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Alcohol and Sex have been torrid lovers since their beginnings. In one situation alcohol lubricates the social interaction that gets people laid and in another its the same substance that makes us unable to make healthy decisions for ourselves and others. In this video I subjectively take count of the good, bad, and ugly of sex and alcohol.

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Dr. Lindsey Doe: When I taught adolescent health classes, I'd often use this analogy: Dish is the body, and milk as the mind. Then I'd ask participants to squeeze drops of food coloring into the milk to represent the messages they've received about sex. After it was nice and full, I'd explain that alcohol by its very nature affects how the brain works and I would pour in the slightest amount of dish soap to represent this. Alcohol is a drug, and this is its psychological effect - something many people seek because it can make things so pretty and carefree. It's also why people fret about imbibing. Decision making with this mind is weak.

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Here's the Good, Bad, and "Coyote Ugly" on Sex and Alcohol!

Keeping in mind that every body reacts uniquely to it, based on the type of alcohol, quantity of it, genetics, body weight, body fat, water in the body, food in the body, hormones, age, medications, and overall health.

The Good:

Alcohol (nicknamed "liquid courage") is popular for its ability to lower inhibitions. It tends to make people feel less self-conscious, so they're more like to say what they want sexually and try partners and sex acts that they wouldn't otherwise. 10 points for sexual expression and another 10 for sexual exploration.

Alcohol also has a warming and relaxing effect. That's sensual, right? People, specifically bio-sex females, can feel more turned on after drinking alcohol. The increase in testosterone and estradiol in their bodies raises libido, even though physiologically their body is less receptive to sex. 

Drinking serves as a shared interest for many, a way to bond, like a sort of language. It's a pickup line! "Hey Girl, what you drinking?" A display of generosity "Can I buy you a drink?" It's become synonymous with getting laid, so just going out for drinks can put people in a sexual state of mind. Bars and pubs are known places to cruise. They're also acceptable places to make-out in public, and kissing a Long Island Tea-mouth can be way nicer than a dry sober smooch. 5 points for alcohol.

Yeah, lots of good points alcohol. Let's see if they outdo The Bad.

Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it reduces the amount and quality of messages in the central nervous system. Essentially, the more alcohol, the slower the body functions. That's: pulse, breathing, blood pressure, concentration, speech, sensation, and coordination. Almost all of what sex is. Minus 10 points each. 

Maybe you've heard of "whiskey dick" or "brewer's droop"? Alcohol dilates blood vessels so that blood flows in and out rather than building up to create an erection. So alcohol makes it difficult to get an erection. If you can then it may be difficult to orgasm because messages from the genitals to the brain to the genitals are sent inefficiently. It's all slower. Harder to get up. Harder to get off. Minus 20.

Then there's dehydration contributing to dry mucous membranes, namely the vagina and the anus. Alcohol plus sex can also mean injuries. Tearing, abrasions, bruises and bites because (again) the messages aren't getting around well. The body isn't realizing as quickly, if at all, that there's damage being done. You remember alcohol brain. Doesn't know if a condom is really necessary, or how to put one on correctly. Isn't even attuned to whether or not it breaks during sex. Minus 50 for sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

Long term, alcohol can lead to: male breast development, wasting of the testicles or ovaries, difficulty getting pregnant, chronic erectile difficulties, decreased libido, irregular periods, and a kegful or personal relationship problems. (Violence, lying, infidelity,heartbreak and separation, low self-esteem, guilt, depression and addiction)

Now for The Ugly.

"Beer Goggles" refers to alcohol-induced visual impairment that leads to skewed sexual attraction. You can't really tell what a person looks like so even though they might not be attractive to you, you have sex with them anyway.

"Coyote Ugly" is the post-sex, post-alcohol feeling when you'd rather gnaw off your arm than wake up the person sleeping on it.

The most troubling and ugly thing about sex and alcohol? Half of sexual assaults and 90% of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol consumption. If someone is under the influence/drunk/intoxicated, by law, they are not able to consent to sex - don't touch them in any sexual ways. Wait. Reassess your sexual ambitions when everyone is sober. Some of you are thinking "does that mean I can never drink and have sex?" Remember this list? I don't know! Many people will drink mildly and have sex, or they'll drink, sober up and have sex, but my recommendation is to separate sex and alcohol all together.

Stay Curious.

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