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Sexplanations Podcast is not intended to titillate but it may lead to physiological changes. I would prepare yourself on this one. Jonathan and I hooked up when I when we were 20 and now, over a decade later, we're checking in on what that was like. We discuss oral sex, simultaneous orgasms, height differences, power dynamics, communication, raking dicks with teeth, sexual finesse workshops, Costa Rica, tightness, and then talk for about 15 minutes at the end about the controversy of circumcision. It's a whirlwind of sexual literacy and I hope you enjoy it! To support the show please visit our Patreon page: and for SEXtra Credit: find a time in the next week or two to perform oral sex on someone and see what it feels like to be passionate about doing it for yourself. More broadly receive something non-sexual with passion, or if you're doing something for someone, make it with passion and pleasure for yourself. Make something for your own benefit. Don't get fired; ancora imparo.
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