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When we're working on something really challenging or really exciting there can be a desire to get credit for it early on in the process, which is something that i used to really struggle with. it was really hard for me to do things without sharing them because A) I want that credit, but also B) I just didn't feel like it was real if other people couldn't see it. I think its good to find a few key people who can help provide it while allowing you to fine tune whatever it is that you might be working on before announcing it or releasing it to a wider pool. Oftentimes when we share things too early, especially if we're not totally sure about them, we end up pivoting or abandoning the effort altogether, which, if done before you've shared it with a wider group is totally fine and part of the process of refining out own decisions. but if you've already shared about if and then have to walk it back because you weren't sure enough or ready enough in the process to share it in the first place, now its going to feel like a failure. its one from the very key process of refining into the very potentially damaging process of having to backpedal.