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This video is partially in response to the Debacle of the streamy awards. I think that they thought that, just because online video is important, it had to be serious...and then I think everyone rebelled against that...which they rightly should have.

If we have the choice between fun and serious...why would we ever choose serious?


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A Bunny
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Hi hi hi!

Good morning, John. I'm out for a hike with Katherine and lemon. What's the difference between a hike and a walk?

This is definitely harder than my average ... walk. Goin' uphill. I wanna to make a couple of points in this video, today.

Neither of them have anything to do with what's goin' on around me, but hopefully you will find that stuff interesting, as well. We're out here hunting for wildflowers, and we're also looking for a geocache. Geocaching is fun.

You know what geocaching reminds me of? It reminds me of YouTube: A lot of cool people coming together and doin' fun things and sometimes, y'know, a troll comes in and spoils it for everybody, but most of the time, there's just a lot of people who want to do something fun, together. Geocaching, for those of you who don't know, is the simple practice of hiding stuff and then leaving the GPS coordinates behind and then people can come and find your cache and they can add stuff to the cache and take stuff out of the cache and they can leave their name in the logbook.

It's super-fun; I was going to show you me finding the geocache, but I can't find it, which is embarrassing. One of the two big points that I wanted to make in this video, though, is, uh, that YouTube is important. YouTube is important and interesting and fascinating on so many levels, and it's freakin' awesome.

But here's my real point: Lots of stuff is important. Mountains are important. Oxygen is important.

PVC pipes are important. Motherboards are important. Motherhood is important, and all of these things are important.

Saying that what you're doing is important isn't unusual. The second thing that I wanna add to is that important doesn't equal serious. I think, personally, fun is like, the most important thing out there except for trying to make the world a better place.

Fun, man! And I get so angry when people start to make it about being serious, 'cause you know what? Fun is important.

Stephanie Meyer is important. Austin Powers is important. "Weird" Al Yankovic is important! And I don't care who hears me say it!

John, and Nerdfighters, I think that we are all so lucky to be in new media where we don't have to take things so seriously. And the last thing that I want, honestly, is for this to become serious business, 'cause then you start to lose the fun. FUUUUNNNN!!!

Ah! Ah-hh! There was a log in the path.

Fun and beautiful. That's what I want for us. I cannot express how lucky I feel, but I can go outside on a beautiful day and share my thoughts with so many interesting and thoughtful people.

So lucky. And I hope that we can distinguish between important and serious, because to me, serious has never even been on the agenda. What's on the agenda is important fun.

This is important fun. Let's have it! John, I will see you on Friday. [Blackout, then:] We found it. (Whispering) We found it.

Katherine: "You found it." Isn't that exciting? Yoink! Right there.

This is the logbook.