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Here's an hour of me blabbing while scrolling through a survey which apparently is some of the most compelling content I make! Here are previous years analysis:


Hello this is Hank Green and you are watching the 2015 Nerdfighteria Census analysis. We've got our hundred thousand respondents here and we are also this year, for the first time, going to be going through and actually comparing the things year to year. So we've got 2015 here, 2014 here, and 2013, when it was just called the Nerdfighter survey because we didn't know we were going to be doing it yearly, right here.

So the first thing that's different about these three surveys is that this one has one hundred thousand respondents, this one has one hundred thirty and this one has one hundred fifty-ish. So the diff- there are a couple of differences there. One this, this one has obviously been collecting results for less time but I also think that there is in general less engagement. And I mean that's my guess, that we have fewer people who are interested in filling out the survey now.

I do have to say that that, you know we have like a 50% response rate with this thing, which is unheard of. So our engagement among Nerdfighters is still ridiculously high and there are lots of reasons that, you know the response rate to the survey might go down. That might just be because people are busier now because they're older, which as we will see, is the case. It could be for a lot of different reasons. And I'm not going to say that is bad but that is my first most interesting data- my first interesting data point here.

So, so here we've got our first response. Oh the other interesting thing about this is that, what, which Nerdfighteria censuses have you participated in and, 40% of people have participated in none, 43% if you include the not-sures. And then, and in last year's - this was particularly interesting - over 60% of people hadn't filled out a previous survey. So, so what we're seeing is that a lot of the people, more people from this, from this survey have, have filled out censuses and so it sort of to me seems like maybe people are sticking around but there are fewer new Nerdfighters.

Although I will say that there were a bunch of people, 20% of people, who skipped 2014 and filled out this survey, which indicates to me that filling out the survey is something that you do, for a lot of people, if you just happen to have the moment at the moment when it's the moment right? So for some people you might fill out the survey but you just happen to not do it every year because there's stuff going on. 

How old are you? Always a tremendously interesting question. Let's see if we can get these lined up so that we can switch back and forth between them quickly and see the differences. Now how old are you, in 2013 the, the age ranges were slightly different so they won't match up, but these will match up very nicely. We can go back and forth between them. This is this year and then this is this year, or this is last year. 

So last year you can see that 13-15 is a much larger percentage, and it has shrunk considerably and 16-18 has also shrunk, whereas 19-22 has grown as has everything older than 19-22. And part of that might- is I'm sure that people have just gotten a year older but it also seems to me that there has been a decrease in the number of people who, like, like if you look at you know the decrease in the number of people who have answered this survey most of those people are young people, which would indicate to me that we just lost young people who don't watch our videos anymore. That makes sense for a couple of reasons to me.

One, because your, you know like what you're in to changes faster when you're young? I mean I know that is the case for me, and more slowly when you're older. It also is true that we have been doing fewer things that maybe are particularly interesting to young people. And also in 2014, The Fault in Our Stars was having a huge influence on Nerdfighteria. So there were a lot of people who had come into our community because they were huge TFiOS fans and that demographic might be younger, I feel like. Especially with that sort of movie-going demographic of The Fault in Our Stars fans were, were younger.

Now if we look at, at, at this year, it's harder to tell because we have the, we have the, the the things split up slightly differently. And also poorly. But if you look at it long enough, which I have, it was even younger in 2012- or 2013. So, yeah. So there's a definite aging of Nerdfighteria, which is interesting and, and you know, neither good nor bad, just an interesting thing. 

Doot doot doot doot. Trying to make these things match up. So this was sort of the surrogate for this question, which is rank your favorite places on the internet. This question didn't turn out actually that well, which bummed me out. Because one, a lot of people don't go to any of these places so it's like, well I don't enjoy any of these place because I just don't go to any of them but, YouTube, number 8. And then, a lot of these were sort of tied. You know, Facebook and Tumblr were tied. Twitter and, Twitter and Snapchat. And to a lesser extent, extent Instagram. And then Reddit and, and Pinterest and Vine were sort of all on the same level. 

Last year we asked "What was the number one place you go to when you sit down at your computer." We had YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr; very much in that order. And then, and then much lower- I mean if we try, if we try to extrapolate that we could see YouTube, Facebook- YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook this year instead of YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, but they're not exactly equivalent. 

The only interesting difference between these two things: "How much do you enjoy a place" versus "How much time do you spend on them" is that Facebook is a little bit higher, versus how much time do you spend on them than how much you enjoy. So people spend time on Facebook but enjoy it less. The rest of them pretty much matched up exactly with, with what was on the upper one and I think that we can all agree that we spend lots of time on Facebook but maybe we don't enjoy it so much, which is an interesting thing about Facebook. 

How often do you go to these internet places? We see that it's a lot of people are on Facebook and YouTube. Facebook, it beats out, I think, everything except for YouTube. And then, and then we have a really quite close comparison between Snapchat and Instagram, which is interesting. And also Tumblr. So there's, there's that, sort of third tier down. I mean, obviously that's not necessarily the case for all people, because this is a YouTube- I'm a YouTuber, these are YouTube people.

But you have the Facebook, YouTube tier and then you have the Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr tier, which is interesting. From, you know, and of course, like, this is our demographic, our people, Nerdfighteria, different than the rest of the internet but also I think it's interesting.

"What do you do when you like a video?" A lot of people "like" them, which is good. That's good stuff. Create, nobody's creating video responses, because that's not even a thing anymore.

