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Stella and I first met on the set of Sexplanations How to Touch a Boob episode. As a model and a burlesque dancer she was comfortable working with me to demonstrate breast healthcare and pleasure. What I didn't know is that she's made a career out of removing pubic hair for people and this brings up many opportunities to help clients embrace their own unique genitals. Stella and I talked about her experiences in the salon and revisited some of the questions I've been asked about oral sex (not that those two are related). She was really easy to talk with and took the Main Squeeze Kegels segment to a new level: the floor. I hope you enjoy our sex curious conversation and learn something new. I'm still learning.

SEXtra Credit: Perform oral sex on someone with consent if you have a partner who is menstruating and or try putting some of your own menstrual blood on your face. Acquire, offer, and or use dental dams. Bonus: experiment with different pubic hairstyles.
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