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In which John talks about Nerdfighting in several forms.

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A Bunny
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Good morning Hank, it's Thursday. Remember this guy? It's all starting to come full circle.

Alright, Hank, I tried shooting outside, I just couldn't get into it. I mean it's a beautiful day outside, but no matter how beautiful it is outside, it's always just a little bit more beautiful inside.

Hank I want to thank you for reminding me in your awesome video yesterday that nerdfighting isn't about tearing people asunder. It's about bringing people together. Although I do have one question about yesterday's video, Hank. Have you seen your still shot? Wow. Hank if that still frame were in a museum, and it should be, I wonder what the title of the photograph would be. Boy with smurf fetish impersonates chipmunk? The blur-lipped possum wants it's dinner? Buck-tooth McGee has seen the face of the lord? Frankly, the possibilities are endless.

By the way Hank, speaking of nerdfighting, a few commenters have been asking whether or not nerdfighters fight for or against nerds. You know they'll be like, stain fighters don't fight for stains. And of course I don't want people to think that we're fighting against nerds. Although, I mean to look at either of us it would be very difficult to conclude that we're fighting against nerds, unless we're masochists. I mean (sings) we were born with nerdy faces, nerdy faces, nerdy faces. We were born with nerdy faces, because our parents are nerds. Right I forgot about how I'm supposed to leave the singing to you.

But anyway, Hank this has been causing me a lot of anxiety for the last few weeks because every time I wear my nerdfighter shirt out on the town I'm like "maybe people think that I'm fighting against nerds." But then I was like wait a second, do freedom fighters fight against freedom? And for that matter, do power rangers range against power? NO! Of course not, they range for power. Wait, do they range for power? What does power ranger mean? Does it mean that they're rangers of power or rangers with power or rangers in favor of power? Ahh God, I'm getting confused again.

Nerdfighters are for nerds, Hank, that's all we need to know.

Oh, Hank, incidentally, a nerdfighter recently pointed out to me that there's a challenge that I gave myself that I tried to complete and failed to complete. I am referring, of course, to the eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal challenge. Hank, I gave myself that challenge on January 2nd and as you probably recall, I succeeded in talking about the political situation in Nepal, but I failed at eating the five sheets of toilet paper while doing it.

So, Hank, hear me now and believe me. In two days, on Friday I am going to eat five whole sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal. Because that's what Brotherhood 2.0's really about, Hank, while you and I discuss the things that really matter to us, like, you know, the political situation in Nepal. And there's no better way to welcome people in then to eat five sheets of toilet paper while you're doing it. Or maybe that's just me. I love to watch people eat toilet paper.

Anyway, Hank, three things that I want to quickly discuss. First, Hank, as you know, for months the nerdfighters have been supporting, a website that allows you and me and regular people to be micro-financiers. And a funny thing happened to recently...they ran out of poor people. That's right, Hank, for a while became so popular because, you know, it's all the fun of charity without having to spend any money, that there were actually more people looking to donate money then there were entrepreneurs in the developing world looking to accept that money. And for a minute, Hank, I was like, "Wow, nerdfighters cured poverty." But it turns out there were more poor people, they just hadn't gotten them up on the website yet. But they're up there now, so now we can all go back and start making loans at

Also, Hank, I saw in PC magazine that, your website, was named one of the 100 best websites on the entire internet. And Hank, I know how many website there are on the internet, there are like eight or nine hundred.

Third, Hank, secret siblings Adam and Ava made a great movie that we should all watch and then vote for. And breast cancer surviving nerdfighter, Kim Klein is up for a big scholarship. You can find more information about both of those things here or possibly here and there's always the slight possibility that it's over there.

Hank, you're a great brother. I'll see you tomorrow

Every time I say something sentimental I'm all like bllaghghgghgh. But you are a great brother.