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Rando TikTok guy: How do they get aluminum foil shiny on one side but not on the other?  It's all aluminum.  What are they doing?

Hank: What are they doing?  They are taking a gigantic block of aluminum and running it through rollers again and again, making it longer and longer and thinner and thinner, but the thin-ness of aluminum foil, it's very thin, right?  If you ran that through the process of like, getting rolled that last time, it would be too thin and too frail, and it would rip, and you really need this process to work all of the time, because it's a complicated process you do not want to restart your aluminum foil stretching machine, but twice the thickness of what we use, well, that works, and so what they do is they basically run two sheets of aluminum through at the same time, at that stage, and so that's double the thickness, but then you can separate them out and it turns into two rolls that are the right thickness, and the side of the foil that touches the roller is shiny, but the other side that touches the other piece of aluminum is dull, so this is not intentional, it's just a by-product of the manufacturing process.