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We look at some of the rarest and most amazing weather that's happened on Earth, including; - blood rain, thundersnow, and fish rain!

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Charlie & Jimmy


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 Intro (0:00)

Charlie: Good morning, I'm Charlie.

Jimmy: Good morning, I'm Jimmy.

C: And today on the show. It's a bit nippy out, isn't it?

J: Yeah, and we need to get that window fixed, actually. Today we're talking about the world's weirdest weather!

C: It's Cereal Time!

J: I mean, polystyrene is pretty weird weather, isn't it?


J: Good Tuesday, sires and madames! And welcome to Cereal Time.

C: Welcome.

J: Thanks for joining us this morning.

 World's Weirdest Weather (0:29)

J: Alright, so I don't know if you've seen, Charlie, but there's been a lot of snow in America over the last couple of weeks, particularly the East Coast.

C: I have heard about this.

J: New York, they're absolutely swamped by it.

C: I also heard that the storm, was it called Jonas?

J: I think it's storm Jonas, yeah, I think that's what they called it.

C: It was, it was very, very snowy and it was gonna come over to the UK and everyone was like "Oh, we're gonna get snow!" and it was just gonna turn to rain by the time it got to us.

J: Just rain. Classic UK.

C: A lot of rain, but still just rain.

J: Just gray, miserable rain and wind. But sort of inspired by this, today we thought we'd take a delve into some of the weirdest weather we experience here on Earth. 'Cause there's a lot of extreme things that happen.

C: Yeah.

J: Seemingly, like, in just quite a magical, scary way for no reason.

C: Yeah, well, the first one I have is raining fish.

J: This can't be real! This can't be a real thing.

C: And it's still, even though I've read the explanation now, I'm still like "That can't be real."

J: (Laughs) How could that be real?

C: I've got a photo that we can look at here, which is just, just absurd that this occurs all over the world, even in the UK. Usually happens when, like, a whirlwind travels over shallow water and the fish are basically picked up in water spouts, sucked up into a cloud. They can stay in the cloud for quite a while as well, like the cloud will sort of juggle fish in the air, carry them through the sky, and then it will start raining fish.

J: I mean, terrifying thing to witness. If you're a fish, a terrifying thing to be involved with as well, I imagine!

C: Oh yeah, definitely!

J: Like, "What's going on here!? Why are we being sucked up!? Wah!" (Splat) Then you're just down on the floor, on the pavement.

C: I can tell, like, why people used to be, like, scared of the gods back in olden times.

J: Yes! Yeah!

C: It's like "Oh, my God! It's actually raining fish!"

J: Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

C: "This shouldn't be happening! I do believe in magic!"

J: Yeah, I'm not gonna annoy the big man upstairs.

Alright, so next up: blood rain! Now...

C: Another one that sounds like it's out of the Bible!

J: I think... Does it happen in the Bible at one point? No, it's locusts, isn't it, that rain down. But similar, it's very Old Testament God isn't it, this one. This is rainfall that appears to be blood, obviously, it's not actually blood.

C: Boring!

J: This happened throughout history, it even comes up in Homer's Iliad and that's ages ago. Up until the 17th century, it was genuinely believed to be raining blood, but it's actually caused by the wind picking up dust particles from the Sahara Desert and then raining them down.

C: So what were people, what were people thinking before then? That, like, the cloud, someone had stabbed a cloud-

J: Someone stabbed a cloud.

C: -and it started raining blood?

J: Yeah, that must have been what they thought!

C: That's so weird.

J: I remember this happening in the UK actually, recently. 'Cause it's when I had a car. And I came down and my car was covered in, like, a thick layer of red dust. It was really weird.

C: Weird.

J: It was so crazy. Yeah, blood rain.

C: Alright. Ball lighting is next. So this is very rare and it's, it's... Scientists still don't know what the cause of it is because it's so rare they don't actually have enough time to kind of observe it properly, but it's when you get a ball of lightning appearing in the sky and it can stay in the sky for, I think, like, up to a minute.

J: That's creepy.

C: We've got a picture of it here. It sort of looks like the sky has been ripped apart.

J: Yeah.

C: Like aliens from another dimension are coming through.

J: (Laughs) Again, I don't know what's scarier, that or raining fish. But that does definitely does look like a portal to another dimension or, like, Hell is just bursting out of the sky.

C: They were so rare that scientists also thought that they were an urban legend up until the 1960s.

J: Wow. They didn't even believe that they happened. I mean, it does sound pretty made up, doesn't it. Big old electric ball in the sky. Don't want to mess with one of those guys. Incredible.

C: It really doesn't sound real, does it. It's so weird.

J: No it doesn't. It sounds made up. Sounds totally made up.

OK, volcanic lightning. Now you really have to have a look at the picture of this one to get a sense of it 'cause it's crazy. Again, it's very apocalyptic.

C: This is just absurd!

J: If I saw this in real life I'd be like "OK, I'm going to die now. This has surely got to be the end of the world."

C: So scary.

J: Basically what happens is they come out of the ash cloud of a volcano and they can be quite difficult to see so again scientists don't quite understand. But the cause of volcanic lightning is the same as common lightning, it's just that the ash is charging the particles rather than the rain.

