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Any take on using Airbnb versus chain hotels. When traveling Airbnb can be cheaper per trip, but does gaining status through a hotel chain pay off in the long run. Also, from a social lens, it seems like both can be exploitative to the locals. I've always believed Airbnb to be the larger offender, but im curious to hear your opinions on the matter.

Im sure there are bad hotels and bad employers but I feel like generally Airbnbs are pretty terrible for gentrification of neighborhoods and like the affordable housing market in a lot of places like Americans have like been ruining Mexico city. I know that sometimes you go travel for a longer period of time, and i know for that it is like kind of nicer to have an Airbnb so you have a kitchen and everything. Especially if you're in the US and you're not staying in like a private room Airbnb, you're staying in like an actual whole home Airbnb. hotels are just as affordable for the most part now because of all the cleaning fees and stuff. Thats not necessarily true when you go to Europe or something. but why would I choose to throw all of the linens in the laundry and clean the entire apartment when I could just stay in a hotel?