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You have to do it, and there are a lot of fairly confusing the heck are you supposed to do?
Hello and welcome to Hank Green looks at YouTube with you, because YouTube is beautiful, isn't it beautiful? Look at it, Jimmy Kimmel is being mean to children, Ellen is Ellen, Thor is also being mean to children, and, meet the new YouTube comments, that's really what were here to talk about today.

(0:17) Actually, not quite. Today we're gonna be talking about - or this video, rather - we're going to be talking about the, the actual process of incorporating your Google Plus account into your YouTube account, what all the different options mean, and why sometimes you don't get the same options as other people.

(0:36) So the first thing we are going to do is sign into a YouTube account. We're going to sign into Truth or Fail, as I have not yet, uh, I have not yet connected that with a Google Plus account. So you'll see at the top, there, it says "Connect to Google Plus to maintain access to the new comments." Okay. I will do that, that is the thing to do. Now this is one of the two screens that you can get while doing this. Uh, the reason why there are more than one screen, I don't know. We'll look at the other screen in a bit. Right now we're going to look at the "YouTube is updating your channel" and you get two options, but actually three. Um, if you look closely.

(1:12) So first, "Yes, use Truthorfail everywhere." Easiest option, if you don't use other Google products on this account. Don't listen to any of the things that they say. So. What that means, is yes, use Truthorfail everywhere. We will create a Truth or Fail profile on Google Plus, that will be the profile for this YouTube account. That profile, eh, uh, the Google Plus profile is the thing that Google Plus creates for a person.

(1:46) The only difference between these two things is that you get on, uh, clicking this option, you get a Truthorfail Google profile. If you click on this, you get a Truthorfail Google page. Google+ pages are designed for brands and for businesses and like Vlogbrothers has a Google+ page. Hankgames has a Google+ page. It doesn't have a Google+ - Hank Green has a Google+ profile.

(2:12) So the question here is do you want to link it up with a Google+ profile, or do you want to link it up with a Google+ page? To keep Truthorfail - nothing - neither of these options change the Truthorfail page. It's still And the fact that it's - I mean it's so opaque what the difference is between these two things are, and like, but that's the difference.

(2:37) The other thing is that down here, when you're like "okay, I've decided, I've made up my mind, now I'm gonna go to click down - and then it's what's this other option? "Use my Google name?" What? Is that option? That should be one of these options! How is that different? So you click on that - ah! Which one of these do you want to use on YouTube Truthorfail your Google name, or Truthorfail your YouTube name? And what that's asking you is, "Do you want to change your YouTube account's name to match with your Google Plus - your current email address's Google Plus?" So you're signing in to YouTube with a Gmail account, got it? That Gmail account, automatically because it's a Gmail account, has a Google Plus page. It's asking right now, "Do I want to link - do I want to make my YouTube channel the same thing as my Google Plus page." I would strongly suggest against doing this, because it's irreversible and the only way to change it is to delete your YouTube channel, which none of us want to do. It also, I think, changes the URL of your YouTube channel to slash not Truthorfail but slash a bunch of characters. So don't do that.

(3:46) Uh, and now I wanna go back, how do I go back. I wanna keep my YouTube name - ah, and then it takes me back. Why isn't there a back button?! Seriously?!

(3:59) Okay. Anyway, I want a Google Plus page to go with my uh, to go with my, thing, here, because Google Plus pages allow certain things like multiple managers - multiple people can go in and manage the page - so it doesn't have to be me. Um, and, uh, it's- various things function slightly differently. But it seems like Truthorfail isn't a person; it is a thing that exists so it shouldn't have a profile, it should have a page.

(4:28) And now we are done. We've figured it all out. We understand, and we clicked on, and Google Plus now creates a page for Truthorfail, it's updating my channel, and now I have a Truthorfail YouTube channel and I have a Truthorfail Google Plus page.

(4:45) The problem is that everybody's thinking of it like there's two things. But in fact, there are three things. So now, I switch account, and I can switch - what? Why do I have two here? That shouldn't be. There should only be one. [sigh] And I can have - oh jeez. Invalid parameter? Okay, well [typing] -Truthorfail.