You follow Hank on all those places. You follow John on all those places. I had, you know, John beats me on Facebook and Instagram. And, but, but, I think that I beat John on Snapchat. That's right! I beat John on Snapchat because I push it way harder. And also use it much more often. If you want to follow me on Snapchat. It's hankgre. Add me as a friend and I'll friend you back which isn't really how Snapchat works. I automatically friend you back as soon as you friend me, if that's even a thing.

"What would you like to see more of on Vlogbrothers?" And number one winner here is explanations of complicated issues. Which we do a fair amount of, but we don't do it a ton, because it's hard, and it takes a lot of time. I know John's working on one of these videos right now and it's taken, like three weeks already. Hopefully it will be out next week.

Silly videos, is also, and you also have discussions of big ideas, which are two things that I love doing. And I haven't made tomorrow's video yet. So, I'm recording this on Thursday. I'll probably upload it tomorrow. I don't, I don't (mumbling), I don't know. But my video tomorrow might be a discussion of some big ideas. And then we have silly videos, followed by Thoughts From Places, followed by videos about John and Hank's daily life. And then advice, which if you really want that you can go to Dear Hank and John and listen to our podcast, which is a better format for advice, I think.

And then videos that involve the community and collaborations with other YouTubers are coming in last which is interesting because I love both of those things. And collaborations with other YouTubers is what sort of grows audiences, if we were trying to do that. And also, I just like other YouTubers. And then videos that involve the community, it's like one of my favorite things in the world. Like that's one of the things that I think is coolest about online videos, that, like, it's not just the one thing, but, you know. That's coming in second to last. So, we will take this under advisement.

Where do you get news about Nerdfighteria? Very useful for us. Vlogbrothers videos, of course, being by far the largest. Tumblr. Twitter, the newsletter, Facebook being big ones as well. Snapchat. I should probably put more news about Nerdfighteria on Snapchat if 13,000 people are looking at it.

"Do you feel like your voice is heard?" Online, yes. At school, kind of. At home, quite well. And with friends. And sorry, hopefully there are people who, there aren't too many people who don't feel like their voice is heard at all but I'm really glad to see that people feel like their voice is heard at least among their friends quite a lot.

Let's see what we've got here. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, we can kind of, New Zealand, Sweden, Brazil, Denmark, Norway. So the first place that was outside of the English speaking places and also Europe was Brazil, which I guess isn't too surprising, but we've also got a fairly large percentage in India. But the United States is our big, and the United Kingdom, Canada. English speaking places, and then places that also speak English, even though it's not the first language are the winners. This, but, and also people all over the place. But not in France, interesting. France is quite far down the list, I was surprised to see. But, so all of you French Nerdfighters, doesn't mean that I'm not going to come visit.

What state do you live in? This is usually pretty population dependent. So, you know, you've got California on top, and then Texas, and then New York and Illinois and Florida's surprisingly low. That's, that is not... Florida has more people than Illinois and Pennsylvania and, so that's interesting. We don't have a lot of Floridian fans. But yeah. And then you see, where's Montana on this list? Oh, it's pretty far to the bottom. That's where I actually live. So, yeah, pretty close to the bottom there. American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Wyoming. Wyoming, not a lot of people in Wyoming. Gotta say. North Dakota. North Dakota does better than South Dakota which is strange because there's fewer people in North Dakota by a fairly wide margin, I think. And we do pretty well in Alaska too, considering that there just aren't a lot.

I know that we needed to fix this question. This shouldn't say "Gender?". It should say tell us about your gender, because several of these things are not genders. But it is helpful to have, to know those things, and so people, of course, can mark in multiple categories because of that. 

Now the, primarily the most interesting thing about this, for me, is that 65% of survey respondents are female, where as, according to YouTube, the percentage of viewers of Vlogbrothers is much closer to 50-50 between male and female. Now what that says to me is that the women who watch our content are more community focused than the men. Now this, I believe, let's look at gender from previous years. This was 71% female. And I, we did not, I don't, did we not have- we did not have that question in the first year. So, so, we went from 71% female to 65% female, so we are more representative of the general population.

And, but it is interesting to me that our YouTube analytics say pretty specifically that, that it is not that way and so what I would think is that there are a lot of people, guys, who watch like one Vlogbrothers video or a couple Vlogbrothers, or like the people who are watching just one. They're like, find it in the search bar, or they're searching for them and they're finding related videos or something like that. That would be more representative and more sort of 50-50 but the community members, the people who are like, watch every single episode and are interested in doing things, like filling out the survey are more likely to be female, which makes some sense to me. Because I feel like in our society, women might just be more interested in community or maybe, I don't know. Maybe that's a thing. That's what I've been thinking.

Now we have "Race or Ethnicity". We have non-Hispanic white, Hispanic, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Indian, Black, Middle Eastern, Native American, South Asian. I don't feel like this is particularly representative. We also have a number of comments, 4000 comments from people who are not any of those things, or are several of them. Not really satisfied with how the survey handles this.

But I've got Hawaiian, white British, which is what I think I mean when I say white, mixed race, Ashkenazi, New Zealand, Hawaiian, Italian, Mixed Trinidadian. Specifying what race you are is such a big thing in the US but I don't like doing that. Well, it is, it's not something you can get away from here in the US. Filipino, Caribbean, Puerto Rican, Bahamanian. Ooh, Bahamian, Bahamian. Prefer not to answer. Hungarian, Tan-Hungarian, neat, cool. This is fun to look at.

But anyway, I have never been particularly happy with the racial diversity of Nerdfighteria. It has seemed not to be a diverse place at all.

