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In which many goals are scored and we say goodbye to the FIFA 14 Wimbly Womblys.

The overall quality of health in the United States... Oh!

Oh! What a goal!

...except that there really... Oh! Oooooh! Yes!

Oh! The Dagger!

Ki! Who do we like? Ki! Why do we like him? Ki!

Pretty screwed without my b... Oh! John Green! Oh!
"He's big..."
That's the wrong song.

When we play well. Oh, it has to be! Oh, and it is! In slow motion! Troy Deeney! Gives us life.
"Do you believe in magic? Because Deeney does.
He scored a goal and then..."
I still haven't really gotten a rhyme.

I love it! Oh! You've got to get it out of your foot, buddy! Oh! Correa! Correa!

One touch football. Oh! It's off the post and in! It's my kind of guy! Maicon!

...mid-point of your song. Oh! It's hot. It's cold. It's Kelvin.

...comfort and instruction from the way Hank... Oh! It's a beautiful goal!

Sometimes you dream of the great balls and you only get the mediocre ones. Context, context, context.

Look at Ki. He's just a maestro! To Bald John Green! Bald John Green!

Oh! Oh! Oh! It's the Dagger!

It was incredibly, she's incredibly... Oh! Oh! Speak of incredibly impressive, it's a ginger goal!

...almost didn't exist. It's John Green! It's John Green! It's John Green!

And I don't want to minimize how grateful I am. Speaking of grateful.

That's amazing, you know. It's hard not to dream. Oh! Oh! It went to the back of the net! It's a laser shot from Kelvin!

"One-nil down, to two-one up
That's the way we're gonna win the cup.
We were one-nil down, we're gonna win two-one
That's how we're gonna get it done"

Pass! Oh! Is it a frenzy goal!? It is a goal! It's a goal! Correa Correa!

And so to the players who... Ohooo! Deeney!

That's a really good ball to John Green! Oh, he's a finisher!

It could be. Dicko!

And that puts more pressure on them. It's John Green! It's John Green!

We're leading... Oh! Amankwaa Amankwaa. He's allergic to grass. He's also allergic to letting in goals.

You can't stop him! Oh no! Are you kidding me!? Bald John Green with the greatest goal in the history of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys!

John Green! Win the game, John Green! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Is he gonna get himself an assist? Is he gonna get himself an assist!? He is! He is! It's Ki!

Get to that! Score! Ohohoho!

Get to that, John Green! Oh! It's John Green! It's John Green! And he does the robot, his true rock celebration! A 54th minute goal!

...Wimbledon into the Football League. Get there! Oh! The Dagger!

...saves by Seb Brown and today! Today, ladies and gentlemen, they're up two-nil!

Oooh! We're gonna win, Meredith!

Bald John Green! Oh! Are you kidding me!?

There it is. There it is, the Champions League trophy. I'm almost in tears. We're saying goodbye to the FIFA 14 AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys.