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At least the ones I saved...I think I lost a few in between the YouTube EDU conference (which happened just a couple days before VidCon) and VidCon. Specifically, I lost the Snats where I was hanging out with Grace and Chester in LA. I guess that's kinda the point though...IT'S EPHEMERAL! LIKE LIFE! NOTHING LASTS! REJOICE!

I'm hankgre if you want to add me.
Hank: Brownies. Brownies.

Baby Cookie: You know, people ask me all the time, "Baby Cookie, why don't you wear no drawers?"

Hank: It's time for meditative nanoblock. Is going to be a hippopotamus. Instructions. Just making myself a tiny, tiny hippo, gonna make myself... It doesn't really look like a hippo yet. Doesn't look like anything 'cause Snapchat won't focus, dang it. Focus! My hippo has eyes and it looks like some kind of deformed cow. Disembodied lower jaw. As long as the upper jaw... Aside from not having legs, this is looking pretty good. Everybody, I am happy to introduce you to this hippopotamus I built. Its name is Betty.

Hank: (Mouths) I'm gonna be the man who comes back home with you. I'm gonna be the man who's coming home with you.
Katherine: Me?

Hank: And now I'm here and I took way too long and I'm frustrated that I have to wake up in six hours.

Hank: This is Rosanna Pansino, she has been wearing this shirt with a security tag on it, and every time she walks into a store, she beeps.
Rosanna: And I couldn't understand why I was beeping every time.

Hank: Can you name all the YouTubers?

Hank: Jake got recognized. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, heck yes.

Hank: Snappity-dap, oh, the light's fine, we got the bobes. The bobes. The Boba bubble.
Jake: Oh, you do your thing for... Oh. Oh. Oh. It's happening.
(Everyone else saying oh)

John: Yeah.
Katie Couric: You know?
John: She's a, yeah, she's very, like, confident in the world.

(Crowd cheering)

Watsky: What about third? (Crowd cheers) Fourth year? (Crowd cheers louder)

(Watsky sings)

Hank: Hey beautiful.
Mamrie: Are you snapping right now?
Hank: I am.
Mamrie: My favorite dancer is Hank. You better thank me for letting you know.

Hank: I need to figure out a way to not be freaked out before going on stage. I need that. Help.

Hank: What's happening here? There's two chairs. What does that mean? At mean tweets. What does that mean?

Emma: I'm good. I'm still jet lagged, but I'm having fun. It's awesome. And Hank Green's here. 
Hank: Oh, good.

Emma: Ah! (Laughs)

Katherine: Golf cart!
Tyler: Wait, look, YUM!

(Music plays)

Katherine: And there's Ninja Turtles.
John: Why are there Ninja Turtles?
Hank: Why are we going away from them?
John: Why are we leaving the Ninja Turtles?
Katherine: They're going into expo hall.
John: Oh, right.
Katherine: We get to see them in like, a second.

Hank: Okay, just wait for this. Uh-huh. That's right.

DeGeorge: All the great stuff that you do.

Hank: Alright, you see this giant Nintendo right here? What, what do you think it could be? It's a piano.

Hank: How you doing, Flula?
Flula: I'm doing so great, Mr. Green, how are you?
Hank: I'm, actually, I'm... Thank you for the beef jerky.
Flula: You're welcome. Here's some more.
Hank: Okay!

Hank: Just Snapchatting. You can keep going. Ooh ooh.

Hank: This is happening.
John: Yes.

Hank: Putting it on Snapchat.
John: That one's upside down
Girl: Thank you so much.
John: This feels very loved.
Girl: Yeah, I've been watching you guys since 2008.
John: Is that Ansel?

Hank: This is Jen K., she's the last person in our line.

Jen: Hi!

Hank: Just hanging out on the freight elevator with this thing. That's not right.

Hank: VidCon is over. It ended. There's people stealing beanbags, you beanbag thieves!

Hank: Was it stressful? Yes. Did things go wrong? Yes. But really, really good VidCon.

Katherine: You guys have a wicked, you guys have a wicked head start on him.

Hank: How do you like your corn dog?
Katherine: It's delicious. Look at how much batter.

Hank: Have you both never had corn dogs?
(?~5:15): Nope.
Hank: What do you think?
(?~5:17): I feel like I'm being America'd. I'm being America'd.

Katherine and others: (singing) Go to space! Space time, space, space, space, space, time for space!

Katherine: Everybody clap your hands. (claps)
Hank: That was loud.

Hank, Katherine and others: Yeah!

Katherine: We went through this the whole time.

Hank: Okay, I won't Snap the whole journey, alright.

Hank: Space!

Hank & Katherine: Aah!
Hank: We did it.

(Let it Go plays)

Hank: I'm at the airport. It's the last fans. Hi. Thanks for coming.
Man: This is it, the last, this is the last fans.
Girl: Talking to us.
Hank: Yeah.

Hank: Lemons! Lemons, what you doing? Kitty, too? Ah, yay!