Let's see what our race looks like in previous years. We've got 84% last year, 85% white this year, so we're doing less diverse you guys. Less diverse than last year. Too bad. I don't know what, I just make the content I can make. I don't feel like our content is in anyway unfriendly to people who are non-white, but there you have it. It is the way that that is.

"The Best Pet in John and Hank's lives is:" Willie's winning? How? What on Earth? Lemon was winning heartily and she is in fact right here behind me sniffing things and feeling very bad for herself. How? When did this happen? Don't you, don't any of you follow me on Snapchat? Lemon is the best thing that's ever happened. Now I also feel very bad about Cameo, who is in fact one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I don't post that much of Cameo, but she's adorable and I love her very much. And this was a cruel question to ask in the first place which is why a whole lot of people skipped it. But Gilbart also did very well, and if you don't know who Gilbart is that's because you don't follow me on Snapchat. There's a whole world happening in my Snapchat that you're not a part of, which is fine. You're, not, you know, life is- No Lemon. That's a, that's a used bagel bag. You can't have that. She's very interested in that.

Then I have the Nerdfighter community or other, I did, didn't I? So let's see what our others look like. And while that's loading, do you have access to a... Whoa. The Phandom, like, Dan and Phil, I believe, is the Phandom with the ph. Kerbal Space, I actually spend a lot of time on our Kerbal Space Program myself. Game of Thrones. YouTube Education. Mythical Beasts. Imgur. In general, YouTube and Tumblr. Black Tumblr. Five Seconds of Summer. I don't know. Is that one? Unicorn Island. I believe, did I skip another unicorn? No, I didn't. Superwoman. DeFranco Nation. Tumblr. Friends. Fandom community. I don't know what that is. CreamPuffs, the Carmilla fans. K-pop. Harry Potter. Manchester United. I don't know why I raised my fist when I said that. I was just, I don't know anything about football. World of Warcraft. BookTube. Local Arts Communities. World of Warcraft. I said that twice. I don't know what that is. Facebook Groups that broke off of Australian Nerdfighters I think is ANF. 

Alright, I'm going to move on, but, but yes. I want to spend more time looking through this. I have spent some time looking through it, but it's clear that there's lots of YouTubers, lots of Reddit, lots of Reddit groups, r/ENFP on Reddit.

Alright, do you have access to a computer, what's blue? Blue is I own it myself. And, shared with family, and OK. So, a computer and a tablet. So, 86% of Nerdfighters own their own computer, and, but 96% of them have a Smart phone. 70% have a webcam, a digital video camera and an external microphone, 60%. That is a lot. That is a surprisingly high number to me. That, this was a question that is part of a, someone doing a study, so.

What is your... This one is as well. At home, the primary type of internet is Cable/DSL, which is what I have. But a lot of people, 19% have fiber. Wow! Dang!

How well do the following words describe Nerdfighteria? This is also part of someone's research. Most of these words describe it well. But community engagement is the most well describing of it, also entertainment. But, community engagement rates higher than entertainment which is to me quite a pleasant phenomenon. I feel the same.

How did you first hear about Vlogbrothers? Let's change this into sort descending. Just came across it, a friend, somewhere else on YouTube, John's books, don't remember, Crash Course, SciShow, on educational YouTuber, Mental Floss, Tumblr, the Harry Potter Fan Community. But just came across it or a friend is our, a big hunk. And also somewhere else on YouTube. Now we can look at the comments here and see specifically. But, it's just, you know, it's a big, it's a big break.

Now this question here, let's look here, let's look first. charlieissocoollike, John's TED talk, that wasn't very long ago. Dan Brown. Truth or Fail. Truth or Fail!? Oh my goodness. From John's books. Charlie. A lot of people found us through Charlie. My daughter. Mark Does Stuff. I don't even know what Mark Does Stuff is, but thank you to Mark. My mom. My Portuguese professor. Five Awesome Guys. Yeah. First episode, randomly in 2007. Came across it on Reddit. Charlie wrote a letter to the Queen and mentioned us. Charlie, yeah, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. What would we do without Charlie McDonnell you guys?

Alright, who has better hair? This is just, this is just ludicrous. I'm just going to go. I'm just going to keep going. I don't want to talk about it.

Sort descending. Have you ever: Read a John Green book? Yes. Last year, let's see if we can get these to match up, and then, and then go back and forth between them. Because I think that mostly. So, this year, fewer people have read John Green books, fewer people have suggested Vlogbrothers to their friends, but more people have suggested Crash Course. This is listen to Dear Hank and John, 40%. That's a new category, but I think that, yeah. Oh, no, no. Referred to yourself as a Nerdfighter went from, went from, 73% to 68%. So we do see some... I mean, I consider that a sort of decrease in overall Nerdfighteria engagement, which is, of course, I have to say again this isn't like an awful, terrible thing or anything. But it is a thing that, you know, we pay attention to and are curious about. But yeah.

So, suggested Crash Course has gone from 68% to 76%, so we've got a lot of Crash Course fans in Nerdfighteria. That is a, that is a tremendous number. Wow! That is very high. That's crazy interesting.

