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In which John finds himself in the paper town of Agloe, New York on Esther Day 2015.
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John: Good morning, Hank, it's Monday August 3rd, it's Esther Day. You'll never guess where I've found myself. Hank, I'm in Agloe, New York.   So Hank Agloe is here or possibly here or possibly here; it's hard to be certain when you're talking about a place that is only sometimes real, so anyway here's some footage from what I think is Agloe for Esther Day.   On Esther Day we remember our friend Esther Earl as she wanted us to, by celebrating love in all its many splendors. Not just romantic love, but the love within families and friendships. Today is the day we say "I love you" to those people even when it's hard, in fact especially when it's hard. It's also the one day a year that Hank and I acknowledge our love for each other verbally so OK, in accordance with Esther's wishes, Hank, I reluctantly acknowledge that I love you immensely.   Hank, when I've gone through challenging times because of the bad wiring in my brain or physical illness or whatever, it gets very hard for me to escape the prison of my own brain. Like the pain/fear/obsessiveness becomes so consuming that I struggle to empathize or listen well. And this can become a vicious cycle, like you're in so much pain that you become so self-involved that it becomes difficult to connect to anyone which in turn increases the pain and the self-involvement and etc.   I can't tell you how many times your patience and empathy have shut down that spiral for me. It's something you've done consistently for me since you were like three. So yeah, thank you and I just admire you a lot and I think you're awesome and I love you.   If you don't know about Esther, check out her book, you can also go to or to support the charity This Star Won't Go Out which was created by Esther's family and provides direct support to families of children with cancer; links in the dooblydoo.   Oh, also, I'm gonna do a question Tuesday tomorrow Nerdfighters, so please leave me questions, ideally brief ones, in comments. Thank you, DFTBA. Hank, you'll see me tomorrow.