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Baby emperor scorpions do their best to tackle and eat a cricket. It's not easy when you're smaller than your food and you have a dozen siblings who all want a piece of the meal. These little ones live at Animal Wonders, a non-profit organization located in Montana, USA.

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Hey guys. The other day, I saw this really cool thing and I caught it on camera. Sorry about the whispering!
[Jessi off screen]: This baby scorpling has a cricket he just caught. He's going to go carry it back to a more suitable place, away from his other brothers and sisters. 
And now they're fighting over it. 
They all want a piece of the meal. 
Got a pretty good battle going there.
You can see that third one has joined in there, still has a bit of shed, or his molt, on the end of his tail, that right side there. 
He's holding it up in the air. 
That molt is still stuck on his tail. He'll either get that off and grow bigger, or it'll be stuck on there and it'll compromise him.
It looks like the cricket's trying to do a photo bomb.