(5:06) Now, now we see that there is a thing that is if I switch accounts, I can switch accounts to truthorfail, the Gmail address, that doesn't have a YouTube channel. Tha- I don't even know, if I go to account- I don't think it even has a channel.

(5:23) And then if I switch account to Truthorfail, the original YouTube channel, that now has the YouTube channel, my channel, hooray! This is where the YouTube account is, and if I go to Google+ this is me using Google+ as the Truthorfail page. Now if I want to switch to the truthorfail Google+ page for the email address that I originally created Truthorfail channel with, then I have to click on that, but there isn't one. There's also apparently two Truthorfail pages, but I promise you that is because I made a mistake in the long process of trying to figure out how to make this video.

(5:59) So. That is one of the things that can happen! We're also going to sign out and see another way that Google will bring you into the new system. If I go to Hankgames, uh, okay, what's the password? So now- now I'm on Hankgames, which I also haven't switched over. Now, if I click "connect to Google+" here, I get a different dialog. Here, I get "choose an existing Google+ page or create a new one" because Hankgames already has a Google+ page.

(6:26) So. What it's asking for- and the "use my profile name" is down here, buried. So it's asking now, is: do I wanna create a new Google+ page, and keep my YouTube username, do I wanna create a new Google+ page with a different username, and change the name of my channel, or do I wanna link with an existing Google+ page that already exists, that Google knows about? Or, fourth option, hiding down here, do I wanna use my profile name. So this is the name of the Gmail account that I signed up for the hankgames account with, which is called Hank Green, because it asked for a name.

(7:00) Now, when you're on this screen, it's like, I don't wanna use my name, but does that mean I don't wanna use my name and keep going forward with this process? Because at this point, I just wanna turn my computer off because I'm freaked out. But in fact, if you click this button, it is just the back button. I don't know why that doesn't say "back" - back to the previous screen, because that's terrifying to me, but it doesn't say that.

(7:24) And so what I wanna do here, because I already have a Google+ page that is existing, I want to link the Hankgames account with the Hankgames- uh, the Hankgames Google+ page with the Hankgames YouTube channel, and all I have to do is click on that, and click next.

(7:38) Now, you can also do that if it doesn't identify that you have an existing Google+ page. You can do this thing, and there's a whole procedure, find out how to link it to your channel. So, I just click that. And, magically, now my Google+ page is attached to my- to my- so Hankgames now is attached to Hankgames on Google+.

(7:59) Now Hankgames can comment again, and it doesn't really have to pay any attention to the Google+ page- in general, what we need to realize, is that though we have had to incorporate our Google+'s into our YouTube accounts, that doesn't mean that we, like, have to do anything with Google+. It just means that we had to figure out which of the options that they gave us, to click on.

(8:23) And they- I mean- no offense YouTube, but you did a really horrible job of helping us figure out which one of those options we should actually click on, by hiding things, by making two of the options options, and the third option, a different kind of option... And not identifying that there's a difference between a page and a profile, and that's really the big difference between these things, and also not identifying on that screen that if you have an existing Google+ page, you can indeed link it with an existing YouTube channel manually, and you don't have to create a new Google+ page. And also that there's three different things: there's the Gmail account and Google+ account and the YouTube account. And all of these things need to be linked together in a way that is useful for the user and for the back-end YouTube developers who need to make the website work for us.

(9:09) That's- that is a complicated situation, and it is difficult- it's been a difficult transition, um, for them and for us. I think that it will probably be a lot less confusing now, if all of this can go through, and people, you know, will all have their accounts unified in this way. That will be nice. And there are some advantages to this - we will- which we will discuss in the next video, where we talk about the new YouTube commenting system, and how I feel about it, and what is good, and what is bad about the new system.

(9:40) Alright, thank you for listening. Hopefully you understand - it is complicated. If you don't understand, I understand that you don't understand, but this is the best I can do to explain it. Okay, see you next time!