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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday.

Since I forgot to ask the nerdfighters for questions I can't do Question Tuesday so instead I'm gonna do an old school parts video. Today's video comes to you in three parts. Part one: an important breakthrough in the field of In Your Pants. [Intro] So Hank by now it's well known that if you add the words 'in your pants' to the end of a book title that book title often becomes funnier.

And every so often a nerdfighter discovers an impossibly funny example of the In Your Pants rule. Of course you will no doubt remember the last one, the Winnie the Pooh Easy Reader, 'Pooh Gets Stuck' in your pants. But I think a nerdfighter named Iman might have an even better example of the In Your Pants rule.

Okay Hank, I don't wanna raise your expectations too high, but first off, this book was written by Victoria Beckham. You know Victoria Beckham, she was in that girl group and they were about to tell us what they really really wanted. And I was like yes, tell me what you really want!

And they were like, do you really really wanna know what I really really want? And I was like, YES, I just told you! And then it turns out that instead of actually wanting something they just wanted a zig a zig ah which is not even a thing.

So anyway, Victoria Beckham wrote a book. And it is called: 'That Extra Half an Inch'... in your pants. With the subtitle, 'hair, heels and everything in between'--well Hank, I don't think you need to be an expert in anatomy to know that a lot of what occurs between your hair and your heels is in fact in your pants.

Part two: Appearances! Hank in the next week, I'll be making two appearances. You know what appearances are, they're like this.

Actually it's nothing like that, what actually happens is that instead of being a rectangle inside your computer I become a full-fledged person. Arguably too much full, not enough fledged. Chicago area nerdfighters, I will be in Lagrange, on October 13th, more info in the thingy.

And if you're over 21 and live in or near Indianapolis you should come hang out with me at this awesome fundraiser on Saturday night. Check out the thingy! Hey nerdfighters, now that the sidebar isn't a sidebar, what should I call it.

Oh and also if you live in the Bay Area, you have to go hang out with the Bay Area nerdfighters this Saturday, October 10th. Check it out the... I haven't named it yet.

Part three: beckoning lovely. Hey there lovely. It's me.

John Green. Why don't you come downstairs. If you come downstairs I'll give you a pirate puppy.

And backslash creeper. No Hank, beckoning lovely is not about perverts in basements. It's a profoundly moving community based project my friend Amy Krouse Rosenthal is doing with lots of people including lots of nerdfighters.

It's pretty nerdfightastic. Link, as always, in the as yet unnamed box to which I am diagonally connected. By the way, off topic but The As Yet Unnamed Box to Which I Am Diagonally Connected would be a good name for a band.

Hank, I'll see you singing tomorrow. Nerdfighters, thanks for being so awesome, I hope to see lots of you in Chicago and Indianapolis, it's gonna be tonnes of fun, there will be presents and lots of hilarity. Hey there lovely.

You want a pirate pup- - I'm not good at being a creeper.