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This is Lollipop our young striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) exploring the forest outside the Animal Wonders facility getting to do what skunks do best. Lollipop is one of our Animal Ambassadors that teach people what make animals so amazing and important to their environments. What you see in the video is part of her behavioral enrichment program; by smelling, digging, and experiencing normal skunk behavior it exercises both her body and mind.
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[Jessi off screen]: This is Lollipop. She's our striped skunk. And, She's showing off some things that she would do in the wild right now. 
She loves to dig and she has very long front nails. And so she's going to-- if she smells something delicious underneath the ground, she's going to dig it up and try to get onto it.
She has found a seed from a tree, so she's eating that. 
So these guys are true omnivores. They will eat pretty much anything that is food.
Everyone knows that skunks have-- smell pretty terrible. Their scientific name is Mephitis mephitis and it means "stinks stinks." These guys have pretty potent scent glands in the back, underneath their tail there, and they're going to spray anybody that messes with them.
Striped skunks are pretty amazing. They live in North America and they do some beneficial things for their environment. They go around looking for different things to eat. They'll eat mostly insects. They'll also eat small rodents -- pests like mice and rats -- and they will-- they're actually a pest deterrents because if they live in your area, they will get rid of those pest animals for you that spread disease.
You can see right now she is showing off her behavior of being able to dig. Come here! I'm going to give her a little treat. These guys love eggs and would eat egg in the wild, though it would not be scrambled. They would eat bird eggs, snake eggs, any other kind of reptile eggs. They'd also eat snakes and lizards. 
And they love their food. That's their main goal. Head down, nose down to the ground, smelling, looking for food, ignoring everything else.