Wanted to go to VidCon? Where's that gone from? From 71% to 72%, so slightly different, but not tremendously. But I, just like, the number of people who not only, like, know about and watch Crash Course, but have suggested Crash Course to a friend. That's crazy. You know, like, I expect there to be a lot of people who have suggested a Vlogbrothers video, because this is the Vlogbrothers' survey, but our, I mean that is so key to the success of Crash Course. And I know that you're not suggesting Crash Course to your friends because you want to help out Crash Course. Ideally, you're doing it because it's helpful to them, and you want to help them. But Crash Course is, in our minds, when John and I talk, you know, very high on the list of things we are most interested in, most proud of, and want to spend our time doing. And so it's really great to see people suggesting that, not only because it helps Crash Course exist and grow, but because that means that people like it and it's helpful to them. So thank you for doing that. 

So, I think that I kept this question fairly similar from year to year so that we could do a little bit of analysis here. I've never bought stuff on DFTBA, this year 56%, last year 60%. Our percentage of good experience increased dramatically, and would, I would do it again. That's difficult to tell, because, people who have bought. I still wear the thing, I bought a thing, I bought a shirt and I like the fit. I bought a shirt and I didn't like the fit. 3.52%, 2000 people. I bought a shirt, but didn't fit, 3.31%. So that hasn't changed dramatically. We changed the fit of our shirts because I didn't like that that number was bad, and of course a lot of these people are the same people and they're reporting previous year's shirts but the bad experience .38%, and .50%. No way that went up! Ah. God dang it. We spent so much more time on customer service. Ah. Maybe just because Christmas this year was not great. I don't know. That's disappointing. I want that to be, I want that to be zero, I want that to be a zero number. And I know that less than 1%, that anywhere less than 1% is great, but that's still frustrating. Brah! OK. Well, we will continue to endeavor to do better.

If we made a new show, what would you want to see? A news show. Everybody wants a news show. An interview show to less of an extent. A geocaching show? John put this question in. A geo, really? A daily poetry show, 10%. Nine thousand people want to see a poetry show and that is the highest number of people who have ever wanted to see a poetry show. Let's check out our comments and see what people are saying. Now, obviously, if people want a news show, we like that idea. We just don't want it to be a news show, if you know what we mean. Like we... and you do, because that's why you want it is that you want a news show that is, you want, like, something that is current events, things that are happening, talking about the world but not in the "this is what happened today and this is the political drama and this is the, you know, the thing that nobody's going to be talking about ever again after today, but we're talking about it today because it's today's news and somebody said something and that stuff's awful". So, like, yes. We want to do the news, we just don't want it to be "the news". We are looking into that. We are actively looking to fund something like that and so hopefully that will happen.

100% down for all of them. As much as I would news show and/or poetry show, I'd love a show how to cook in college. It's so hard! Ramen noodles. Lipton meals, just put a little bit of chicken in there. That's what I used to do. Or just macaroni and cheese with baked beans. Tortillas with cheese on them. You know, college. Prank show? We're never gonna to do that. That's just never gonna happen. As long as it's something we're passionate about. I like you. You're nice. Give me the poetry! Food poetry? How about a show about sports? That's maybe for John. Political commentary, world and the USA. Movies, books, music reviews. Anything that has you in it. I want a constant book club. We do read a lot of books, but we don't read the same books.

Elections 2016. We have to figure out what we're going to do about the elections in 2016. It does feel a little like we should do something. At the very least, just kind of a way to figure out how to be an engaged citizen. Sorry, I moved away from the mike there for a second. Just 'cause, that does feel like a thing. That does feel like a thing that I would like to do and I don't know what that's going to be, and I don't know if we'll have time to do it, but I would like to. Crash Course Philosophy. That we might be able to accommodate. Moving on before I spoil anything.

Hank, what Hank and John things do you regularly enjoy? This last category is I didn't know that existed. So, 52% don't know that Animal Wonders exists. A small, a slightly lower percentage don't know that Health Care Triage exists. Those are probably the least known of our projects. Yes. So, yeah, so those are two things.

Animal Wonders is kind of the story of an animal rehab and shelter place in Missoula, Montana here. And, and we meet animals and you see what it's like to live in that world and to deal with the daily difficulties of that life. And I like it a lot.

Health Care Triage is a show, that is, like, from a health care professional, Dr. Aaron Carroll, and it's all about all the things that everybody's always wrong about about health and it's very science based and very informative and educational and I like it a ton.

So, How To Adult. A fairly, I'm glad that so many people know what How To Adult is. Dear Hank and John, the podcast. 29, 30% of people don't know about Dear Hank and John?! We need to talk more about Dear Hank and John, you guys. It's a podcast. It's on iTunes. Sexplanations doing very well. You know, I wish it was doing better. And, but, it's doing, you know, it's doing quite well. SciShow Space.

HankGames with John. Games with Hank. More people watch Games with Hank than HankGames? That's funny, 'cause I don't make that stuff right now, but lots of people know about it which is interesting to me, because I feel like I've talked way more about a lot of these things than about Games with Hank, but maybe I'm wrong.

Crash Course is doing very well. Vlogbrothers, of course, is also doing very well. It seems like SciShow's audience, SciShow's audience is roughly the same size as Crash Course but it seems like the Crash Course audience and the Vlogbrothers audience overlaps more than the SciShow audience and the Vlogbrothers audience, which is interesting. I have definitely noticed that the people at SciShow seem to be different people. They behave differently and I, I, they, you know, I'm not going to say that I like them less. They, but there are more jerks. That's accurate. There are more jerks in the SciShow community. There will occasionally be things where, like, I just see the comments be less pleasant. So, people want us to make more, make more Vlogbrothers. They want us to make more Crash Course. To a lesser extent, they want us to make more SciShow.

SciShow says I watch occasionally, and Crash Course is also I watch occasionally, where as Vlogbrothers people are watching pretty much everything and I really appreciate that. Please, thank you for watching so much Vlogbrothers.

