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In which Hank points out that John was wrong five times in his last video. He also sings a song about quarks and Amanda Bynes and discovers that Amanda Bynes deleted her Tweets because of what John said.

Check out Einstein's wiki quote page here:


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Good Morning John!

Welcome back, it is so nice to have you back. Your video was great. You were right on, like, every single point.

HANK SOCK: No he wasn't! Oh, Hi Hank Sock. Wha - What?

HANK SOCK: He was wrong on like five major points. Well, that's technically true, but he just got back and he hasn't made a video in a long time, and, y'know, I'm willing to cut him some slack. HANK SOCK: Cut him some slack?!

He hasn't made a video in three weeks and he finally does it and this is what we get? You have to hold him accountable. Well Hank Sock said so, so here it goes.

First factually inaccurate point: John, you have now made everyone on the internet think that I did not have a girlfriend in high school, and just ask Cherry, or Sara, or the other Sara, or Jenny, and all of them except one of the Sara's will definitely tell you that I was their boyfriend. One of the Sara's was like, "We can't use those labels. They're arbitrary".

I think she also thought that monogamy was arbitrary, you know, like not fooling around with other guys while she was dating me. Second thing: Albert Einstein, while not saying many of the things that people say he said, was kind of a quotation generation machine. He said lots of really beautiful and wonderful things, like in a letter to Harry S.

Truman he said "I do not know what weapons World War III will be fought with. But World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." He also wrote to a friend: "Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I assure you that mine are still greater." Third: The most common internet sin is not confusing your for you're, it is not exposing yourself on chat roulette, and it is not - as you said - misquoting Einstein.

The most common internet sin of course is taking a picture of yourself with this camera angle, because you think that people will think you're more beautiful if you have a giant head. Mhh, there we go, that's good. Fourth: I do know the six types of quarks, but I also know who Amanda Bynes is.

She is the cute funny one from Hairspray, and I have seen Hairspray like five times. So there! And to prove to you and the world that knowledge of elementary particle physics does not exclude knowledge of teen pop culture, I have written a short song.

Up, down, strange, charm, top, bottom if you don't know what a quark is it don't matter, you still got 'em and with leptons and bosons unless something's amiss they make up everything that we can see and that we know exists Somewhere out there a girl is brushing her hair misquoting Einstein it just isn't fair. Oh, elementary particle physics is kind of confusing but Amanda Bynes, she sure is fine so I can't help but sing: Oh, up, down, strange, charm, top, bottom if you don't know what a quark is it don't matter, you still got 'em and with leptons and bosons unless something's amiss, they make up everything that we can see and that we know exists And finally, fifth: I checked Amanda Bynes' Twitter and she didn't say any of the things that you said she said. Apparently, you made...ohh... *phone rings* Hello.

JOHN: Amanda Bynes did tweet those things. What? How did you even know what I was talking about?

JOHN: I don't know. ESP? But seriously, she did write those tweets.

I mean, if I was going to make up someone misquoting Einstein, why would I choose Amanda Bynes? She wrote them and then, I guess, she deleted them. That ruins my whole thing.

I was gonna be all witty and talk about how John put words about putting words in her mouth in her mouth. And then John, you misquoted her misquoting - But it's all gone now. Wait though!

That means: You embarrassed Amanda Bynes into deleting her tweets. You jerk! The internet is so weird.

Let me take this opportunity, now that I know that Amanda Bynes watches, or more likely just saw an @reply about it: Amanda Bynes! We are sorry. We think you are lovely.

Big fans! And there is nothing wrong with what you did. I mean, you misquoted Albert Einstein saying a lovely thing.

I think there is a very good chance he does not care at all. Because he's dead. In the spirit of good-naturedness, please leave Amanda Bynes your best wishes in the comments.

And, if you're feeling especially creative, please misquote John and I below. Attribute to us quotes that we have never said. And then maybe we'll say some of them.

And then you'll be right. John, I will see you on Friday. Don't forget to be awesome.