C: Right.

J: So that's what's going on. And the lightning bolt is what you see when these charges neutralize, it's just a flash like normal lightning but out of an exploding volcano.

C: Even, like, normal lightning still sort of seems like magic to me if I'm honest.

J: Yeah.

C: To see that coming out of a volcano, that is, like, real gates of Hell, like, dark horrible stuff.

J: Yeah. You're just waiting, you're waiting for a beheaded man on a horse, aren't you, to ride through, or some kind of devil-like character to pop out.

C: It's all real.

J: This is all real stuff. This is all genuine real stuff.

C: Thundersnow is next. So this is maybe the least weird one. So this is, like, when you get a thunderstorm but it also snows, but it is very rare. Just to sort of sum up how rare it actually is and how cool this thing is, this is one of my favorite videos on the internet actually, Jimmy.

J: I'm looking forward to this.

C: This is of a weatherman who's in a thundersnow storm getting very excited by the fact that he is in one of those storms.

Weatherman: Oh yes! Yes! Yes! We got it baby! We got it! We got it! Whoo!

J: (Both laugh) It's not even a great shot. Why are they filming him and not the sky?

W: Yes! Listen to that! Listen to that! Oh baby!

J: If I was the cameraman I would definitely be like "Oh, I'm really sorry, I wasn't recording. I forgot to put a tape in it" just to annoy him. It's incredible. Thundersnow sounds made up. That sounds like Sharknado, the popular film franchise. Thundersnow! Cool? I'd love to see that in real life.

 Cereal News (5:57)

J: It's Tuesday which means it's time for Cereal News in just a second. But before we get on to that I just want to show you some posters that Marja has sent us. These are American election style campaign posters. Me and Charlie, we came up with some American election slogans. Mine was "America, more like Americ-yeah" and yours was "Vote U.S.Ayyyyyyyy".

C: Not even "Vote U.S.A." just "U.S.Ayyyyyy!".

J: But terrible slogans.

C: Catchy, catchy.

J: But brilliant, brilliant posters.

C: They're so good. Thank you so much for sending those in, Marja.

J: Really cool. So thank you very much for that, Marja. Anyway, it is time for Cereal News. This is the part of the show where we find the biggest cereal news stories from around the world and deliver them to you. Now Josh's laptop isn't working so we can't play out the jingle so instead we're all gonna sing it. Three, two, one.

All: Cereal News, Cereal News! It's time for Cereal News!

C: Would have been better if we were in the same key.

J: Ooh!

C: Our top stories this morning. Headline number one: Trix changes color! What!? So Trix, the fanciful cereal, known for being very colorful, now has a new recipe with no artificial flavors and colors. So, it doesn't look as nice.

J: It doesn't look as good, does it.

C: No!

J: It looks kind of just weird and a bit depressing.

C: They've lost the blue, that's the thing. They need to get in touch with the Smarties people, figure out how to do a natural blue color.

J: Do a good blue. Yeah. I mean, is the man just going to take all the fun out of the world? Am I right? (Charlie laughs). Headline two: Sugar, we're going down.

C: Oh no.

J: Kellogg's have announced plans to cut more than 723 tons of sugar from its cereals.

C: That's a lot of sugar.

J: Cereal affected includes Frosties and Coco Pops. Changes will come in next year. I mean, it's more sad news, isn't it, on the show. Surely the sugar's the fun bit in Frosties. You don't want healthy Frosties, do you?

C: It's just Corn Flakes, isn't it.

J: If you wanted a healthy, boring cereal you'd have Alpen. No offense, I love Alpen, but Frosties is a treat. Anyway.

C: And our final story this morning: Ice in cereal? Is this really news? Ben Mosher got in touch and wants to know if putting ice in your cereal is a thing in the UK. He heard it was. Is it a thing?

J: I don't think it is a thing, is it? I've never had ice in my cereal. Surely just as...

C: There's a photo here of someone with ice in their cereal so someone's done it at some point.

J: I don't dispute that it's a possibility, but it's certainly not a trend, I don't think. Surely it's just gonna water down the milk as the day goes on.

C: You guys at home will have to let us know.

J: Well, as the breakfast goes on.

C: Please go out and do some reporting yourself because we need more information on this exclusive, interesting topic.

J: Any scoops or tip-offs are very welcome. Send an article, send pictures, send anything,

 Outro (8:35)

J: Thank you, lovely person, for watching the show today. Make sure you check out yesterday's video by clicking the link there, and also follow us on Twitter. We've got a Twitter and everything.

C: We do.

J: It's @cerealtimeshow for all the latest updates and just mad ramblings from Josh. (Charlie laughs) It's quite fun, it's entertaining.

C: I need to talk to you about that off-camera, just let you remind me. Now it's time for the Twitter Thought of the Day. This one's from SC who says "It doesn't mater how slowly you go, so long as you don't stop" and that's from Confucius.

J: Wow. Traffic lights would have something to say about that, wouldn't they. (Both laugh) Thank you very much for that SC. Great Twitter thought of the day. We'll see you guys tomorrow.

C: Goodbye.

J: Bye!