lips, you do what you wanna
Just be safe, talk it out, getting tested really matters
Infections, there’s sexual ones
Penile, anal, vaginal
Sharing toys, and all oral
Condoms, prophylactics, you’ve got to know
Pulling out can stop one’s sperm but not disease
Hero, ooo I think I’ve got it
Consent you need to play
before you sext, kiss, hump, or tribe et al
Most of the people that you know have seen porn
Played with toys? Yes most have, some just with their hands though
Clitoris for coming? You can have fun learning. Me? Communication, stimulation Contraception, lubrication Excitation maybe oooo. Feminist ooooo What do you know about BDSM, please?
Be risk aware, safe, sane, and not a sleaze.
Ask, and delight, then make sure that you pee.
Easy come easy go, why I have to pee though
U-T-Is, you really ought to go, then I’ll go
I-U-Ds, preventing pregnancy, now I know
H-P-V, a virus with vaccine, oh, bravo!
More for you to know, Doctor Doe!
Sex is a rainbow, Ancora imparo
L -G-B-T-I-Q-A
Oh I know others, you know others? I know others let me show
The universe has a spectrum of identities
For me
And zhe

So in this short song, you taught me how I can survive
So you think you can take what you learn and apply
OOh maybe, I think you’ll navigate safely
Just gotta know right, just gotta get facts outta here

Freddie Mercury, who wrote Bohemian Rhapsody and led the band queen was born in Zanzibar as Farrokh Bulsara. At age 17 he and his family took refuge in England from mass killings and a Zanzibar coup. In his early 20s Freddie joined other musicians to form Queen which Freddie who identified as bisexual, understood the meaning of in the LGBT community. On November 1991 he announced he was HIV positive and said “I hope that everyone will join with my doctors and all those worldwide in the fight against this terrible disease." The following day Freddie died from AIDS related causes.

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Sex ed really matters
Anyone can see
Sex ed really matters, it really really matters to me
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