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People always ask me, "Hank, is it true if you gooped up all humans into one ball of flesh that it would just be one kilometer wide, and that you could fit it in Central Park of New York City?" Yes, it is. They did the math.

Seriously, people have been asking me about this and yes, this is legitimate. But the thing that amazes me about this, despite the fact that someone visualized it which is not great, is that this is a really small ball. Here's the main way that this is a small ball. We have had to take over the majority of the surface of the land to feed the goo ball. We have destabilized the entire climate of the planet for the pleasure and comfort of the goo ball! 

I'm not saying it isn't hard to sustain life, it absolutely is, but I feel like a ball this size should not have this level of impact on the planet.