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In which Hank demonstrates how to properly (AND IMPROPERLY) make cinnamon toast. Do it right, and it's the most delicious thing that ever happened. Do it wrong AND YOU WILL CALL FORTH A DEMON FROM THE PITS OF HADES TO DEVOUR THE FLESH OF ALL MANKIND!

Relevant Tumblr Post Here:

TOUR BECAUSE AWESOME - Sorry, just Western U.S.

[Brain Scoop Grossometer sound]
Good morning John. Today, we are going to be making cinnamon toast two different ways. First way. [Happy ska montage music]

Mmmmm. The butter and the cinnamon and sugar creates this like crust on the top that is hard and the bread is soggy underneath. That is good stuff. This one's good. 

This is what we call the soggy technique: butter first, then toaster. Now we're going to try the crunchy technique. [Heavy guitar montage music]

I'm not even gonna put this in my mouth! Team soggy for life!

If you're confused right now, that's kind of the point. I just posted something on Tumblr about the way that I make cinnamon toast, and people criticized me for it, saying that you should toast before you butter which is ludicrous! 

There was something of a debate. People died. I mean, people did die, in the world, while we were having the debate, but not actually because of the debate. 

Though I don't know. Team soggy, team crunchy, there's a lot of animosity there. I know I harbor some for those team crunchies out there. I don't know what they're thinking! 

It may be that I'm projecting other stress onto this situation though. I mean I don't know what could possibly go aaarrrgggwwwwaaahh.

It's a metaphor! You put the killing thing between your teeth, but you don't let it kill you.

Do you think that poster's worth more or less now that I've chewed on it? We just released the agenda. Like, what's happening at what times during VidCon two thousand and, what is it? 2014 right now? I don't know.

I also discovered during this process that there are places where toaster ovens don't exist. It's like a tiny oven where you just toast.

For people who only have toasters, I understand why you do team crunchy; it's a limitation of your situation. That's fine. You can however, broil in the actual oven, if you have one of those. It's just so much better. It's so... it's so much better.
We do a charity auction at VidCon, and I actually need to go paint some anglerfish art for that auction so, bwaah!

I'm painting art for the VidCon auction. Problem is, I don't know how to do that. [Katherine laughs]

Turned out okay. I only said I would do two; I did four.

Housekeeping! Tank tops will be on sale until Monday. So if you want get a tank top, the pre-order only lasts till Monday, then we may bring them back we may not depending on how they sell.

And if you haven't heard about this or have been postponing your ticket purchasing - Tour Because Awesome! With Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers and Harry and the Potters and Driftless Pony Club and Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon, all amazing musicians. We are going to have a blast.

And I hope that you're going to be there to have a blast with us. Uh, there's a link in the description if you want to get tickets, they're like fifteen to twenty dollars.

Ugh. You wanna know something funny? When I get really stressed out my defense mechanism is to get really sleepy. How to avoid stress? I know! Unconsciousness. It's great! I would totally rather that than just laying there in bed thinking about stuff. I just, when I get stressed out like a light bulb I go out.

Like a light bulb with a hole drilled in the side of it. They go out extra fast because there's oxygen in the chamber. There needs to be a vacuum, so that the filament doesn't burn. Yeah, sometimes it's just better to not... better to not.

Comments: Team soggy or team crunchy? Is that poster worth more now or less now?

Thanks to Michael Aranda for help with this video. Thanks to everybody for their help with VidCon. And John, I'll see you on Tuesday.