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I couldn't upload this last night because I think it was a secret. But here's footage of Wil Wheaton and I geeking out over a test wheel from the Curiosity Rover back stage while Coulton player Code Monkey. It was pretty much the nerdiest moment of my life.
[Hank] You guys can't see this. Jonathan Coulton is playing "Code Monkey"; Wil Wheaton and I - no, it's fine - are looking at a wheel from, from the actual Curiosity - well, not actually, not the actual Curiosity rover. But a real, like, like, scale - not even scale, this is an actual - like, this... [Wil] Works! With the Morse code... [Hank] With the Morse code on it, with the Morse code! [Wil] And Coulton is playing onstage! [Hank] And Coulton is playing! [Wil] On the other side of that curtain! [Hank] And you can't see any of it! [Wil] I'm wearing my NASA Mohawk Guy shirt! [Hank] Mohawk Guy shirt! [Wil] Earlier, one of the NASA guys were like...