Let's see what YouTubers you guys are watching this year. Sort descending, and then let's also, let's do that for... Nope, wrong way. Sort descending. And, let's roll on up here and get Q. 30. Here, Q. 30. Cue it up. Let's see. OK. I'm going back and forth. OK. Charlie lost his number one spot to BuzzFeed. Who is... Wow! BuzzFeed? That's fascinating. I mean they make so much content and of course, everybody watches BuzzFeed, but I don't even, like I put that on the list, kind of thinking, not even thinking that BuzzFeed was really a YouTube. Like they don't... They're not a YouTuber, but I see what you mean. Hannah Hart is number two being the first, the first, real, the first actual YouTuber on our list. You know, BuzzFeed is a YouTube channel, not a YouTuber, because it's not a person. So right now it's Hannah Hart, Vsauce, danisnotonfire, Rhett and Link, and the Fine Brothers, where as last year it was danisnotonfire, the Fine Brothers, Vsauce, Hannah Hart, and Tyler Oakley. So, Tyler dropped a bit. Charlie, and I'm not, you know our audience got a older, so it's possible that Charlie's just, that Tyler's audience is just younger.

Grace is also down here. Now, we did Dan and Phil separately. We probably should have just mixed them together. Though, you know, that is a different number which I don't understand, because how could you like one of them, how could you like them, not. You have to like them equally. You have to like them equally. That is important. Love Dan and Phil equally. So yeah, Charlie 33% of our audience, where as 44% last year. You guys gotta watch Charlie. He still makes amazing stuff. Jenna Marbles is roughly equal though, I guess has gone down some. But BuzzFeed, wow. That is such a huge, 47% of people watch BuzzFeed. That's nutty, nut numbers. That is nutty, nut numbers.

Now this is very difficult to compare in this way. There are much easier ways to compare these numbers. And but, we definitely got a sort of like, upfront glance at, at what's happened. And it's very interesting, like, it's also very interesting to me that, like... So, with like BuzzFeed, Vsauce, two of the things right on top of this list, and also Vsauce being on top of last year's list. I don't even think BuzzFeed was even on, on last year's because that happened fast. Those aren't channels. They're not personality based. I mean Vsauce is to an extent, but they are, they're formatted content, where like the thing that is happening is, is the thing that's being created, where as Hannah is more being Hannah. You know, and Dan and Phil being Dan and Phil from video to video. They're doing different things. Maybe it's My Drunk Kitchen one day, but then it's something else the next day. So, I, you know, like, it's interesting to me that the channels that seem to be growing are channels that are more focused on, focused on this format, formatted stuff that is less personality based. Where as personality based stuff is like, you know, what we do and it's also what I think what's most interesting.

Where are Rhett and Link on this list? Wow! All the way down there, huh? Well, they blew up this year right? Gosh. Those guys are so great. Frickin' love Rhett & Link. So yeah. Rhett & Link, BuzzFeed. Two big stories of the last year. I also want to see where Markiplier is because I love Markiplier so much. You know. A lot higher than he was last year. But I just think that, like, my audience, our audience and Markiplier's audience are not, not super the same. Where is he here? Yeah, way down here with 3% and now he's at 12%. So, among Nerdfighters, Markiplier has grown 400% in the last year. But look at all these. You guys have very varied interests. You know. JacksGap and PewDiePie, right next to each other. And you're very clearly not normal YouTube viewers. Not the average YouTube viewer, I should say. I don't want to say that you're not normal. But, you know, unless you, unless it terrifies you to think that you might be normal, which of course it would have me if I had been, if this was me when I was the average age of a survey respondent of this survey.

You watch a lot of, you guys watch a lot of educational/informational YouTube, funny vlogs, music, daily vloggers, gaming videos, sketch comedy. A lot of things. Less your friends, but a lot of people still do still watch friends. Cats. Everybody watches cats. I can't believe that's only 15%. Beauty channels, talk shows, web series, sketch comedy. Great. good.

How do you hear about new YouTube videos? Sort descending and then let's find that here too. So, here's this year's, and last year's. I go to So, even more people are going to than last year. Fewer people are going to and fewer people, roughly the same number, are regularly visiting the pages of their favorite creators. Tumblr has gone down significantly and I think that might also have something to do with just that overall decr-, like people who are younger have watched, are watching us less. So Tumblr has gone down. I just go to the channel has gone from 29% to twenty, nope 22%. Is that right? No, 24% to 22%. So, an app on my phone has gone from 15% to 21%, so that's probably the biggest story of the year, that a lot more people are watching YouTube through the app on their phone.

How much money do you make? I currently have no income. The moral of the story is Nerdfighters don't have a ton of money because you are mostly college and high school students, let's be honest. But yes, some of you do, but there is a fair percentage of people who are in their professional lives, and doing very well. I'm glad to hear. Glad that you are doing well.

What is the highest degree you have? I need to fix this too. I know. I'm sorry. I need to scroll this up. I need to fix this just because, like, there, like different countries have different degree programs. It's complicated and just need to, need to fix this. But most people are still in, still in high school. A lot of people have high school degrees. And a lot of people have college degrees, 25% of people have college/university degrees. About 30% of Nerdfighters are graduated from college, which is a very high percentage.

