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In which Hank votes early and introduces a new blurbing book club book.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John; it is Monday, November 4!

Well, it may not be for you, but it is for me; I just voted. I went to a little place and I got a little ballot and I filled in the little circles and I put it in the ballot box so that feels very much like November 4 to me. Other exciting things that happened today include my haircut and the completion of my bookshelves, if you include 1:00 in the morning being part of today.

Because I finished it last night quite late. I've decided, hey... I can organize my personal home library the way I wanna organize my personal home library.

So yeah, now I get, like, bookshelves behind me the way you get bookshelves behind you. You know, I never stopped wanting to be like you. Yeah, I'd take you on a tour of it, but it's not very interesting.

And I've got this sort of precarious set up right now, and I can't really move the camera. I'm working on it. [no audio] My computer is right there, the one that's recording this. There is a very slight delay between when I do something and when the computer registers that I've done something, so if I look really fast, I can see me looking at me.

It's somewhat torturous, 'cause he's always looking away right when I look at him! Haaaah! So, tomorrow, I'm gonna go on a plane to Seattle.

That's pretty exciting. And I'm gonna see you there, John; and I'm gonna see a lot of nerdfighters as well; and I'm gonna see Molly, sweetafton23; and of course, Kristina will be there. I think that Kayley will be there as well, so that is very exciting.

So that's the last of my events until the actual Tour de Nerdfighting begins. [whispering] So if you're nearby Seattle, you should probably come. [normal voice] It's gonna be pretty awesome. And then, John goes on without me. The next day, the 29th, he'll be in Menlo Park; and then on October 30, there's a final "Paper Towns" tour Hallowe'en special and you will definitely wanna be there for that one if you're anywhere in the entire state of... western United States.

Anywhere in the entire western United States, you wanna be there. Except I won't be there, unfortunately; I will be cleaning my house so that I can get my security deposit back. Which doesn't sound like as much fun as the nerdfighter party. [sighs] [quietly] But shortly thereafter, the "John & Hank Green (Along with the Katherine) Tour de Nerdfighting" will begin in Plano, Texas, on November 2.

And it will be so awesome. [singsong] Awwwwe-sooooome. [loudly] Come party with us! [normal voice] Please excuse the complete change of light quality in this room; it is now nighttime, but I haven't finished the video yet. So, moving on.... It's been a while since we selected a Blurbing Book Club book, and I think that we're ready for the next one. "Paper Towns" is the new Blurbing Book Club book!

So you have to try and capture the essence of "Paper Towns" in ten words or less! Make a blurb that John Green would be proud to put on the back of his book. I don't know if we can work that out with the publisher, but that would be pretty cool to get a nerdfighter blurb on the back of the book.

That is all I have today; I have to say that early voting was really, really easy, and if you are of voting age and haven't got your absentee ballot in yet, just go vote! There's, like, no line, and you don't have to do it on a specific day... I don't know if they have it in your state the same way that we do in ours, but I just called our Elections Office and I was, like, "Can I vote?" and they were, like, "Yeah, you can vote," and I was, like, "I'm gonna come vote!" and they were, like, "Come on; let's vote!" I mean, I couldn't have technically voted on November 4, 'cause I'm gonna be in Indianapolis... but you don't even need an excuse anymore.

It completely eliminates the possibility that something bad's gonna happen on November 4 and you're not gonna be able to get to the polling place. Anyway, John, I will see you in Seattle tomorrow. [clicks tongue]