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In which Hank recruits some assassins and other stuff.

Hello, last time on Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, I was trying to track down to people to recruit as my assassins, but I keep getting attacked by guards. And then they're so surprised when they die! It's like, dudes this is how it works! I kill guards, that's my job.

So I'm still trucking on my mission to recruit new assassins. They're everywhere. Loving how many Assassin recruits there are now. They weren't there before, but now they are. But now it's much harder to walk around because everyone wants to kill me for no apparent reason. So it's annoying.

Press B to mount.

NPC: I don't want to die!

Hank: Why would you die? Why would I hurt you? You are a guard, you are not attempting to kill me. That's the only time I try to kill people. When they try to kill me. Sometimes I accidentally kill people who aren't trying to kill me, but I swear that's an accident.

Through the fountain, just wanted to get my feet wet, they hurt because I run around so much, it's nice to cool them off a bit.

Hello horsey!

 Assassin Recruitment 1

Wait, where did it go? I'm confused. It was on my map and then it was not. I am soooo confused. What's going on, why did it go away? It's gone! Okay, I'm just crazy, apparently. I'm crazy.

So where is it then? There's one up here! There's so many of them, I could just recruit Assassins all day long.

Out of my way people! I do not have any problem kicking your asses!

What the frickety frock?

Woooaaahh! That guy got a concussion! Man that was awesome.

Let's get my hidden blades out. In preparatio-nay.

Where you at? Hello? Hello? What? Where are you? Whaaattt this citizen has been killed? What's going on? Who says the citizen has been killed? I just got here! Jerks, for killing my citizen. Man, is that what's happening? They're killing them? I need to be faster? Maybe I should get a horse!

 Assassin Recruitment 2

Oh, now the nearest one is there. Jeeeez! *Ezio whistles*

That is really frustrating! Hello horsey! Let's do this ninja horse of trample thing, okay? Let's do our thing!

What the friiiiick, come on! *horse hooves* Let's do this horsey! Oh come OON!  Why--UGH! On come--Jesus---oh my GOD I cannot BELIEVE how annoying this is being!

(3:49) Okay. So what's going on? I just answered some questions on (?) Was that someone proposing to that woman? Were they having a moment. Oh that's adorable..aww..awwww...that's so cute.

And I could kill all of them right now but I'm not going to! It's not my job! Not here to kill people just for fun! Here to save Assassin recruits! Assist the citizen it says! WHERE?

Where is it? Where is the citizen? Where? I can't see him!

Okay, do not kill the citizen! All, stop killing the citizen! YESSSS. Okay. I've got a lot of assassins, so I might as well call them.


Recruit: I thought I was dead!

Hank: Yeah, you were close. I have failed in saving several of you.

Recruit: ...unless you know how to fight back.

Hank: yes I know how to fight back. Go to my little Borgia place, my little Assassin house, and I will show you how to fight back effectively.

 Assassin Recruitment 3

(5:13) Can I climb this? There seems to be a citizen in need on the other side of this--ohhhh, no. There's a big wall here. That could make things more difficult. Can I climb this? Looks like I should be able to. Good. Let's do this!

*fighting noises begin* Hello Assassins! That went well! We're getting a system down now.

Yes, pledge yourself to me, liberation of Roma, I use the same speech every time.

Recruit: You have saved this life. Take it and do with it what you will.

Hank: Okay!

Recruit: I will repay your kindness with my sweat, blood, and loyalty.

Hank: Alright, well I'll see you tomorrow night my friend. At the Rosa in Fiore. We don't have enough male prostitutes.

 War Plans

(6:16) I'm headed towards this L because I love the war machine missions! But it seems to be farther away than I assumed it would be. *Ezio whistles* HORSIE!!

Where are you? You gonna jump over this? That would be awesome. You're not--where are you going? Where are you going horsey? You ran right past me!

(6:37) Oh, it's right here! Ah, gad! It's always right when I call a horse! War Plans! Kill the Templar Overseer to recover a map showing the location of one of Leonardo's war machines. Yes sir I will!

Where is the overseer? He's over here! Ovaseah ovaheah.

Hey, can I bribe you? Ah, no, I'm just gonna steal from you instead! The liberation of Roma has begun!

Kill the overseer, but I don't see him. Which one is the overseer?

NOT A HUGE FAN OF YOU, ladies. Not a huge fan of this. You know what's better than this? IS NOT THIS. I will kill you.

Are you the overseer, right there? I think you must be. Nope, nope, nope, none of those ones. Yes, that one.

No! (*gunshot*) Oh shoot! (*guard shouting*) Whyyyy? *laughing* What just happened? Oh, that's hilarious.

The fact that you did not die just now is very frustrating for me.

Why am I kicking THAT guy? Why on earth did you think I wanted to kick that guy. Where did he go? Did he run away? Yes, thank you.

Use the pistol is exactly what I was going to do! I don't know why that didn't work! Aw, man. That was bad. That was badly done. Everyone agrees, badly done. Okay Overseer, how much money do you have on you? Let's go, horsey!

 Leonardo's War Machine: Intro

(8:54) I'm not sure where we're going though. I'm confused. Why is the L back? That's where I should be going, right? Towards the L?

Okay, horse. Let's do this thing.

I know that that was badly done, everyone agree? Everyone? Yes? Okay, yes. I agree. I don't know why I sucked it up so hard just then, but I apologize and I promise to do better next time.

(9:27) We're a going to Porta Settimiana. It's one my fav--it's one of the most beautiful places in Italy. I should have check my database to read all about it, but I didn't. I don't know anything about it. In fact, it could be ugly. It could be even not in Italy, but probably not, since I don't seem to leave Italy in this game.

Uh, yes. I can't believe I didn't shoot that guy! I was aiming at him, but there was a dude in front of me...ugh. I should have gotten in front of them first. They didn't even care about me, they...ugh. It was badly done. I apologize for my inelegant kill of that person.

 Leonardo's War Machine: Monte Circeo

(10:06) Ohh, it is pretty! Monte Circeo. It isn't Porta Settimiana at all. Monte seems very nice. It's like an Italian jungle! Where's my horse? And that was beautiful that was a great shot, well done.

Leonardo's Tank! Is an ambitious and devastating war machine capable of CHANGING THE FACE OF BATTLE IT (pause) MUST BE DESTROYED. I had to burp in the middle there.

So I'm going to destroy this. Next time, on Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. You will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me. Next time. Goodbye.