Degree? Yes, OK. Let's see what was that percentage last year? We had 17% plus 5%, 20% of people had graduated from college and this year 30% of people have graduated from college. That is a massive difference. That cannot just be people getting older. That's, that's four years of time. That has to be we are getting new Nerdfighters, who happen to, who tend to be older. That's fascinating, the people coming into our content now are older. That's never happened before. Fascinating! Weird! Welcome old people. Welcome to the, welcome to our community. (Laughs) Yeah, we've got. Yeah, yup. That's, yup. 17% plus 5%, you know that's a little more than 20%, but this is, that's more than 30%. Dang!

How many followers do you have? A fair number of people with between 2000 and 5000 followers. We've got a lot of... And then we also have people with between 5000 and then, then, and then 370 people responded to the survey who have more than 20,000 followers. So, thank you professional creators who happened to also fill out the survey. I want to know who you are. I don't, I probably could figure it out, but I'm not going to because that feels like an invasion of privacy.

"How often do you watch our videos?" Whenever there's a new one, 67%. Whenever I remember to check it out, and whenever I stumble upon one of them is 4%, with only 1000 people skipping. So that, that, people found the thing to break down pretty, pretty accurately there. So whenever there's a new one, um, yeah. 67%. That's good.

(singing) I wish it was more. I wish it was always more.

70% and 25% here. So 67 and 28. We have, have lost some "whenever there's a new" ones, here.

Alright, this one is fascinating. When did you start watching? So, we've got, got it here and here, 2007, three thousand... 2007 is what? 3%. Roughly the same between these years. 2008 dropped a little bit. We lost some 2008ers, or  just we got some others that pushed that percentage down. 2009, dropped a bit as well. 2010 dropped a bit. 2011 dropped significantly. 2012 and 2013 have dropped a lot, mostly 2012. The 2012ers.

And I guess, that's probably, fairly, like, you know if we had this over more years than this. Do we have this question from 2013? We do! We do. Ah, dang it, dang it! Ah! Where is it? No. Yes. There we go. OK. So we can look at this and see. Yes. OK, good. That works really well. So, when did you start watching? 2013... So, it would appear. So it drops from... So of course,like, you're going to have the biggest in the most recent years because those people are, like, those people haven't been around for as long. They're new to the community and they might not stick around. So, the interesting thing is that the 2007 number just hasn't changed very much at all. Though, actually, it has gone down in total. The percentage hasn't changed, but it has gone down in total, which you've got to expect that. But the percentage hasn't changed.

And then, what you see is from this year to this year, big drop off in 2011 and 2012. And then from this year to this year, 2011 drops a lot less because those people have been around longer and thus, but 2012 drops fairly significantly, though not nearly as much as it dropped last year. And then you can't really look at the 2015, 2014, 2013 numbers. I guess you kind of can, but you can't really look at those numbers because it's not a full year yet. But we ask these questions roughly in the same year, so it is interesting to see that a large percentage of people who, not roughly in the same year, at the same time of the year.

So, it's interesting to see that a large percentage of people had started watching in 2013 and a large, not, and a smaller but still large percentage in 2014, but this year a very small number, only 3.42%. About the same number as started watching in 2007 started watching in 2015, so we may not be growing as fast as we used to. In fact, I know for a fact we are not growing as fast as we used to, which is fine. We're not really trying to grow as fast as we used to. And YouTube is a different place than it used to be.

My dog just tried to go under my desk, which she can't do, because when she does that she can't get out. So I had to stop her. It's hilarious that she keeps trying to do it, but she can't. She can't fit. She's too big. Someone just texted me. Katherine's getting me pizza. (Laughs) So she's texting me about pizza.

Yeah. So I would like to dive a little bit into these numbers, but only after I finish this survey, which we're very close to doing to see what's happened in the 2014 and 2015. So as you will see here, 2012 is the largest, the biggest bump. Here, 2012 is still the largest bump, but roughly equal with 2013 and here 2014 is actually significantly below 2013 which indicates very strongly that we grew, we grew the most in 2012 and 2013. And grew a lot less in 2014 and now 2015. Which, which corresponds roughly with the success of The Fault in Our Stars and corresponds roughly with a certain time in the history of YouTube when, like when community focused content and personality focused content was doing very well. So, that's to be expected.

My dog is so nosy! Get off!

Alright, should we post more on Vlogbrothers? Yes. More on SciShow? Kind of. More on Crash Course? Probably. And the same amount. And nobody wants to do fewer, except maybe people want fewer SciShow videos, we got two and a half percent of people. Ah, I'm not going to listen to you. Why would you want less stuff? You're out voted is really what I should say.

Would you read the thing and yes the thing exists? Then you can go sign up.

How much money would you expect to pay for a Vlogbrothers variety show thing? 97,000 people answered this, and, and most people expect to pay about $20. So we might charge somewhere between $15 and $20 just to make people surprised that it's so cheap. But I don't know, I don't know that we're actually going to be able to do that. Hopefully we will, but I don't know for sure. But I'm glad to see that you're willing to pay more than five bucks, 'cause that would be hard to make work economically.

What stuff are you into right now? There's lots of good stuff people are into. And I love reading this because I always learn about a bunch of cool new things. Ooh, Ann, Ann Leckie. I don't actually know how that's pronounced, but I liked her book a lot that I read. And, yeah. I always find new, interesting, cool stuff to check out when I'm doing that.

How much time do you spend on the internet per day? I was very surprised by like... This can't... You have to be under-reporting. Who only spends four hours of time on the internet a day? I spend... like, if you count phone time, which is the internet, you spend, everybody spends, like, more than eight hours on the internet a day. I don't know. I, I am skeptical of these numbers. I have to be honest, but I guess, people in school, doing school things, you're not on the internet in school. Four to six hours maybe is more like what I spend on the internet, but the idea that I could ever spend two to four hours on the internet, that's just crazy talk. And people who say they only spend less than one hour on the internet a day? How are you watching all these YouTube videos of mine, that you even know who I am?

