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In which Hank and Katherine turn Voldybitch into green air and powder dust!
Hank: Okay, Last time on Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4, it was a disaster! Because I thought that I could shoot a key while not on a broomstick and it would be the same as shooting it while on a broomstick, because that's how physics and magic both work.

Katherine: It was an embarrassment, that's for sure.

H: It was an embarrassment

K: Think I need to get on one of these, uh...

H: I do not know what we are doing now. That one has uh, rolly pollies on it.

K: Yeah, don't you need to get on one of these horses?

H: Yeah, but it's like it's already happened. Like, everything's already happened. Great. Now, now we are once again conf...ahhhhh!

K: (Laughs) Confused about falling off the edge. Oh boy! I almost did it. Whoa.

H: The...the game is progressing. Ohh.....

K: Ohhhhh jeez, man.

H: Maybe, uh, maybe we just need to shoot 'em until they all kill each other.

K: But I'm not hitting anything, I'm just...shooting

H: I'm hitting things. Oh, C.

K: See? You need to get on that thing.

H: I...check! Checkmate!

K: You are gonna get beat up.

H: Ahhhh! Horsey fight!

K: Look out horsey ahhhh no!

H: Ahhhhh don't worry about me! We don't actually have to play chess do we? Because it's not...get in there! (Cheers some made up words). Oh, no, the queen! Get it! Get it, queeny! Good stuff.

K: (Sings)

H: Um, and then...okay yeah! Play it!

K: We just have to sit here while this game plays?

H: Yes. We're watching, we're watching chess happen.

K: My goodness, fascinating.

H: Yes. Watch it happen. Make it...what did you do?

K: I don't...I'm made a blue that bounced off the edge.

H: But the went away. Oh, you got it.

K: That's because I'm the stud magnet.

H: Okay, what are you doing now?
K: Building something else, obviously. I don't know why. Ah! Okay, yeah. Do it!

H: Do what? Yeah, go! Checkmate! Is that checkmate? It is checkmate.

K: I guess...I guess we did kind of have to, um...

H: We did, we had to, we had to make...

K: Shoot the right one at the right time. Oooh!

H: Nice brassiere!

K: Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot!

H: Oh, you can have this sword. We're moving on! Moving in! Moving over and under and Ron tripped. Stay behind, we don't need you! I never understood how he got so badly hurt playing Wizard's Chess. It's...ohh. It's not like you stopped him. He just fell. Also, if Harry hadn't...

K: Oh god! Scary!

H: That was awesome. If Harry hadn't come, Voldemort would never have had, had an opportunity.

K: Where is the potions part?

H: We didn' The potions part wasn't in the movie.

K: Well Hermione certainly shouldn't be here.

H: No, clearly.

K: Okay, there's gonna be some kind of, uh, thing here.


K: And he's going to shoot things at us and we have to shoot things at him! Okay, that wasn't it. Whoa, watch it!

H: What do we have to do?

K: I don't know, I think we might be using up all of our hearts right now, though.

H: Hearts? I'm not using up anything. I haven't been shot!

K: Well, you might need hearts later. See that thing?

H: Ohh

K: You have to shoot that back at him, maybe?

H: How do I do that?

K: I don't know! 

H: AHhh!

K: Mm...Ohhh! I got hit! See? Wingardium Leviosa!

H: Ohhhhh, we have to Wingardium it. Ahhhh. Oh, I got distracted.

K: Gonna shoot a green thing and then...whoa, god! I was hit by a blast. Blasty blasty.

H: I missed. I missed. You have to direct it so it actually hits him. Alright, green head! This is not how it happened at all in the movie. Got him! No I...

K: Yeah, you did.

H: But he still has all three hearts!?

K: Now shoot him, shoot him shoot him!

H: Oh, now you can shoot him! Shoot shoot shoot shoot!

K: Now shoot him! Now shoot him! Shoot his pants off! Nope, that wasn't it.

H: What's going on? What happened? We...we're so smart, that we failed. Okay, green head. Yes, shoot him now. Shoot. Shoot him! Why can't I target the bastard? I'm confused...I am confused.

K: Yeah I don't see how hitting him with the green head isn't good enough.

H: I hit him with a green head.

K: Yeah, I know you did.

H: I caught his own spell and shot it back at him! That time I missed.

K: Good for you. That might have been my fault.

H: No. Maybe.

K: Don't jump on my head.

H: I wasn't jumping on your head! Okay now can we like, get over there?

K: Ooh...

H: Yeah, you did it! You did it! Sweet, okay so we have to go over there.

K: We have to jump over the...river of fire.

H: Ohhhh, now we have to jump over both rivers of fire.

K: Two rivers of fire!

H: Like, one river of fire isn't enough? Totally gonna fall in that river of fire. There's gonna be three of them by the time this is over.

K: See what I'm saying?

H: Alright. What do I see?

K: That's why we need the hearts.

H: I know what you're talkin' about. But you know, if we die, that's not the end of the world.

K: Oh, you're touching him.

H: Oh I had to go and touch him...

K: I didn't have anything to do with that.

H: (Laughing) I was like...I thought I stab...I put my wand through his head for a second, and I was like, okay that should work! Just stab him in the brain!

K: (Laughs) Right up his nose!

H: Ohhh...that looks hard.

K: Oh that looks hard! 

H: Right up his...ohhhhh Voldemort bogeys.

K: No, I didn't do that...

H: Ah, yes. None of this happened. This is all made up.

K: Okay, shoot the heart! I mean the green head.

H: Yes, I need a green head, please! Thank you. Right in his face!

K: Go for it...OH! I got...


K: That's why I have to come, too.

H: I got him! I got him. I got him right before he stood up. Turn into powder dust beyotch! Powder dust! 

K: You're just. Green...

H: Green air!

K: Green air and powder dust!

H: (Monty Python impression) Your arm's off!!

K: Ooh, look out. Look out mom and dad! 

H: I got this rock! What? Ah. Euhhh! Aw, fainty. No, you can't have it. Stupid face. Ha ha ha ha! Lilly and James think that you're so stupid.

K: Stupid Emperor Palpatine-Voldemort. 

H: (Laughs) 

K: Why do you look just like Emperor Palpatine? That is dumb.

H: Well done, us! High five!

K: How many minutes was that?

H: That was a bad high five.

K: That was a very bad high five, but I'm doing it left handed.

H: Ah, I see. Me too.

K: Yeah.

H: I was just holding mine up, I was like, you hit me, I'll just sit here. Stud total! That's my stud total! You have the stud attractor.

K: Yes I am the stud magnet.

H: Stud magnet.

K: Stud magnet you are the stud total...whatever.

H: Yes.

K: I don't care.

H: Use my studliness. Anyway, we are not very good at this.

K: Well, we're not doing too bad.

H: So that was this episode of Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Year's 1-4. 

K: That's probably a good place to start. End of year one!

H: End of year one! That's a quarter of the game done!

K: Well...

H: Right? One through four...

K: Yes, if you don't count all the extra things we get to go back and do later.

H: Oh! We get to! Go back and do those things later, I see.

K: Maybe we won't do those things.

H: Maybe we will do them on a nice cold winter's day someday. 

K: It's...okay.

H: I always have more video games to play!

K: It is January something or other.

H: It is a cold winter's day!

K: In case you were wondering (laughs).

H: Thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. You will not see us, and we will not see you, but you will hear us next time. 

K: Maybe.

H: Maybe not all...maybe not both of us. But hopefully. 'Cause it's fun.

K: Goodbye!

H: Goodbye!

K: Goodbye!