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Dr. Lindsey Doe: Let's answer your sex questions!

-- Intro Cut Scene --

Q1: Does sexual preference also affect your preference in fantasies?

A1: Yes - to a degree. We fantasize about former partners and current partners, people like, and people we're attracted to - does that mean we're restricted to our preferences? No. It can actually be incredibly arousing to fantasize about what you don't prefer. 

Sexplanations homework: spend some time this week fantasizing about a different gender than the one you usually do, or a different species. This whole book is about how to have sex with elves, and this one is about sex with aliens.

Q2: Why is talking about STDs and STIs so scary?

A2: Because of the "S!" Sexually refers to Sex, which is taboo so fewer people talk about it and this builds up more fear. Take for example herpes. Up here people rarely check in before making out. They don't shun someone for having a cold sore. Here though, people get silly in the head, because it's below the belt. That doesn't mean we shouldn't take sexually transmitted infections seriously, it just means that it would actually reduce transmission of them if we treated STIs like all other infections. Unashamed to take precautions and talk about them openly.

Q3: Does sex change your period?
A3: Sex (especially orgasmic sex) can help with menstrual symptoms like: cramps, back exploding, irritability and depression. (Sex benefits in general.) Many people find they are most turned on while menstruating and the blood can serve as lubrication. Having sex with a bio-sex male can mean closer contact to the hormones their body produces that may help regulate your period.

Q4: What's your opinion on Foregen, a company who uses regenerative medicine to regenerate the foreskin of circumcised men?

A4: I don't know a lot about them, but I spent time on their website and I watched their awesome videos (Link in the description). I think it's pretty amazing that the company wishes circumcision didn't happen in the first place, and it does so much to educate about the pleasure babies will have as adults if they're left intact.

Q5: Is there a link between sexuality in twins?
A5:This does make me wonder about whether or not twins have sex similarly, but I don't know! Any twins out there? Any research I don't know about?

Q6: How can I be sure I'm bi? Is being turned on by girls enough?
A6: I get turned on by mangoes. May I suggest Klein's grid in this video to better assess your orientation?

Q7: Does fantasizing and masturbating while thinking about friends betray their right to consent?
A7: No, fantasies! Up here! All yours! Masturbation - all you! Some advice though: your thoughts are your teachers. Check in with them. Are they teaching you to be a healthy sexual being? Are your fantasies for pleasure or mischief?

Q8: If a person with a penis doesn't come during a BJ, does that necessarily mean it wasn't a good BJ?
A8: No! Doesn't mean it was, either. How could you possibly know? ASK! (Tips on giving head!)

Q9: Hey, why do you recommend using in-condoms (usually referred to as female condoms) with anal sex? What's wrong with the common condoms?
A9: Nothing is wrong with on-condoms. They're just not as lubricated, so they don't slide in as smoothly.

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Penis possessing people *stumbles over words*
I'm getting a foreskin!
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