How much time do you spend watching TV a day? Zero to one hours being the number one, the number one response with 37% of people watching basically no TV, including streaming, you guys. So that is, this is flipped on its head from when I was a kid. It was the exact opposite. I watched at least four hours of TV everyday when I was, like, up to, up to college I'd say I watched that much TV. Crazy amounts of TV.
So, finally, by the way, we got this graph. Now this is, again, crazy. Now, of course three to ten. Like, first of all, the vast majority of Americans read zero books per year. I  don't know if it's the vast majority. A majority of Americans read zero books per year. The next biggest category being one to two. And then three to ten. That's where our biggest meat is. But man, Nerdfighters, you read so much! You read constantly. You never stop reading. More than fifty books a year? I could not do that. I just can't read fast enough. I probably read between ten and fifteen myself, so I'm in this group here. In the middle, which I guess makes sense.

But, but in previous years we've had a hard time with this question, because, I, I, have been underestimating how much time people, like, spend reading. So we have more than 35 being the majority response, and that isn't giving us a lot of resolution, so I popped it all the way up to more than fifty this year and still we're not getting great resolution at the end of the scale, so I have to go to more, like from 50 to 75, and 75 to 100 and see if we can get an actual bell curve working out here, instead of this weird, like, thing at the end where, the, you know, the catch all category at the end is getting a huge percentage of the respondents.

What John Green books have... And by the way, the reason that's not good is just because it doesn't give you good data, not because of anything that's wrong with reading lots of books or, or the numbers. Or, I'm, like, trying to make it look less, or whatever. It's just, when you are creating, when you are trying to get data, you don't want there to be a bunch of stuff in your, like, final category. Like, your "off into infinity" category, because that means you're not getting good resolution.

Anyway, What John Green books have you read? Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns, and The Fault in Our Stars. Not many people have read Let It Snow and fewer people have read Will Grayson. That's understandable.

What are you reading right now? The House of Night Series, Terry Pratchett, Return of the King, Game of Thrones, Race Matters by Cornell West. Just finished High Fidelity, oh. The Book Thief. La sombra de la sirena. Ah! The dog is licking me. You are so up in my business today, Lemon. Chime. I think, I have not read Chime, but I've heard of Chime. The End of All Things by John Scalzi. Fan fiction. Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Yes, yes. Jane Eyre. I love it. I just love, I love reading about what you are reading. I find, I should have asked about genres. Like what genres are you into? Graphic novels, or YA, or, paranormal, or literature, sci-fi, fantasy, etc? I should have asked that. But I didn't.

How are you reading the thing? Most, 80%, on a physical book. 13% on a, on an e-reader, 5% on a phone.

What causes are most important to you? Let's sort descending and compare this to last year. Go on, where is it? Doot, doot, doot. Doot, doot, doot. OK. Education, education. Social equality, social equality. Those are, have, remained fairly the same. Women's rights also the same. The environment has gone significantly up this year. Social justice has increased this year. Global poverty and social justice, actually around the same. They switched places, but barely. Economic inequality has become bigger, substantially bigger from last year. Global health also being very important, but wasn't a thing that was on the list last year. And, so that's remained roughly the same. Now, we've got... Ohh. I've got to cut that out because I just showed you some people's e-mail addresses.

And then we've got 63,000 people who said lovely things, for the most part, and I so deeply, deeply appreciate the nice things you've said. Now, I have, I have a fairly public e-mail address that I do not hide from people, and I don't get that many e-mails. Most of the e-mails I get are either asking me to do something that I, unfortunately, can't do for someone's birthday or because it's an anniversary or something, that I, I just I, I can't do all the things, and so I don't do any of them. But I also just get really lovely messages. But I get, like, you know, maybe one or two a week, or one or two a month, and it's really interesting to see that if you, say, send a message, that 63,000 people of the 200 and something thousand who watch this video that we promoted the survey in will just say nice things. But, some of them are more critical, and that is also lovely, and interesting, and nice to see, because, it does... you know, helps us, like, like... criticism is the thing that helps.

Who's texting me? Who is this? Yeah, this person is a journalist who wants to talk to me about entrepreneurial-ism on the internet, and I figure that they didn't want to talk to me because it's seven thirty at night, but maybe I'll call them, even though they're on the frickin East Coast, so it's nine thirty for them. But journalists, they work all the time. So I will finish this video and then I will call them.

So, yeah. And there's like, there's good, there's, like, advice for how to set the survey up better which I deeply appreciate and there's just lots of people being nice and lots of people being thoughtful. And as I was saying, criticism is the thing that helps you, helps you grow and helps you do better and helps you understand what's going on in the world. And so I appreciate both nice thoughts and also people having, having thoughts about what we could do better, or what the, how the world is different now. This person says, "As a slightly older Nerdfighter, I sometimes feel that you have forgotten about us. I understand that most of your demographic is in the 14-17 range." Actually, I can tell you from the survey that they're not. "But, there's a large amount of us who have been watching, and a part of the community for quite some time, and we've grown up. I think there is room for something that is targeted towards your adult fans. I love what you guys do for the younger community, encouraging some really good stuff, but don't forget about us that grew up with you. The QR Code video was super cool though. I've been sharing that with all my office co-workers." That's nice.

