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Just a tiny vlog.
Hello, I'm at PAX! I don't know if you can't here me at all! Oh look, a giant tree thing! Some kind. I've had a good time so far; I've been here for a very short period of time; I slept for two hours last night. I feel kind of horrible, but it is quite fun! The cosplays are great. I just watched the Assassin's Creed demo, live demo gameplay. I'm excited about it. I'm nervous about it historically, but I'm excited about the gameplay. This is a pretty epic experience; I've never been to Penny Arcade Expo, and I have only ever been to one other gaming con - that was WizCon - and only very briefly, because I was there not to go to the conference, but to inspect the Anaheim Convention Center for VidCon. So this is... this is crazy. There's like 80,000 people here; I can't really wrap my head around how big it is; like VidCon to me seems gigantic, but then this - is like ten times bigger! At least! But yeah, it's really cool, really fun. Just got to hang out with Paul and Storm a little bit, and MC Frontalot, so that was an exceptional experience. Oh my God, I just ran into that person really hard. So I'm going to go now, so I don't hurt anyone. Whew!