Yeah. And, and that's, that's what, you know, that comment is very much why we do the Nerdfighteria survey, because as we see, like, 13 to 17 is a, a big portion of our audience, but it's by no means the majority of our audience. Over 19 is the majority of our audience. And, not quite. Maybe? Almost? Yes. Over 19 is the majority of our audience. But it's basically 19 is the, is the center there. And I want to make sure we are making content for the people who are watching and, and that will be appealing all the way from 13 to 99, even if there are only 436 people over the age of 55 watching our content, which is great. There's nothing, that's great! I love that there are that many people watching our content. 

So the thing that I want to do right now, is you can do these filters. And so I'm, I'm going to do a filter now. I'm sorry that this video is ages and ages long but no one ever complains about how long they are. So we're going to filter by question and answer. We're going to choose "What Year Did You Start Watching?" So I'm interested in, and why Nerdfighteria has gotten a little older, so I'm going to start, I'm going to ask, look at when people started watching, and I'm gonna say this, this, this and this. So, that's sort of like, you know, that's... And then I'm going to click on that and what we're going to be able to see is, people's different answers to all the questions based on how they answered that question.

So, I want to see if people who started watching in 2014 and 2015 are older, or if they're the same age, but, but people who started watching in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 who aren't watching any more, the people who left and aren't watching any more just happened to be younger people. Because Nerdfighteria got a lot older and I'm curious why that happened. And this is loading for a long time, and hopefully it will stop soon. 

So, people who started watching in 2015 tend to be younger, than people who started watching in 2011. So what we see, what we are seeing, is like, this is very clear data that what happens is that people start, like, all, people of all kinds start watching, uh, watching Vlogbrothers, but the ones who stick around tend to be older. And now, of course, at the same time, maybe they started watching and they've just gotten older. Because, of course, when you, when people who started watching in 2011 started, started watching they were four years younger than they are now. So, there's also that effect, but that doesn't seem to correlate as well with the fact that, that older folks are less represented in the newer groups. So my guess is, my guess is, we were getting older viewers back then, and older viewers are sticking around.

And I am deeply dissatisfied that I wasn't able to figure out the actual definite answer to this question of whether or not young people are leaving more. But it must be, because as we see here, the new people aren't older. The new people are younger. So, the newest viewers of Vlogbrothers are younger people and that makes sense, because, like, who has time to find a new YouTube video when you're in your late twenties? Like a new YouTube Channel that you're gonna watch? You don't have that. You might watch a new show because you're tired at night, but you're not going to find a new YouTube channel that you're going to watching and loving and being a part of. So, I understand that and that makes sense.

And of course, if it had been the other way, I would have found a way to rationalize that as well, because that's what humans are really good at.

Now we can go through and see all of this and, and see if there's a substantial change. We do see that people are ranking Tumblr higher from back in, like 2011 people are ranking Tumblr higher. 2000 now people are ranking Pinterest higher. Instagram. Now, people are rating Instagram higher. And Facebook is roughly equivalent. YouTube and Twitter are roughly equivalent. That's fascinating. 

Now, OK, now I want to change the compare metric to just compare by age. So delete this rule. Let's compare everybody's age. Let's see. Places you enjoy on the internet. The younger you are, the less you enjoy Facebook. The younger you are, the less you enjoy Twitter. It's pretty much the same across YouTube, though that's very specific I'm sure to our audience. Older people tend to enjoy Reddit more. Younger people tend to enjoy Tumblr more. Younger people tend to enjoy Snapchat more, though there's an interesting bump here, around teenage years. That's a lot of young people on Snapchat. Pinterest, older people, duh. Instagrams pretty equal.

And here's the "by the age" break down of what people would like to see more on Vlogbrothers. People younger than 10, it's hard to say because the thing's. The labels aren't on the thing. I got silly videos being the this one. Complicated explanation videos being the blue one. So silly videos are winning among 10 to 12 year olds. And then that switches as we get older and this blue line gets bigger, and this brown line, which is complicated ideas, like, discussions of complicated ideas also gets longer as it gets older. Not super surprising there, but it is some what surprising that these ratios stay roughly the same starting at 19. Really, starting at 16. So at 16 the ratios begin to be very similar.

And so 16 to 55, all of the people want the same things. They want some silly videos, and of course, the 41 year olds seem want less than anyone. But they want some silly videos, but really they want explanations of complicated issues, and discussions of big ideas. And I appreciate that.

Thank you very much all... That's so cool to see everybody thinks that 16 year olds have nothing in common with 49 year olds, but surprise, surprise, they do. They want the same things from me and John, and we will do our best to give it to you.

Thank you to everybody who's took this survey, spent the time to do this. I know it took a lot of time, and it was, you know, it's a, it's a significant investment and we want to honor that investment. And I hope that we do honor that investment by looking at what, what you want out of this. Your criticisms and your thoughts about the community, and we do our best to make this place better, and more interesting and more useful to you and to the whole world and I hope that, that you agree, that we are doing that. And I appreciate all the lovely things people have said. And I feel good about it. So thank you very much.

It's fascinating. It's the, like, one of the most fascinating things that happens to me all year, is reading this survey. I hope that you enjoyed this video. It is significantly longer than any of the previous Nerdfighteria census videos and that is because, in previous videos you told me that you want it to be longer. So, here it is. It's longer. Hope you enjoyed it. And I'll see you over on Vlogbrothers and maybe I'll make some more Hankschannel videos. Sorry it's been a while. Alright. DFTBA.